Thursday, October 17, 2013

China owns America

China owns America

The commies in China have made territorial claims in Asia due to ancient maps they say that show the South China Sea belongs to China.  Also claiming territorial waters off Vietnam due to ancient Chinese maps.  The commies stole islands from the Philippines because of newly discovered ancient maps.  The Chinese communist also claim Japan’s Senkaku Islands because of an ancient map.

Using their “ancient map” theory one must conclude the Western Hemisphere / the Americas belong to China.  A map surfaced showing the Americas were “discovered” by Chinese Admiral Zheng seventy years before Christopher Columbus (1492). 

Because of this map the claim is being made Admiral Zheng / Zheng He (Cheng Ho) discovered America, not Christopher Columbus.  Guess what?  Neither discovered the Americas because when both arrived there were already people inhabiting the Western Hemisphere, popularly referred to as Native Americans.

In lieu of this ancient Chinese map can the commies in China be expected to claim the Western Hemisphere as being part of The Middle Kingdom?

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