Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Allah" in Malaysia for Muslims only, so ruled a Malaysian court

“Allah” in Malaysia for Muslims only

An appeals court in Malaysia upheld the government’s ban against the use of the word “Allah” by non-Muslim faiths.  The word “Allah” is used in the Malay language as the word for “God.” 

The government insists the word should be used exclusively by Muslims fearing if used by other groups it could be used to convert them.  The legal dispute originated by “The Herald” a Roman Catholic newspaper that used the word for God.

Before anyone in the USA bellows “there they go again, the intolerant Muslims,” look within the USA first.  The Malaysian government reserved the word “Allah” exclusively for Muslims.  Now in the USA try uttering the word that stands for the “N” word and not be a member of that ethnic group, see what happens.  Sensitivity training anyone?  Public admonishment?   

If in the commission of a crime if certain offensive words are used one could be charged with a “hate crime” causing additional incarceration time.  However if certain ethnic groups in the USA use offensive words in the commission of a crime, no hate crime charges most likely will not be filed (FBI statistics).  Basically minorities in the USA enjoy a protected and greater vocabulary than those considered to be part of an ethnic majority.     

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