Sunday, October 20, 2013

The “people” retake Washington memorials

The “people” retake Washington memorials

The United States National World War II Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial both located on the National Mall in Washington, DC became the latest victims in the Obama’s regime political gamesmanship.

The World War Two memorial honors the men and women who served during World War Two protecting America from multiple enemies.   The Lincoln Memorial honors President Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth president during the American Civil War.  Both Memorials fell victim to the Obama Regime.     

When the members of Congress and the Obama Regime could not agree on a budget due to Obamacare, the government shut down.  Under orders from The White House the World War II Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and National Mall were barricaded and shut down. 

The Obama administration did open up the National Mall for one day to allow illegal immigrants and their supporters to protest United States immigration laws.  While the illegals and their supporters were permitted to rally on the Mall, the World War Two Memorial remained closed to the veterans that Memorial is dedicated to.  See to Democrats patriots are the villains, while those who broke the law to enter the USA are the heroes. 

Later in the week American patriots removed the barricades from the Lincoln Memorial and the World War Two Memorial.  Then they proceeded to carry the barricades (referred to as “Obamacades”) to the gates of The White House with a note attached, “return to sender.”  Note:  one-time governor of Alaska Sarah Palin and Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas were there with the patriots.

President Obama and the Democrats need to understand those memorials do not belong to them to exploit to advance a political agenda, they belong to us, “we the people.”    

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