Saturday, January 7, 2012

Three lucky Australians may get a free ocean voyage to Japan

Three lucky Australians may get a free ocean voyage to Japan

An article appearing in Saturday’s Dallas Morning News reported smoking pot is the highest in Australia than any other nation. Need proof? On this same day news comes out three Australian citizens illegally boarded a Japanese vessel 18 to 20 miles off the Australian coast.

Shonan Maru #2, Sea Shepherd with Forest Rescue
 They boarded the Japanese vessel Shonan Maru #2 and the three demanded the Japanese stop following Sea Shepherd’s garbage scow the MY Steve Irwin. Then the three demanded the Japanese vessel sail into an Australian port to drop them off. Weed? Pot? Marijuana?

The three are from an Australian group “Forest Rescue.” Here in part is what is written on their website about their mission or goal:

“With an ever evolving unique style of Non-Violent Direct Action, Forest Rescue has been highly instrumental in saving large tracts of south west forests….”

Are they not aware there are no forest 18 to 20 miles off the Australian coast nor are there any on board the Shonan Maru #2? Weed? Pot? Marijuana?

The three who illegally board the Shonan Maru #2 are:
Geoffrey Tuxworth age 47 of Pert, Australia
Simon Peterffy age 44 of Bunbury, Australia
Glen Pendlebury age 27 of Fremantle, Australia

Their faith has not yet been determined by the Japanese authorities. However if the three are fortunate they too like Peter Bethune in 2010 may enjoy a free, all expense paid ocean voyage to Japan – lucky guys. Once in Japan they will be treated to Japanese correctional hospitality and be awarded free room and board – life is grand. These three may not be Waltzing with Matilda for a long time.

Worth noting: These three illegals were aided by Sea Shepherd.

Of course the Australian news media is stirring emotions with their bias headlines on their websites:
“Three Aussies ‘held captive’ on Japanese ship” – Ninemsn
“Activists ‘taken hostage’ by whalers” – The West Australian
"Activists 'taken hostage' by whalers" -

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Anonymous said...

These people are pirates and the Japanese whalers should make these a-holes walk the plank after first keel-hauling them.

The pathetic Australian authorities appear to support piracy and tresspasse activity of the green facist movement on the high seas.

They should be arrested and the Sea Shepard and any other vessels which are interferring with the legal activity of the whalers, impounded.

albertaboy said...

This is another, in a long list of idiot media stunts, staged by the frauds at the Sea Shepherd Society.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't this pathetic little blog be called "Douchebag Propaganda"???

Hank le Dank said...

Give it up Tony. You cant win.

The Paulrus said...

I love a bit of whale meat
I stick it up my bum
I pull it out and sniff it too
It makes it extra yum!

Anonymous said...

Paul Watson is a rock star and HERO!
Tiffany Dean

Dr Crap said...

Propaganda buster Tony, you so fully sick my man! I hate little girlies too...silly little fuckers they are and the Sea Shepherd cultists are all ittle girlies! Girly girlie girls! Silly little girls!

Anonymous said...

I just wish I could be with them and throw bottles of BA at those whale killing bastards myself!
Tricia W.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I will continue to support the sea shepherds in any way I can. This is a group that I firmly believe in and they are doing good things.

Shiloh Cane said...

bad boys bad boys

Wataycha gona do

when the little girlies come for you

ROCK ON Toni my brillant bitch! You are a buster of my pantaloons!

Andy Warholes said...


Blerrrrrr said...

The thing is once an poll comes up to discredit or demonize Sea Shepherd like the spineless Government of Australia is doing, Directly or indirectly via news paper polls to divert its obligation, blame Sea Shepherd for someone that stands up against for what the Australian Government is lacking and that is to stand up and tell the Japanese Government to get out of their Australian waters, and suck the sweat from my balls. It had to be 3 Australians that had the balls to do this, in that case all Sea Shepherd supporters ban together to overturn this stupid poll in a matter of hours. SHUT THIS THING DOWN?

Anonymous said...

I eat traditional whale with my people. We drink and eat whale. The sea shepherds prevent us from drinking and eating whales and seals. We dont eat salad.
Eskimo Terry

Need My Windbag said...

WHERE did I say any such thing Anton??? Anton? Where? I didn't, and I never said you said it, but it's an argument the pro-whalers trot out all the time...whats number to do with anything - how CLOSE do you think you should get to how close are Australians allowed to get to the roo cull? Camel cull? Dugong slaughter fest? Abottoirs? Anton? The Japanese are Crims. Repeat Offenders. Jail.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Faroes and the sheeps came here last summer. Whats the big deal? Who cares if whales feel pain or look cute. They taste good.
A little dry, but good. Its tradition here. We dont need the whale meat. We do it because we CAN. So fuck off Watson.
Karl K.

Doc Shit said...

Hey can we vote twice?

Captain Hank said...

Are you single Tony?
You're a very handsome man.
Contact me. ;)

ugen vaaz said...

I am from the Ferocious Isles, we love to have Pete and Ady over for dinner. They love the whales and then throw the blood on them.

Potsy Pothead said...

Tony, are you a pothead?

Anonymous said...

What does it say about you that you have a lifetime obsession to bad mouth Sea Shepherd? It says you are mentally deranged, have no faculties for critical thinking and should go drown yourself.

What have you done to help a whale? You sit on your face and talk through your ass.

And you're still ugly and your still stupid and you have a barely visible penis. That's what's wrong with you, you're a girly man and that's why you bad mouth the real men out there doing what you're to sissy to do.

Concerned parent. said...

I really have to wonder about a man that welcomes everyone to the group by calling out "Hi Kids".

He then proceeds to discriminate against approximately half of them?

Glen Nowood. said...

Tony. I was just wondering if you got your mercury levels tested after the Tiaji junket.

I got mine tested and my hair is falling out.

Twitter me.

On yer bike matey~ said...

Fact 1 - The Shonan Maru 2 was not in International waters when the Australian coast when the Forest Rescue "HEROES" boarded it - it was half way under the fucking Harbor bridge you moron!

Fact 2 - The Sea Shepherd's 3rd vessel is called MV Brigitte Bardot, although many Journalists keep refering to her as Gojira.

So, If you're saaaaay, on your bike in Geelong on your way to Warnambool, but have to take a detour via Alice Springs to pick up 3 dudes just because they want to go to Perth, the obvious time delay in getting where YOU were going, doing what YOU were ALREADY doing, the COST of FUEL, the wear & tear on YOUR bike... should you pay for that yourself? Or the men who demand a ride?

Fact 3 - Sending the Ocean Protector to pick up the Forest Rescue "HEROES" DID NOT cost the Australian Taxpayer a fucking cent you big fat waddle poddle oompaloompah......the vessel was already in the ocean and BTW it is her job to protect the oceans and the people and creatures in it (hence the name)
Fact 3 - Sea Shepherd offered to pick up the Forest Rescue "HEREOS" but the Gillard government said "NO" - Why? - Maybe because she wanted to be seen as a good person by the Australian people come next election.
Fact 4 - Excuse me Julia Gillard, telling the Australian people outright lies and bullshit to make yourself look good and to keep you on good terms with the Japanese government will eventually come back and bite your tiny cold arse next election day, that is a promise. I try and keep my promises unlike others.
Fact 5 - Nicola Roxon is a annoying, stuck up, irritating little idiot (this may not neccessarily be a proven fact but I wanted to add it anyway)..and glen Dickwood is her lap puppy.

My monster said...

hi Tony my man, Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausführung E was the final designation for that tank. Right on! Tony, Sorry that was quite creepy for a you still think the Japs are gonna pay you this year?

膚的狀況。 said...

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Alberta moron said...

Hey Tony, the third and fastest growing sector of the whaling business :) the protesters protesting the protesters! Its a fucking nob of a job! Its an industry, worth well into the millions, and still growing. Just like Christmas is to department stores, the Japanese whale killing spree , brings in much cash to the "protest the protester" donations funds and enables some animal hating groups to survive for one more year. More money is raised using the Japanese whale and dolphin hunts, than protesting the protesting of any other animal out there. If the whale hunt was stopped, I am not sure how many protester protester groups would survive to spew forth their propaganda messages. So hang on to those big salty chocolate ones Tony!

Now don't get me wrong here, I don't like the seal hunt either. But what I hate even more , is animal rights groups using it for getting donations. Is there even one group out there that actually helps out Canadian seals in any way? The anti-sealing group the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society certainly makes it's presence known by getting itself in the newspapers almost every day. But other then making all of us more aware of the plight of the seals, do these people really do any good? If the Canadian seal hunt was to stop, the Sea Shepherd Society would be finished.

Statement by Loyola Hearn Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans-

"This organization is known to use these tactics to generate photo opportunities, which generate publicity and bolster their fundraising efforts — an action I find despicable,” Hearn said."
"a bunch of money-sucking manipulators"

Ady Gills said...

How much are they paying you now Propaganda Pete? You must be raking it in, but it cant be feeling all that good about yourself knowing that you are a Sea Shepherd leech? Well. good luck to ya Pete. Keep riding Paul Watson's coat-tails all the way downtown to Chinatown. Whens the new boat going to be ready?

Anonymous said...


david@tokyo said...


Neptune’s voice rolled like thunder thru the sky
Angrily he smote the deep seabed floor
From the shore echoed mankind’s mournful cry
……The sea rose up and struck fast for the shore

From out of the East with the rising sun
The seas fearful wrath burst upon the land
With little time to prepare or to run
Against a power no human can stand

David of Tokyo

comfort women said...

Singer Kim Jang-hoon and Sungshin Women’s University professor Seo Kyoung-duk used ad space in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday (Dec 29), requesting compensation or a public apology from the Japanese government on former sex slaves.

Headlined “Do You Hear?” the ad shows a photo of Korean elderly women who were “comfort women” forced to serve as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during World War II and explains that they have been holding weekly meetings outside the Japanese Embassy in Seoul since 1992. It adds that the number of attendants to the gatherings has grown to about 1,000.

Anonymous said...

I really do NOT like whale killers. Not at all. I really do not like them. Kick them home Sea Shepherd, and make it snappy. leave the whales alone please. Do not listen to this man, he has no morals.

Say NO to bullies ! said...

tony you are such a cowardly BULLY!

As a foreign privately-contracted English teacher at Japanese public schools, I am not allowed to discipline the Japanese students. Most of my classes are taught alongside a Japanese English Teacher, who is allowed to discipline students. Almost every case of bullying I have witnessed in class, from verbal abuse (“shut up”, “ugly”, “drop dead”, etc.) to outright physical violence, was clearly visible to the Japanese teachers present, who did nothing.

Maybe my horrible western cultural relavitism makes me wrongly believe that students should be punished for bullying other students. Maybe the fact that I was born in America, where there are harsh punishments(suspension, expulsion, detention, etc) for physical violence and harsh verbal bullying, makes me unjustly judge the Japanese education system. Or maybe I have at the unique experience of teaching at 3 Japanese schools that have irregularly high levels of bullying and apathetic teachers. I really hope so.

right wing nutjob said...

I wave my cans of whale meat at Sea Shepherd, when will they go away? They say "Ban Japan", I say no never. But my whale meat is off and poison.

Wacko Jacko said...

I thought you knew what you were talking about Tony. No cult here, nothing to see, move along now peoples.

LS said...

Sea Shepherds are the oceans heros.

HAS A REAL JOB! said...


WilesAussyRose said...

I"m only attracted to married men.
My boyfriend Marshall doesn't understand this.
Can you help me?

big game hunter said...

Sure thing Babe...just after I shoot Mah bear first!

Gwen Inwood. said...

I USED to pay Tony to speak on behalf of the dolphins and whales. Unfortunately he ate too much whale meat whilst in Tiaji..or perhaps it was striped dolphin...I cant remember...but anyway NOW he seems to have a few cogs missing from inside his head. Some suggest he was taken over by aliens and deposited on Glen Inwoods front lawn where he received some shock therapy and a probe..he has never been the same since, the poor dear. The ICR now pay for his therapy. He is failing but we are crossing our fingers and toes.

Remember, failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success!
Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.


Anonymous said...

At least these people stand up for what they believe in. They make no money off of it and they take crap from stupid-ass blogs written by ass-wipe morons. Like this one.

Anonymous said...

Long life the guys from Sea Shepherd. Those are true heros!

Anonymous said...

When will you get a real job Tony?
All you do is ride Sea Sheps coat tails. Sad, creepy and pathetic at best. Obsess much?

Anonymous said...

The Japanese Whalers are poachers dealt with accordingly my book shot in the f****** head just like the few Africans that were killing whales that Sea Shepherd found just because they go by the name Sea Shepherd doesn't mean they just protect the sea they protect all Wildlife all mammals anything that cannot protect itself they protect I protect as far as I'm concerned those ships and anyone with their beliefs like some of the people who left messages need to be f****** left on the bottom of the sea to drown just like the mammals do that they hunt death to all Whale hunters dolphin hunters sea turtle killers all of them