Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Who are the Democrats praying to?

After the congressional shooting today Democrats are seen here praying. Really? Who are they praying to? I ask that because in 2012 Democrats removed any reference to "God" out of their party's platform.

Scalise shooting Normalizing Violence

Scalise shooting Normalizing Violence

Alt-Left Normalizing Violence

The Alt-Left is normalizing violence.  The alt-left is supported by the Democratic Party, the fake news bias media, the pervert thespians in Hollywood, academia, and the goose-steppers running the indoctrination centers masquerading as public schools.

The aforementioned gangs have been promoting violence against President Trump, his supporters, Republicans, and conservatives.  Because of their disgusting promotion of violence four people were shot outside Washington, DC by a Democratic Party, Trump hating savage. 

The dead shooter James T. Hodgkinson on his Facebook page is rampart with support for Democratic Party one-time candidate for president, Bernie Sanders.  On Hodgkinson’s Facebook page he wrote:

“Trump is a Traitor.  Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy.  It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.” 
Dated March 22, 2017.

As of this writing the tarnished FBI announced they are investigating the shooters motive.  Political Correctness has infected and neutered the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

Alt-Left normalizing violence

Alt-Left Normalizing Violence

Friday, June 9, 2017

New York Daily News fake news bias

Here is an example of fake news media bias.  Almost one year ago the Daily News cover promoting Hillary.  A year later the same newspaper’s fake news about President Trump.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

An open letter to the Mayor and City Council of Brookhaven, Georgia, USA

An open letter to the Mayor and City Council of Brookhaven, Georgia, USA
----Tony Marano

Dear Brookhaven Mayor and City Council:

Recently at the May 23rd, 2017 City Council meeting a Comfort Women statue was approved for a city park in your municipality.

During the public portion of the meeting two people spoke in favor the placing that statue claiming in part it was not “Japan bashing.”  I am sorry to disagree with these two well intentioned persons.

First allow me to introduce myself:  During past seven years I have traveled extensively throughout Japan from Okinawan to Hokkaido, speaking at numerous conferences.  During this time I also authored seven books in Japan.  During my travels and talks I have met students on every level, teachers, university professors, politicians, corporate leaders, journalists, doctors, lawyers, factory workers, members of the military, basically a cross section of the Japanese populace. 

I can honestly write to a person they all perceive these Comfort Women statues / memorials as a pure form of Japan bashing. They feel the placement of these items dishonor the nation and people of Japan.

Please allow me to explain why:  This proposed Comfort Women statue only memorializes women servicing the Japanese military during and prior to the start of World War Two.  While at the same time ignoring the women pressed into Comfort Service by the South Korean military for the U.S. military over about a forty year period.  From around 1950 to around 1990, and a lawsuit currently is pending.  Also ignores the Comfort Women pressed into service by South Korean troops for South Korean troops in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

By claiming empathy of the Comfort Women who were in the service for the Japanese military while ignoring the two aforementioned Comfort Women groups can reasonably be assessed as Japan bashing.

I am not writing you should not allow this statue, just requesting in the statues inscription you include the other two ignored Comfort Women groups.  By doing so you will demonstrate to the nation and people of Japan your concern for all women who served as Comfort Women in the Asian theater prior to 1990.  It will also demonstrate the sincerity of the two people who spoke at the City Council meeting stating it was not Japan bashing.”

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Tony Marano

Link to the video of the 23 May, 2017 Brookhaven City Council meeting:

Saturday, June 3, 2017

London Terror Attacks

London Terror Attacks
These savage attacks most likely are known people on the authorities “watch list” as others previously have been. The authorities know what to do but refuse to do so. Instead they will light candles, place flowers, and hold hands. Yeah, like that is going to stop the savages from being savages. Those on their so-called “watch list” should be deported or detained. But political correctness continues to cripple the West.

Baluchistan Symposium, Japanese Diet Building, May 26, 2017

Baluchistan Symposium, Japanese Diet Building, May 26, 2017
---Tony Marano

I arrived in Japan my other home to participate in a symposium at the Diet Building organized by my good friend and trusted associate Shun Fujiki.  This event was held for the benefit of Diet members, academics, and members of the news media.

The topic was the evil behavior of the dirty regime in Beijing.  The main focus was an attendee Khan Suleman, who is the monarch of Baluchistan living in exile in the United Kingdom.  The Khan had to flee his native Baluchistan to protect his life from Pakistan authorities.  His country of Baluchistan was invaded by Pakistan in 1948 and since has remained under oppressive control. 

Recently the filthy government of Pakistan partnered with their neighboring filthy government of Communist led China.  In this partnership both regimes now punish the Baloch people.  Baluchistan is rich in natural resources the reason for the 1948 invasion.  Also it is a gateway from the Arabian Sea into China.  The Chinese are building a navy base masquerading as a port to transport Middle Eastern oil via a pipeline from the port, through Baluchistan, Pakistan, and through East Turkistan to Chinese refineries. 

In addition to the pipeline, a railroad and highway are under Chinese construction.  Under orders from the Chinese, the Pakistan thugs imprison Baloch people, stealing land, and demolishing home.  Does this all read like a familiar course of events?  Well is should because also at this symposium were other groups with similar horror stories perpetrated by the filthy Communist.

Spokesmen representing Uyghurs from East Turkistan, erroneously referred to as Xinjiang, from Lower Mongolia, Tibet, and Falun Gong.  All related similar atrocities committed by the Communist upon their land and horrifically upon their people.  It seems the same blood thirsty, greedy manual has been employed upon all five groups.  Except the Baloch people thus far have been exempted from one grisly atrocity that is being inflicted upon the other four groups. 

During my brief talk that the symposium I illustrated the similarities and questioned how long will it be before China harvest the organs of the Baloch people as these monsters in Beijing are doing to the Tibetans, Uyghurs, Lower Mongolians, and Falun Gong. 

The purpose of the symposium was to inform members of the Diet, academia, and the news media of the plight of the Baloch people along with the other groups to demonstrate there is an evil pattern being forced upon indigenous people by monsters in Beijing now joined by the filthy Pakistan government.  I mentioned any action being requested of the Japanese government will be a slow process as it would be in any democratic republic.  This is where we the people need to step forward and take direct action.  That action in the form of wherever possible do not purchase anything made in China.  The label that reads “made in China,” is soaked in blood and that blood falls upon our hands when we purchase a “made in China” product.  I understand at times we have no choice, but when we do, we need to exercise that choice even when it means paying more for the non-Chinese blood free product. 
What is more valuable, money or a human life?  Remember those harvested organs in China are removed from live people, not dead people.  That is ghoulish, that is “made in China.”