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Japan free speech for foreigners only?

Japan free speech for foreigners only?

In Kyoto, Japan there is a school for Korean students (Kyoto Chosen Daiichi Elementary School).  They use a nearby park without proper permission from local authorities.  A Japanese group named “Zaitokukai,” would conduct protest at the park berating the school for their unauthorized use of the public park.  According to The New York Times (see link below) many of these Korean schools in Japan have a “pro-North Korea stance.”  Note:  North Korea is a communist nation who continues to vilify South Korea, Japan, and the United States. 

The North Korean school in Kyoto took Zaitokukai to court to stop the protest and seek a monetary judgment.  The court ordered Zaitokukai to pay around $120,000 to the commie loving school.  Note:  In another related court decision the school was fined 100,000 YEN (around $1,000 US) for unauthorized use of the park.  The court claimed the group “Zaitokukai” was violating International Conventions regarding hate speech.  In other words the court ruled against free speech in Japan by Japanese citizens.  How about a little consistency here?

In Taiji, Japan foreigners in the Sea Shepherd cult group Cove Guardians continually engage in hate speech while in the fishing village.  The Cove Guardians moderate their Facebook page (see link below) where many people post vile disgusting comments of hate and violence toward people in Japan.  The Cove Guardian moderators while in Taiji leave these hate-laden comments for all to see.

They also live-stream from Taiji offering insulting and hateful commentary towards the people of Taiji.  They post hate in the comment section of their live-stream page.  Why is it the foreigners of the cult group Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians are allowed to express hate without any judicial action?  Is the judiciary in Japan expressing there are two levels of free speech in Japan?  One restricted level for Japanese citizens and another unrestricted level for foreigners in Japan?  

How about a little bit of consistency here.   

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