Monday, October 8, 2007

News media covering for Democrats

When the news media runs an article or news story concerning an elected official it is easy to identify the perpetrators political party affiliation. It the person is Republican, we are fed the line, "cultural of corruption" in the Republican Party. If the perpetrator is a Democrat, there is absolutely no mention of the person(s) political party affiliation, zip, zero, nadda. There is a total omission of the word "Democrat" whenever a Democrat is in violation of the law. Let a Republican break the law, and the news media drags the whole Republican Party into the story attempting to share quilt among all Republicans, past, present, and future. While the Democrats enjoy 100% absolution from the news media.

Mikhail Gorbachev distressed after visit to New Orleans

The former dictator of the evil empire, the Soviet Union's Mikhail Gorbachev was distressed after visiting New Orleans in the Katrina aftermath. Was he this distress after Chernobyl? Was he this distressed about the gulags he maintained? Did the fact that Stalin murdered around 30 million of his own people distress Mikhail Gorbachev? Perhaps Mr. Gorbachev is looking to run for political office as a Democrat in Louisiana?

Double Jeapardy

In America the law of the land, the United States Constitution, in the Fifth Amendment, guarantees one will not be prosecuted for the same crime more than once, called double jeopardy. However the Justice Department has discovered a work around called "separate sovereigns." Which allows the Justice Department to ignore the double jeopardy part of the Fifth Amendment to our Constitution.

Nazis treated better than terrorist upset some

Some U.S. Army interrogators from World War II are upset over the current interrogation methods being used on terrorist. The interrogators in the article are now in academia, and institution in America which loathes the American experience. The Dallas Morning News failed to mention in the article that these terrorist do not fall within the protection of the Geneva Convention, whereas the Nazis as proper enemy combatants did.

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Burma or Myanmar, again

The Dallas Morning News is aware when referring to Burma as Myanmar; they are displaying their support for the dictatorship of the military regime and/or junta in Burma. It is another example of the news media's love affair with tyrants, dictators, military regimes, despots, fascist, communist, and other assorted enemies of democratic societies.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Newsday, clearing trees without a permit

The newspaper on Long Island, New York, reported on their front page a person(s) cleared a parcel of land of trees without a permit. So? Trees are crops, so who needs a permit to harvest a crop?

Dengue Fever spreading, the real reason

Dallas Morning News article from the Associated Press was written about the spread of dengue fever spreading in Latin America. This article refused to give the honest and accurate reason for the spread of dengue fever. Which for the same reason malaria is spreading on this planet.

Evil American gorvernment and corporations

According to Hollywood and the American news media American corporations are greedy money hungry capitalist who do not care about people. Also the American government is inept and evil. Yet despite this constant propaganda campaign by Hollywood and the news media, millions of people are still trying to gain entry into the United States

Burma or Myanmar ?

The America news media refers to the Southeast Asian nation as Myanmar, while the press in the rest of the world usually refers to that nation as Burma. Calling that nation Myanmar is a tacit method of showing support for the military junta in Rangoon. While referring to that nation as Burma, shows respect for the elected parliament and support for democracy. Which the Stalinist news media in America will not do

Italian Heritage

Italians or those of Italian heritage are the only group in America where political correctness or racial profiling does not exists. If a person of Italian decent commits a crime, right away he is in the mob, organized crime, the mafia, Mafioso, or La Costra Nosa. Hollywood and the news media continue to perpetuate this negative stereotype. All other ethnic groups in America are protected from being defamed, except those with an Italian heritage

Presidential Records

Columnist Laray Polk wrote a piece for The Dallas Morning News objecting to President Bush sealing some of his records at his new proposed library. Yet the news media did not object when President Clinton sealed the records of those who donated to his Presidential Library. Also, Senator Hillary Clinton is sealing her records and no objection from the goose stepping news media

Conference on global warming

President Bush did not attend a conference held at the United Nations on Global Warming, and the American news media goose stepping together find fault with this. The news media in the fine tradition of their heroes, Stalin and Goebbels, refuse to report the truth about the Kyoto Protocol treaty. Harmful emissions by third world or developing countries like India and Communist China are exempt. This global warming thing is just an excuse to expand socialism and destroy capitalism.

Ken Burns PBS The War

Recently PBS has been airing the Ken Burns documentary "The War." Which is about World War Two or II or WWII. The U.S. and the Allies fought the war in Europe and the Pacific against the fascist regimes of Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan. Our Allies being England (Britain, United Kingdom), Canada, India, New Zealand, The Philippines, Free French, and the Soviet Union. Let by Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin. Leading generals, Patton, Eisenhower, Montgomery, Marshall, and Bradley. The documentary overly pictures American deaths and errors in battle. We won the war, but how did we win if we made all these mistakes. American casualties were the lowest among the major combatants, yet this documentary dwells on American deaths by about 70% of the filming.

Monks Protest explained

An explaination of my video "Monks Protest." Seems like a lot of people thought I was degrading the Monks, when I was not. I have a lot of respect for the Monks and their religion / philosophy.