Saturday, July 31, 2010

Democrats complain about the rich while being rich

Democratic Senator from Massachusetts John Kerry recently had a seven million dollar yacht built for him in New Zealand (what happened, thought Democrats were concerned about American jobs and blamed Republicans for jobs going overseas?).

Senator then docks the vessel in Rhode Island to avoid paying over $400,000 in taxes on the yacht to Massachusetts. Interesting since Democrats complain the rich are not paying their fair share of taxes. When this story hit the media, a few days later, Kerry agreed to pay the Massachusetts tax. What a guy!

The Clintons (Hillary and Bill) are spending anywhere from three to five million dollars on their daughter’s wedding. God bless them for having the money to pay for an elaborate wedding for their daughter. However this once again illustrates the lavish lifestyles of the wealthy in the Democratic Party while they succeed in demonizing the Republicans who are wealthy.

First Lady Michelle Obama with her daughter (President Obama’s wife) are going to vacation at a five-star resort in Spain, renting 30 rooms. Most folks going to a resort look for Motel 6, not Democrats!

Arizona, a victim of an activist judiciary

Arizona’s SB1070, illegal immigrant legislation, was stopped in it’s tracks by activist U.S. Federal Judge Susan Bolton. Judge Bolton is a Democrat, and a Clintonista (appointed by President Bill Clinton).

Since them thar Demicrats (Democrats) are unable to get their extreme left-wing agenda passed through the legislative process (as tradition in a representative democracy), they pursue their extremist agenda though the courts riddled with an activist judiciary.

For years the Democrats have been installing fifth-columnist in the judiciary, a waiting extremist time bombs ticking away to explode with their hideous agenda.

The people of Arizona spoke through their elected representatives to halt the illegal immigrant epidemic that is investing their state. The Democrats unable and unwilling to accept the will of the people circumvented the legislative process through an activist judge.

Republican Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona will advance the case through the courts, next step being the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, better known as the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals. If this court moved a bit further to the left, they would shove Mao off the bench.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Girly men meet a real man

Link to Trapperdreww, please subscribe:

Continued reference to Sea Shepherd and Sea Shepherd types as girly men is no reference to their sexuality, but a reference to the males being cowards.

The cowards continually attack the mariners of the Japanese whaling fleet, while avoiding the Norwegian and Russian whalers. While whales are being harvested in the Faroe Island, Sea Shepherd sends in Cabin Boy incognito to take photographs.

While Sea Shepherd and their types behave like cowards, many young men are in touch with their manliness go about their lives not telling you what to do, but telling what they do.

Photos of girly men courtesy of the Institute for Cetacean Research. Videos of Trapperdreww, courtesy of Trapperdreww.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MadBadVoodo interview with a hillbilly

Link to the full interview:

Link to MadBadVoodo’s channel:

YouTuber MadBadVoodo posted a second video interviewing his hillbilly neighbors to his property in a Southeast Kentucky holler. The interview is precious for it authenticity and the ease in which he ask probing questions which may seem brutally honest. However understand the two being interviewed enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of the video.

Their colloquiums, mannerism, and colorful use of the language are something out of Central Casting in Hollywood. They give authenticity to all those Hollywood movies depicting mountain folks from “Sergeant York” to “Deliverance.” Do we hear a banjo?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The KKK expunged from the University of Texas, but not from the Democratic Party

In the earl 1900’s William Stewart Simkins was a law professor at the University Of Texas (UT). Simkins was a member of the KKK – Ku Klux Klan – a Klansman. He also organized a Klan chapter in Florida. While at the University of Texas he continued to express his pro-Klan racist views. After his death a dormitory on campus was named after him.

Recently a student at the University working on a term paper discovered the disgusting past of this person. Resulting in the University changing the name of the dormitory from Simkins Hall to Creekside Residence Hall.

No public buildings should be named after these horrible people. Perhaps maybe a highway rest areas toilet, but that’s it.

Recently deceased Democratic Party Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia was a high official in the Klan. Yet there are numerous Federal buildings and projects in West Virginia named after him. He was a much admired member of the Democratic Party. Admittedly Mr. Byrd repudiated his Klansman past and atoned for his racist sins. However he was still a member of the disgusting group.

Remember it was the Democrats who passed the Jim Crow laws in the South which restricted black and their citizenship. It was the Democratic Party who would not cooperate with President Lyndon B. Johnson to pass the Civil Rights legislation of the 1960s. Yet minorities in the USA vote predominately Democrat. Go figure.

Cheap Tony's water leak

It is a Saturday morning and in front of my home is a water main break. The water main being under the street breaks about three times each summer in various spots.

Not to waist the water, I put a water pump in the street by the curb, a hose connected to the pump, then use the water to water the lawn. Cheap Tony at work.

This however is another example of government waste. Where the leak was, the water was rushing out of the group into the air. The first of the city’s crew to arrive set two blue flags in the ground by the water leak. Guessing these little blue flags was to indicate to the repair crew where the leak was. Could they not notice the water gushing out of the ground to determine the origin of the leak?
How much is the city paying those two men to place flags around water leak? Government waste on the municipal level, can only be imagined it amplified on the Federal level

China oil leak

Recently in China a pipeline exploded causing an oil spill covering about 165 square miles. The crude oil started pouring into the Yellow Sea, off the port of Dalian.

Sure the tragedy here is the massive oil spill threatening wildlife, however the greater threat was two words that appear in the article appearing in The Dallas Morning News, reprinted by the Associated Press, the two words: Greenpeace China.

This article exposed the existence of anti-capitalist organization Greenpeace in China; headquartered in both Hong Kong and Beijing. As conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh once said, “if you want to ruin a country, just export liberalism to them.”

People of China beware, Greenpeace and their like-minded environmental organizations are anti-capitalist. Greenpeace also spawned off the eco-terrorist, girly man group Sea Shepherd. Who knows what evils will spawn off Greenpeace China.

These groups only serve to cripple and hinder capitalism. Capitalism in China in its infancy can ill afford a parasitic attack from the likes of Greenpeace and other environmentalist to follow in the Middle Kingdom. China beware!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sea Shepherd ran scared in the Faroe Islands - again!

Message received from a person living in the Faroe Islands:

Hi Tony,

Two nights ago, a grind (whale kill) was in the town of Klaksvík in the Northern Faroe Islands. About 228-230 Pilot whales were killed.
Today 20th, a man was walking around the harbor in Klaksvík, watching while the whales were slaughtered (Blubber and meat being cut off. You know what I mean) by the men. Then, a citizen of Klaksvík went to this man, thinking he looked just like Peter Ola Hammerstedt (Watsons Captain Boy). The citizen shouted “Hey, Peter “after him. But this foreign man just answered “My name is Fredrik " and walked away fast! (His cower was blown)

This foreign man, was indeed Mr. Captain Boy. He had got his hair cut, and painted his hair color, so he thought he would not be recognized. He must think that we islanders are brain-dead.
And later this day, he left the islands again. But before he was able to leave, the police took him in to questions. There they looked at his passport. It said his name was Peter Ola Hammarstedt, Sweden, and Born in 1984. (I think). And the coward denied being in Klaksvík. But he was there, photographed. Got''cha:D

There is a photo of the cowardly coward.When the Queen of Denmark was here a few weeks ago, PET (The Danish version of FBI) told the Faroese police and those responsible of matters like this, that Sea shepherd had plans t come back to the Faroe Islands. Or Paul Watson would. This summer. But instead that fat beast sends his captain boy. Sacrificing him. Just like Peter Bethune.I just wanted to inform you about this matter. Do a video or something if you like...-

signed: (Proud patriotic Faroe Islander) :D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Russian geopolitics

There is a lot of speculation, when it comes down to Russian geopolitics. People either overestimate or underestimate the Russian strength. This report provides an insight in the internal politics of the Russian Federation which I divide in six factors. From geographical footholds to sophisticated intelligence services to centralized politics.
If your interested in post-Soviet states and want to have civil and honest discussions on the problems and solutions in our region, we welcome you to join out forum at:

BP Gulf oil spill, blame Democrats and environmentalist

Environmentalist are basically anti-capitalist. Every rule, regulation, requirement issued by this group in one way or another stifles capitalism.

The environmentalists have hijacked the Democratic Party and the news media, thus corrupting the debate.

The Deepwater Horizon oil rig was placed way out in the Gulf because environmentalist do not want drilling on land or near the shore. Thus the rig was so far above the ocean floor it became difficult to manage the spill. Just what the environmentalist desire, thus being able to label Deepwater Horizon the oil equivalent to Three Mile Island. Three Mile Island nuclear facility being responsible to the nation’s aversion to nuclear energy.

The Obama regime refused at first to allow foreign skimmers. Then the Coast Guard shut down two skimmers for 24 hours for lack of life preservers. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) hindered the skimmer operations claiming the water return to the Gulf from the skimmers was polluting the Gulf. Note that water was Gulf water returned to the Gulf less the majority of water within it.

The coal mining industry is under attack by this Obama regime. The majority of electricity in the USA is produced from coal electric plants. With the regime shutting down oil and coal production you can say bye-bye to the USA economy and hello to higher price for electricity, gasoline, and petroleum based products.

The Canadians wanted to build a pipeline to the USA shipping Canadian oil to the USA. The Democrats blocked it. So now the Canadians will build that pipeline to their west coast to ship it to China. Thank you Democrats! Signed: Mao and his commie minions.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque in NYC

Just two blocks from Ground Zero, the site of the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center attack by Muslim terrorist, a planned mosque is scheduled to open on September 11th, 2011, the tenth anniversary.

People in New York protested this planned mosque. One sign held by a protestor read:

“Sensitivity goes both ways. If you really care build it elsewhere!”

Here is a link to an advertisement rejected by CBS, and NBC (so typical of the agenda driven media in the USA):

Link to Pat Condell’s views on the subject:

Basically New York City is an extreme liberal city and this type of behavior is what New Yorkers get for continually voting in extreme liberals. In a democracy you deserve the government you have.

Manhattan Community Board 1 vote in favor of the Mosque. Local area politicians support The Cordoba House (the name of the planned mosque). It will cost $100 million dollars and 13 stories high. “Cordoba” a city in Spain, that was the capital Islamic Empire in Spain.

The American relationship with our nation's flag

The people of the United States have an attachment to the American flag, nicknamed: stars and stripes. This attachment can be traced to a few factors. Most school elementary children in the United States recite “The Pledge of Allegiance.”

The American flag is not folded like a towel or bed sheet in a square or rectangular shape. It is ceremoniously folded in a triangle in respect to the historical origins of the flag. The triangle is a representation of the tri-corner hat worn by the patriots in during America’s war of independence, the Revolutionary War.

The nation’s national anthem, “The Star Spangle Banner,” was written about the flag. .

We should fly our flag on, Memorial Day, Flag Day on June 14th, 4th of July (July 4th), Labor Day, and Veterans Day. Best of all, our flag should fly all year long.

Murderer seeking to escape execution claiming mental illness

In 1994 Bruce Carneil Webster with fellow murderers abducted 16 year old honor student Lisa Rene rapped her for two days in motel rooms, smashed her in the head with a shovel, causing unconsciousness, then buried her alive.

Now that he is facing execution for this murder, his lawyer is claiming he should be spared because of his mental illness. Yet he was mentally capable to rape Lisa Rene over the course of two days, smash her head with a shovel, dig a grave, and bury her alive. No problem there with his mental abilities.

In essence it can be argued anyone who commits such a series of crimes as this murderer did has to be mentally challenged. Mental incapacitation should not be used as an excuse to spare this murderer’s life.

The judge in the trail Judge Terry Means ruled Webster was not mentally retarded and sentenced him to death. The tax funded appeals followed.

Carson Robison-I'm No Communist

This song is from the early 1950’s and so relevant for today.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Belarus pillow fight

When the Evil Empire collapsed (the old Soviet Union – USSR – Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics), many smaller nations emerged out of its ashes.

In 1994 one such nation was and is Belarus, the capital being Minsk. Recently the youth of Minsk decided to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald. The celebration was to take place in front of a huge open space in front of the National Library.

Info on the Battle of Grunwald:

On the day of the pillow fight the police wielding clubs broke of the 400 person pillow fight arresting around 40 people engaged in this youthful event. How is it a despotic regime fears pillows?

The way the commies in Beijing fear religion, is the same way the bums in the Minsk government fear pillows and young folks having harmless fun. The Minsk authorities claim the event was in violation of the Mass Events Laws, article 5.

The president of Belarus is a person named: Alexander Lukaskenko. He has been labeled “the last dictator in Europe.” He has maintained his office through a series of questionable elections.

This video is a result of a small article that appeared in The Dallas Morning News. On that day the article appeared a website was attacked and brought down. This is an organization dedicated to increase the freedoms in Belarus.

On Valentine Day in the city of San Francisco a huge pillow fight erupts. The city is now considering banning the pillow fight due to the huge cost of the clean up afterwards. Will San Francisco become the Minsk on the Pacific?

Xshot Camera Extender review

Excellent product to video yourself with. No need for erect a standard tripod or ask another to video you.

This unique product is made of study metal and can support a typical camcorder. Here is the products website:

Can be purchased at or Walmart on line. The one in this video was purchased at Walmart online, “site to store,” (no shipping charges).

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit (feat. Brad Stine)

This is not a PropagandaBuster video. Posted it here for the fun of it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NAACP selective condemnation of racism

Recently the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) issued a secret resolution condemning the racism of the Tea Party movement. Never mind the minor fact such racism can not be identified with the independent Tea Party movement.

The leader of the New Black Panther Party, a person by the name of King Samir Shabazz has been recorded saying something to the effect of killing white people and their babies. Is that racism? How come the NAACP did not condemn the racism of the New Black Panther Party or that of Mr. Shabazz?

Mr. Shabazz is quotes as saying:
“…kill white crackers…”
“…kill some crackers kill some of their babies….”

Any racism there?

Mr. Shabazz is the one the United States Justice Department was investigating for voter intimidation during the 2008 presidential election on Election Day. It was United States Department of Justice Attorney General Eric Holder who ordered the Justice Department to drop the charges and investigation into those charges.

A billboard appeared in Iowa with photographs of Hitler, Obama, and Lenin. This billboard caused outrage by the left, Democrats, and news media. Where was this outrage when the same was said and written about President Bush?

When these groups during the eight years of President Bush continually compared President Bush to Hitler, it was said it was harmless, politics, and freedom of speech. Should not this billboard in Iowa be afforded the same excuses? No, of course not, as it is illustrative of the duplicity and hypocrisy of the left, Democrats, and the news media.

Obama and Netanyahu

Recently the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu “Bibi” met with President Barack Obama at The White House in Washington, DC. This time Netanyahu was not an embarrassment to President Obama, and he was permitted to come through the front door as oppose to the back door during his last visit.

His previous visit he was ushered into The White House through the servant’s entrance (embellishing here) and no photographs permitted. This time Prime Minister Netanyahu was treated respectfully by President Obama. This was done to please the Democratic Party American Jewish supporters.
Israel should not be fooled by this meeting. This Obama regime is hostile to Israel and will remain so. The Obama regime treats America’s friends and allies as the enemy, while treating the enemy as allies and friends

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sea Shepherd's "Peter the Polite?"

Sea Shepherd’s Peter Bethune was recently released from the Tokyo Detention Center and deported from Japan to his native New Zealand.

While on trail in Japan Peter was brought to tears and expressed his sorrow. Thus Peter the Polite. Once back on New Zealand soil Peter the Polite turned to Peter the Ungrateful. Typical hypocritical behavior of Sea Shepherd types.

Peter started complaining about his treatment in Japan. Remember now according to reports when Peter illegally boarded the Japanese whaling vessel, he refused to be taken off the ship and insisted on being taken to Japan. Peter complained he was put in solitary confinement on the 11th floor of the Tokyo Detention Center, being housed with murders, rapists, and gangsters. Did he expect to find Mother Teresa or Buddhist Monks in prison with him?

Prison is where one would expect to come in contact with murders, rapists, and gangsters. Peter said he was in solitary confinement for 23 ½ hours a day. Did he ever think perhaps he was isolated from the prison populace to protect him from those murders, rapists, and gangsters? Also since he was in solidarity confinement how did he know who else he shared the 11th floor with? Oh, that is simple: probably during his ½ hour of solitary he was introduced to his fellow law breakers on the floor.

Peter also called the New Zealand government of being the lapdogs of the Japanese government. Guessing he was disappointed when New Zealand failed to mountain a military type rescue of him out of the 11th floor confinement.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bottom Feeders in China and Texas

Tony talk while driving: The Dallas Morning News reported with a headline – “China finds 76 tons of toxic milk products.”

Toxic milk was recently discovered in China. This after in China when many involved with the scandal in the past were jailed, and two executed. Now it was discovered this toxic milk was being stored. Who would do that after two have been executed? Simple: bottom feeders.

China is not the only place stuck with bottom feeders among their populace. In Texas there is a “castle law.” Meaning one can use deadly force to protect, self, home, family, property and live stock. Yet bottom feeders in Texas still perpetrate home invasions. Texans are so well armed if all the weapons in Texas were evenly distributed among the populace that would come to nine weapons for every man, woman, and child. Yet with all these weapons and the castle law, bottom feeders still engage in home invasions.

Sea Shepherd endangers the lives of Maltese fishermen

This video was made June 25th, 2010
Sea Shepherd publicity whores (girly men) rammed a tuna pen while two Maltese fishermen were on the pen’s catwalks. After Sea Shepherd rammed the tuna pen, a tuna fishing boat rammed Sea Shepherd. Captain Kangaroo then said they rammed the tuna pen after they were rammed by the tuna fishing boat.

Just one problem: the video below tells another story.

In another video Greenpeace climbs aboard a tuna boat only to be thrown into the sea by the tuner fishermen. Peter Bethune, who did the same to the Japanese whaling ship, did not meet the same deserved faith. Instead he was transported to Japan aboard the ship he illegally boarded. Once again proving Sea Shepherd and their types exploit the politeness of the Japanese culture.

INTERPOL has added Sea Shepherd’s Captain Kangaroo to their wanted list. It is a “blue notice” warrant. Meaning no arrest to be made, just to provide information on his whereabouts. A “red notice” warrant would have requested an arrest.

Greenpeace illegally boards ships and cut nets belonging to others. Sea Shepherd Captain Kangaroo and Cabin Boy are fugitives, while another member or ex-member is currently in jail in Japan. Sea Shepherd purposely rams catwalks occupied by humans in the open sea endangering their lives.

Any contribution to these reckless organizations is tantamount to be a party to or an enabler to illegal, dangerous activities, and aiding fugitives.

Sea Shepherd rams tuna pen with men on tuna pen’s catwalk:

Ramming video with news article:

Greenpeace attempts to climb aboard tuna boat:

Artist renderings by pretend Commodore Tony aka: PropagandaBuster. The renderings are offered purely as a spoof in their childlike artistry to mock the childish behavior of Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd cowards.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Peter Bethune released, Sea Shepherd takes credit

First Sea Shepherd throws Peter Bethune overboard while he is on trail in Tokyo for illegal activities perpetrated against Japanese whalers. When a Japanese judge releases Peter Bethune after sentencing, Captain Kangaroo of Sea Shepherd takes credit for the release!

The delusional said they banned Bethune from Sea Shepherd to trick the Japanese into thinking Peter was no longer part of the girly man group. Then the good captain said a secret deal was made between Sea Shepherd and the Japanese for Bethune’s release, according to reports in the news media. However Peter Bethune’s lawyer said no such deal or any deal was made.

Westboro Baptist neutralized by the Patriot Guard Riders

This video originally posted on PropagandaBuster’s YouTube channel by the same name on June 29, 2008:
The anti-Christians who are members of the Westboro Baptist Church, located in Topeka, Kansas has an hate affair with the United States of America. They are blindly led by Fred Phelps. The source of their hate is towards gays and they thus hate America for its tolerance of gays and the freedoms they enjoy. With that hate, they also assign that same hate on the United States military for protecting a nation which affords rights to gays and other’s these anti-Christian people hate.

To manifest their hate and satisfy the attention whore within them, they protest at the funerals of military members who died in defense of our nation. Their reprehensible abuse of our freedom of speech gave birth to an organization of motor cyclist nationwide, called the Patriot Guard Riders. Here is the link to their website:

The Patriot Guard Riders stand between the anti-Christians and the military funeral, protecting the bereaved families from looking at the ugly signs and face belonging to those anti-Christians.

Spelling lesson:

"American" ends with "I can"
"Republican" ends with "I can"
"Democrat" ends with "rat"

End of lesson

BP tar balls on a Texas beach?

Five tar balls the size of ping pong balls were located on a beach in Texas, and the Texas news media went into hysterics. Right away those tar balls were blamed on the BP gulf oil spill.

Admits the hysteria it was forgotten that the ocean floor naturally emits tar balls. In the first half of the 16th century (1500s) Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto came across tar balls on a Texas beach. Was there a BP oil spill five hundred years ago?

Hernando de Soto did not go into hysterics when he came across the tar balls. He used the tar balls to caulk leaks in his vessel.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Michael Steele, what's the problem?

GOP – Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele made some comments one of which was to the effect Afghanistan was Obama’s war. As a result the media, Democrats, leftist and Republicans are calling for his resignation.

Where was this outrage during eight years of President Bush the Democrats, news media, leftist, and the perverts in Hollywood all said and repeated the same over and over again about Mr. Bush’s war?

Once again these lunatics on the left are proving Dr. Michael Savage’s book correct with it’s title: “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.”

What is sickening is when a Democrat commits an offense, the Democrats circle the wagons to defend the leftist. When a Republican commits an offense, the Republicans join the Democrats and the leftist is calling for the offending Republican to get lost.

The duplicity and double standard on the part of liberals, Democrats, and the news media is sickening.

San Francisco sanctuary a Quasimodo city

This incident happened in 2008 and the below video posted on YouTube July 25, 2008

In 1989 the citizens of San Francisco, California, United States of America (USA) voted to establish their lunatic city as a “sanctuary city.” Much like what Quasimodo did in the movie, “The Hunchback of Notre Dam,” when he grabbed the girl and brought her to the church bell tower, yelling “Sanctuary!”

This action made San Francisco a magnet for people in the USA illegally, as well as permitted them access to free city services.

Meaning city employees and the police were prohibited from inquiring from anyone their immigration status. If the police catch a criminal, they are forbidden from asking the criminal their immigration status. In normal cities when the police suspect a criminal of being an illegal immigrant, they ask. Then based upon the answer may call the Federal government to deport the illegal immigrant criminal. San Francisco does not want to cooperate with the Federal government in deporting illegal immigrant criminals.

On June 22nd, 2008, in the city of San Francisco there was a grid-lock situation where traffic was tied up bumper to bumper for blocks. Stuck in one of these blocked intersections were Anthony Bologna, and his two sons, Michael Bologna, and Matthew Bologna. Another vehicle trying to get through this jammed intersection was behind the Bologna vehicle. The other drive, Edwin Ramos, got out of his vehicle walked up to the Bologna vehicle with an AK-47 and “allegedly” murdered the three Bologna men.

The “alleged” murderer Edwin Ramos is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, attacked to San Francisco sanctuary city. Edwin Ramos was arrested by the San Francisco police twice in the past, in 2003, and 2004. Because of the “sanctuary city” status the police were forbidden to inquire as to his legal status in the United States of America. Had they been allowed to ask, Edwin Ramos would have been turned over to Federal authorities, and deported back to El Salvador. Mrs. Danielle Bologna, wife to Anthony Bologna, mother to Michael Bologna, and Matthew Bologna, would have had her family alive and with her today, had it not been for liberalism being a mental disorder.

The city of San Francisco is a national disgrace.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thieves stealing Israeli goods in U.K. supermarket

Here is the link to the video of the thieves:

Protestors in the UK invaded a supermarket in the United Kingdom to steal items in the store made by Israelis from the West Bank. The vandals in this video attacked a Tesco in Wales, United Kingdom.

These thieving low-life lunatic protestors are trying to claim the morale high ground while wallowing in the gutter. Their excuse for their illegal behavior has something to do with the Palestinians. Further proof “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” (title of the book written by Dr. Michael Savage).

Elena Kagan, a threat to the U.S. Constitution

During the Senate hearings on Elena Kagan’s appointment to the United States Supreme Court, some questions were asked of Miss Kagan:

Ms Kagan thought it legal to ban political pamphlets. Some of our Founding Fathers were pamphleteers. Pamphlets being the 18th century equivalent to the current day Internet.

Asked about natural rights as written in the Declaration of Independence, Miss Kagan offered no reply.

Asked if the government can require people to eat vegetables every day. Once again future Supreme Court justice Miss Elena Kagan offered no opinion.

When the Washington, DC gun ban issue was before the Supreme Court, Ms. Kagan urged the Court no to hear the case. Bye bye Second Amendment.

Future Supreme Court justice expressed it was proper for a Justice to consider foreign law as a source on Constitutional issues. Never mind what Article Three of the Constitution reads on part on this issue:

Article three:
“The judicial power shall extend to all cases, in law and equity, arising under this Constitution, the laws of the United States, and treaties made…”

No reference to foreign law in the Articles addressing the Supreme Court.

When Kagan was in a leadership position at Harvard Law School she banned military recruiters in violation of U.S. law.

Future justice of the Supreme Court also stated government can ban books. Fascism anyone?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Offensive Italian Crucifixes

A lady born in Finland moves to Italy. Her two children attend an Italian public school in the northern Italian city of Abano Terme. To the mother’s horror she discovered Italian public schools have crucifixes in their classrooms. The horrified foreigner complained and went to court.

Over the past eight years one court after another until it reached the European Court of Human Rights based in Strasbourg, France. The Court ruled the crucifixes are illegal. However the Court did not order their removal.

The Italians are going to appeal the decision which could affect 47 countries belonging to the Council of Europe. Ten other country governments are being represented at the hearing as an official third party in support of Italy. Some of those ten are: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Lithuania, Monaco, Romania, Malta, San Marino, and Russia.

What is odd is the order to display crucifixes in Italian classrooms was issued in the 1920s when Il Duce (Benito Mussolini – Fascist dictator of Italy) was in power. However this foreigner from Northern Europe is proving to be more intolerant than Il Duce.

So typical of liberal busy bodies who travel to another country to disrupt that nations history, culture, and customs. Do not like it in the country you are a guest in? Leave!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Democrats, voter fraud, one of the same

Recent article appearing in The Dallas Morning News (DMN) headlined: “Is voter ID fight a ‘loser issue’ for Dems?”

The article states 70% of Texans favor voter photo ID. However Democrats are against it. In recent years Democrats across the nation have governed against the will of the people. To the Democratic leadership, the will of the people, our Constitution, the security of our nation, are all to be subverted for the good of the Party.

Many state legislatures trying to enact voter photo ID legislation have been facing opposition from the Democratic Party. Democrats claim it would hurt the poor who do not have nor can afford photo ID. Hooey! Many states have provisions to provide free voter photo ID for those who can not afford to purchase one. The Texas plan is to even allow the poor to show a utility bill.

But the Democrats will have none of that. They do not want to do anything that would interfere or threaten their voter base. Which includes dead people (Chicago style), multiple voters (thank you ACORN), and those in the USA illegally. Their arguments are transparent as their true intension is to maintain their illegal voting record.

It is okay to show photo ID when cashing a check, using a credit card, or boarding an airplane, but not to vote, according to them thar Demicarts.

Remember, the leadership of the Democratic Party only care about the Democratic Party. Not you, our laws, our nation, or our security.

Link to the two men dancing YouTube channel:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sea Shepherd poem

Enjoy the reading of the Sea Shepherd poem and the artist interpretation of the poem:

“There once was a boat Ady Gil,
who thought that it could save the whales.It made the young girls swoon,
but couldn't hold up to a harpoon,
and now poor Pete's in a Japanese jail.
The Sea Shepherd’s said what's the fuss,
ole Pete's not really one of us,
he's served his purpose don't you see.
So kids beware of this tale,
lest you end up in a Japanese jail.
Put your trust in Sea Shepherds when you sail,
and you'll be eating whale meat with ole Pete in jail.”

Poem by YouTuber: redlegagent
Artist rendering by Tony
Repugnant behavior and inspiration for both the poem and artist rendering: cowardly girly men.