Sunday, June 4, 2017

An open letter to the Mayor and City Council of Brookhaven, Georgia, USA

An open letter to the Mayor and City Council of Brookhaven, Georgia, USA
----Tony Marano

Dear Brookhaven Mayor and City Council:

Recently at the May 23rd, 2017 City Council meeting a Comfort Women statue was approved for a city park in your municipality.

During the public portion of the meeting two people spoke in favor the placing that statue claiming in part it was not “Japan bashing.”  I am sorry to disagree with these two well intentioned persons.

First allow me to introduce myself:  During past seven years I have traveled extensively throughout Japan from Okinawan to Hokkaido, speaking at numerous conferences.  During this time I also authored seven books in Japan.  During my travels and talks I have met students on every level, teachers, university professors, politicians, corporate leaders, journalists, doctors, lawyers, factory workers, members of the military, basically a cross section of the Japanese populace. 

I can honestly write to a person they all perceive these Comfort Women statues / memorials as a pure form of Japan bashing. They feel the placement of these items dishonor the nation and people of Japan.

Please allow me to explain why:  This proposed Comfort Women statue only memorializes women servicing the Japanese military during and prior to the start of World War Two.  While at the same time ignoring the women pressed into Comfort Service by the South Korean military for the U.S. military over about a forty year period.  From around 1950 to around 1990, and a lawsuit currently is pending.  Also ignores the Comfort Women pressed into service by South Korean troops for South Korean troops in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

By claiming empathy of the Comfort Women who were in the service for the Japanese military while ignoring the two aforementioned Comfort Women groups can reasonably be assessed as Japan bashing.

I am not writing you should not allow this statue, just requesting in the statues inscription you include the other two ignored Comfort Women groups.  By doing so you will demonstrate to the nation and people of Japan your concern for all women who served as Comfort Women in the Asian theater prior to 1990.  It will also demonstrate the sincerity of the two people who spoke at the City Council meeting stating it was not Japan bashing.”

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Tony Marano

Link to the video of the 23 May, 2017 Brookhaven City Council meeting:

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Tony,

The model of the statue doesn't have to do with the comfort woman but a school girl killed by the U.S. Army in South Korea.