Sunday, October 20, 2013

Japanese gymnast robbed of his achievement

Japanese gymnast robbed of his achievement

In Antwerp, Belgium (Europe) at the “Artistic Gymnastics World Championships “Japanese gymnast Kenzo Shirai performed a stunning vault.  He performed a Yurchenko triple-twist.  It was a world first and the twist was named after him “Shirai.”  Later in the day at the same competition a South Korean named Kim Hee-hoon performed the same twist.
Kenzo Shirai

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) then named the twist “Shirai-Kim.”  Thus robbing Kenzo Shirai the sole honor for his performance by adding in the second person.  Why?  Why did “FIG” stop at adding the second person to the title?  Why not add the third and fourth person?    

In Colorado “Pike’s Peak” was named after Zebulon Pike, Jr. who supposedly was the first to climb the peak.  What about the second guy?  How come the peak was not named after the first and second person?  

The Hudson Bay in Canada and Hudson River in New York are both named after English explorer working for a Dutch company Henry Hudson.  Why?   What about the second and third explorers who sailed into the Hudson Bay and up the Hudson River?  Should not these bodies of waters bear the second or third names?  No!

Due to political correctness Kenzo Shirai was denied the sole honor he earned.

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