Sunday, August 28, 2011

President of Mexico blames their violence in part on the USA, no surpris...

Recently in Monterrey, Mexico bottom-feeder drug dealing gangsters doused a casino (Casino Royale) with gasoline and set a fire that killed at least 52 people. An horrific and tragic event to befallen upon the good people of Mexico.

President Felipe Calderon of Mexico held a 20-minute address to the nation. President Calderon referred to these murderers as terrorist. He continued in his address: “Part of the tragedy that we Mexicans are living through has to do with the fact that we are next to the world’s greatest drug consumer, and also the greatest global arms vendor.”

President Calderon has joined the chorus of people around the globe who blame the USA for every tragedy from paper cuts to global warming on Mars. If the violence in Mexico caused by living next to the greatest drug consumer and global arms vendor,” then how come Canada does not surfer from having the USA as a neighbor as President Calderon claims?

The problem is that violence has been epidemic in Mexico long before there ever was a USA. A book written by Charles C. Mann, titled “1491” illustrates the barbaric behavior of the native inhabits of the Western Hemisphere long before Christopher Columbus set foot in 1492. Truth is no one people on this planet has a monopoly of barbaric behavior as it is epidemic in human history .

News article:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry the brunt of news media attacks, th...

As soon as the governor of Texas Rick Perry, Republican announced his run for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, the American news media with their Democratic Party bias went into attack mode.

The Dallas Morning News dutifully joined the attack-Perry chorus with continued negative articles. Recently in their August 18, 2011 issue practically a whole page of their editorial section was devoted to debasing the Governor.

One column titled, “Both he and Romney are mediocre choices, says Ross Douthat, and help point out Christie’s strengths,” written by The New York Times columnist Ross Douthat. The column claims Governor Perry is not moderate enough while claiming the Republican governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie is too moderate. Huh? A glowing example of the media contradicting themselves while attempting to have it both ways.

Want to know who to vote for? Easy whomever the news media is attacking to please their overlords in the Democratic Party that is the one to vote for. Because by their attacks they are telling us who they fear.

Governor Rich Perry is not riddled with political correctness, he is a Christian, a proud Texan, and he is a conservatives. All attributes to cause condemnation from the so-called established news media (lackeys of the Democratic Party) and the entertainment industry, another Democratic Party organ.

One day in Texas Governor Perry was jogging. Coming at him on the trail was one of them thar coyotes a Texas varmint. The Governor takes out his revolver and kills the dangerous varmint. People complained could he not just have scared the beast away. Why so it could attempt to attack another. Questions: Who carries a gun while jogging? Easy answer: 1 – a Texan, 2 – The governor of Texas!

Perry in 2012.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sea Shepherd in the Faroe Islands an update

Currently the rust-bucket garbage scows of the girly-man group She Shepherd are in the Faroe Islands looking to entice the good people of the Islands into an altercation either verbal or physical.

Animal Planet announced a spinoff to the current Whale Wars program called “Whale Wars Faroe Islands.” So who better to get dramatic video from than the decedents of the Vikings, the good people of the Faroe Islands?

With their rust-bucket garbage scows in tow the Bob Barker, the Bridgett Bardot, and the Steve Irwin all currently looking foolish in the waters of the Faroe Islands. To the point the good people there have renamed Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson to: “Paulrus” (a cross between “Paul” and “walrus).

While the children of Sea Shepherd along with Captain Kangaroo (Admiral Beauregard Watson / “The Paulrus”) were in the Faroe Islands town of Vestmanna, they stop at a local pub for nourishment. They walked into the pub, “Bryggjan,” and the Captain ordered his favorite vegetable dish, chicken! According to reliable and verified eye witnesses the vegans ordered chicken. Since members of the She Shepherd cult believe all that is said by The Paulrus, then we have to assume chicken is now a vegetable because otherwise they would not have ordered chicken.

The chicken served was not free-range or organic chicken, but factory chicken. The type coming from enormous chicken mills stuffed in tight small cages. What no animal rights for the chickens?

Sea Shepherd being refused fuel in the Faroe Islands to sail to the Shetland Islands (Scotland) to refuel. On their way back to the Faroe Islands they came across some whales. In an attempt to dissuade the whales from swimming to the Faroe Islands, Sea Shepherd inserted an acoustic device in the waters to turn the direction of the whales away from the islands. When whales beach themselves lunatics blame the United States Navy (USN) because of their acoustic devices. However when Sea Shepherd uses these devices, no harm done because the intelligent whales apparently can tell the difference between the U.S. Navy and Sea Shepherd.

Incidentally She Shepherd smuggled their acoustic device past Scottish, Danish, and Faroe Islands authorities. These smugglers also smuggled spud guns past Australian authorities to use in the Southern Ocean attempting to cause harm to the Japanese mariners (Japanese whalers).

On the night of 12 August 2011 near Vestmanna, Faroe Islands, when She Shepherd turned off their A.I.S (Automatic Identification System [much like a GPS]) they violated two international bodies / laws: International Maritime Organization – IMO, and International Convention for the Safety of Live at Sea – SOLAS. Both of which require vessels of the Steve Irwin to keep their A.I.S. on at all times.

The She Shepherd rust bucket garbage scow the Steve Irwin was in the Nolsoyarfjorour waters between Torshavn and Nolsoy, when they noticed two Danish naval ships and a Norwegian submarine sailing into the waters. Frantically to be captured on Animal Planet’s Whale Wars cameras Captain Kangaroo Admiral Beauregard Watson The Paulrous immediately started broadcasting on their communication device and demanding of the three military vessels, “What are you intentions, what are you intentions!” Adding to this illusion of a drama the girly men launched their helicopter probably to capture the made up drama on video for the show.

Fact is yes there were two Danish vessels and a Norwegian submarine. However She Shepherd has an over inflated sense of self, because those vessels were not headed towards or concerned with Sea Shepherd. The Norwegian submarine was making a courtesy port call in the Faroe Islands for an annual event called Sjomannadagur.

It will be interesting to see how their video footage of this event would be masqueraded on Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars Faroe Islands.”

To the good people of the Faroe Islands: Do not allow these cultist draw you into a confrontation of any type. They need some type of dramatic video for their reality television program. Without dramatic video footage, the program becomes a failure, and in that failure they are deprived money.

If you allow them to get you upset, you are then allowing them to earn money. Instead when you see them, just point at them and laugh. Liberals of their type are ill-equipped to handle happy people when they are always upset.

When they start to video, take out your Faroese flags and waive it between their cameras and what they are attempting to video. Deny them the drama they seek by smiling, laughing, and proudly waiving your flag. God bless all of you in the Faroe Islands.

Radio interview Faroe Islands

Monday, August 22, 2011

Obama Regime (Democrats) assists the commies in China with their invasio...

The Taiwan Ministry of National Defense (MND) ordered 66 new F-16C/D jet fighters (F16’s). The Obama regime bowing to their overlords in the commie Chinese military will deny the sale. Currently there is a treaty between the USA and Taiwan: the Taiwan Relations Act, which commits the United States to keep Taiwan supplied with arms for defense.

In keeping with this act the Obama Regime (Democrats) stated they will instead upgrade older aircraft. This of course will be difficult to maintain compatibility with the older aircraft. However pleasing the commie military in The Middle Kingdom – commie-led China.

This is further proof the Democratic Party leadership of the 21st century cares not for the security of the United States nor its allies. When President Obama got elected an immediate concern for Taiwan, South Korean, and Japan knowing the commies in China would get belligerent while a Democrat occupies The White House. Greatest fear was for Taiwan which the commies claim as their own.

Question to ask: Why would the commies object to F16’s in Taiwan unless they have plans to invade? Because it is well known Taiwan with those F16’s would not initiate an invasion or hostilities with the mainland (commie-land). The commie military in China purchased the Clintonistas (Bill and his wife Hillary Clinton). During both Bill and Hillary’s presidential campaigns, they accepted illegal campaign donations from the commie military in China.

Democrats: Embrace America’s enemies while tossing aside the allies. Democrat Party leadership of the 21st century are only loyal to the pursuit of the next election, not to the nation or the allies. How anyone in America who cares about the security of the nation and allied nations can ever vote for a Democrat is bewildering.

Warning to the allies in Asia: May want to start developing your military to counter commie military aggression from China, because as long as the USA keeps electing Democrats into office, the reliability factor is a minus zero.

The pain continues: Because the Democrat Regime of President Obama declined this sale, it means a 16,000 American jobs lost, 768 million dollars in tax revenue to the treasury lost. Now what was that President Obama keeps saying about creating American jobs? Not if the overlords in commie-land object.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Taxes, corporate welfare and Democratic Party politics of envy

The Democrats in Congress are employing an old trick the politics of envy stoking the flames of class warfare. With the U.S. economy in the toilet, Democrats want to raise taxes and eliminate what they refer to as corporate welfare. Better known as tax code loopholes (which are legal) employed by corporations. What many Americans are ignorant of is even though corporations may on paper pay taxes, in actuality they do not. That is because they pass the tax on in their price structure making the consumer pay the tax on top of a sales tax.

Example: An oil company has an oil well with 100 barrels of oil in the ground. They pump out 50 barrels, sell that oil, and get a profit on those 50 barrels. Now that means that oil well was depleted by 50 barrels, thus depreciating the value of that well. This allows them to claim that deprecation of their taxes, which is the loophole. Or the “corporate welfare decried by them thar Democrats and liberals (news media pundits also).

Eliminate that depreciation allowance for the oil company, then the oil company will pass the cost of that depreciation into the price at the pump causing inflation.

Remember now in December, 2010 President Obama (Democrat) said because of the depressed economy it was not a good time to raise any taxes. Now months later with the economy spiraling downward the President and Democrats are talking taxes. This is knows as speaking out of both sides of their mouths, or they are just a bunch of liars out to destroy further these here United States of America.

Remember in time of war and / or economic stress to vote Democrat is done at the peril of the nation. To Democrats their only loyalty is to the Party and winning the next election, not to the nation.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fuji TV 21 August rally, really! Non-violent political activism is healthy

Fuji TV Sousuke Takaoka 21 August rally really contest anti hallyu Korean wave pop culture j pop k rock political activism Kimigayo Nippon Japanese flag national anthem  commie China aircraft carrier patriotism patriotic nationalist nationalism pride of nation right wing peaceful demonstrations  propagandabuster propaganda buster Texas Daddy texasdaddy tony

Japanese pop culture actor Sousuke Takaoka recently Twitted his sentiments concerning the Korean wave (Hallyu wave) on Japanese television. He basically was not in favor of what he says is an increase in Korean entertainment on Japanese television and he noted Fuji TV for this. For expressing his thoughts on the subject the entertainment agency he worked for, fired him.

This upset and caused the ire of like-minded Japanese citizens. Early in August, 2011 a rally was held in front of Fuji TV to express their displeasure with the television station. People carried Japanese flags and sung the national anthem, the Kimigayo. Because of the flags and song they were labeled, “right-wing” and / or “nationalist.” Huh?

In the USA singing the national anthem and waving the America flag does not belong to “right-wingers.” It belongs to all people within the political spectrum. Love of country should be the property of all citizens of a nation. The nation’s anthem and flag should not be in the exclusive realm of a political philosophy or allowed to be thrown in that direction.

The people at the Fuji TV rally for the most part are not “nationalist,” they are patriots. Patriotism and not nationalism is good for all countries. Patriots in Japan are labeled nationalist or right-wing by those who deplore love of nation and attempt to shut down such love by name calling. It does not work!

Non-violent political activism is healthy for any representative democracy, and should be encouraged not discouraged. It is good to see citizens to get away from or put down their electronic devices and physically gather with like-minded citizens to express their views – bully for them!

21 August, 2011 there is another planned rally in front of Fuji TV. People who plan to attend bring your flags and your video cameras. Video cameras? Sure, this way you can video large groups and ask them to say together, “really” (“reeeaally”). This is a shameful plug for my contest, shame on me. Then please post these videos as a response to my contest video: “Really a contest about ‘really.’” Here is the link:

The contest video will also be posted as a video response to this video.

Back to the subject: The Korean wave on Japanese TV, what’s the problem? In order for those shows to be on Japanese TV that means a whole lot of people in Japan are watching those programs resulting in advertisers paying to advertise on those programs. If the viewers were not there, the advertisers would not advertise.

While Japan and South Korea are pointing fingers at one another over pop-culture, their big Asian nation, the commies in China are increasing their belligerent behavior. The commies recently launched an aircraft carrier. To deter commie aggression the Philippines recently announced increase military spending. What is Japan and South Korea doing? Worrying about pop-culture. The nations of Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan should put aside what divides them, and concentrate of what unites them, that being the growing belligerent and menacing behavior of the commies in China.

Sorry folks it has to be said (and written).

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Catholic hospital upset over Obama's Health Care, exposes their hypocrisy

An article appearing in The Dallas Morning News from The Associated Press, headlined: “Birth Control P

Provision upsets Catholic hospitals.”

Per the article Catholic hospitals are upset with President Obama’s health care law because it may require them to provide birth control free to their employees.

This is pure hypocrisy from these Catholic hospitals. Prior to the legislation being passed, this group came out in favor of Obama’s Healthcare knowing it would favor abortions in total conflict with Catholic doctrine. Now that is has been exposed it may cost these hospitals money, they care crying about it.

These Catholic hospitals supported this legislation, now they must live with what they supported. An old Chinese proverb: “When you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.”

The Catholic Church in the USA above the parish level are CINO – Catholic In Name Only.

This is what happens with Catholic institutions betray their beliefs. Learn it now and learn it here: nothing good ever comes out of cooperating with the leadership of the Democratic Party in this twenty-first century.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Paulrus

"Where nature rules" about the Faroe Islands, now officially the best is...

Sea Shepherd fails in the Faroe Islands amidst the Viking spirit

Currently the rust-bucket garbage scows of the girly-man group She Shepherd are in the Faroe Islands looking to entice the good people of the Islands into an altercation either verbal or physical. Why? Good question, now the answer:

During the last whaling season in the Southern Ocean the Japanese whalers ended their whale hunt a month early, thus depriving Sea Shepherd of dramatic video needed for the Animal Planet show “Whale Wars.” Basically the season was a dud without that video.

Animal Planet announced a spinoff to the current Whale Wars program called “Whale Wars Faroe Islands.” So who better to get dramatic video from than the decedents of the Vikings, the good people of the Faroe Islands?

With their rust-bucket garbage scows in tow the Bob Barker, the Bridgett Bardot, and the Steve Irwin all currently looking foolish in the waters of the Faroe Islands. To the point the good people there have renamed Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson to: “Paulrus” (a cross between “Paul” and “walrus).

The Paulrus (Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson) reserved a conference room in the capital city of Torshavn “Havn.” Soon afterwards the Captain (Paulrus) it is reported wrote the mass murderer of Norway Anders Breivik (terrorist attacks 22 July 2011) got his inspiration from the people of the Faroe Islands.

This national insult to the people of the Faroe Islands further united the people in their determination to deprive Sea Shepherd the dramatic video they are trying to instigate in addition the hotel canceled the Paulrus’s reservation, subsequently other hotels and restaurants refused to rent anything to the shunned cowards of She Shepherd.

Every year there is a regatta in the Faroe Islands. On Friday around 80 small boats head together to participate in the regatta. Aboard Sea Shepherd’s garbage scow the Bridget Bardot is Cabin Boy (Peter Helmethead) as First Mate or something. They saw the regatta and immediately gave chase thinking the regatta was chasing whales, so the Bridget Bardot with Cabin Boy chased the regatta. While Sea Shepherd’s helicopter was in the air perhaps videoing the Bridget Bardot among the vessels. Any bets this video footage will end up on Whale Wars showing the Bridget Bardot giving chase to the vessels chasing whales, when in fact there were no whales thus no whale chase.

When the Bridget Bardot arrived in the Faroe Islands the good people of the Faroe Islands gave them a Viking’s welcome. They set up tables of free food for Sea Shepherd. However Sea Shepherd avoided the whale meat offered to them instead ate some fruit and vegetables.

It has been reported the gas / oil companies of EFFO and MAGN refuse to sell petroleum to Sea Shepherd unless it will be used for them to sail away from the Faroe Islands. The Steve Irwin Sea Shepherd vessel spent Saturday circling the Faroe Islands perhaps looking where to instigate trouble for their video cameras.

Link to photos of Sea Shepherd’s trust-fund babies water difficulties:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

London is burning, Chinese commies find validation, Japan to make money?

A 29 year-old thug, gang leader, drug dealer bottom feeder was shot by London police possibly in self-defense. This act of self-defense has caused the bottom-feeder free-loader, the takers in a society to use it as an excuse to loot and burn the neighborhoods they dwell in.

These bottom-feeder anarchists are white-trash, immigrants, or children of immigrants from third-world hovels with open sewers and no running water for proper sanitation. They slithered to the United Kingdom with their hands out-stretched bellowing the first words in their new country: “Gimme” (give-me).

No intention to work and why should they? If one is going to free-load the place to go is the United Kingdom – UK or Western Europe. In the UK they enjoy a monthly allowance, rent, food, healthcare, and education, without ever having to work for it. Not contended with these freebees they use the death of a 29 year-old thug as an excuse to loot for more free stuff. After all they are living in an entitlement culture they deserve all the stolen goods they can loot.

One bottom feeder who was looting was quoted as saying “In America, you have the tea party; in England, you’ve got this.” The difference is, in the United States of America members of the Tea Party are conservative and work hard for everything they own. American Tea Party members do not look for government handouts or expanded government; they look for smaller government and less government free-bees. They believe in personal responsibility, and self-reliance. reports a 6,000% increase of American baseball bat sales. People in the UK are ordering the bats because they are well-balanced for self-defense to be used by homeowners and shopkeepers to counter the bottom-feeder looters. UK has American bats for self-defense, in the USA there are American weapons for self-defense.

Some years ago the free-loading bottom-feeders in Los Angeles rioted and looted. The shops not looted where the shops where the owners stood in the doorway with their shotguns. Good old fashion American deterrence.

The commies in China are pointing towards the UK and admonishing them for not blocking social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Claiming in commie-land they block those social network sites to prevent similar behavior in The Middle Kingdom (China). Except for one thing: There have been riots long before the American creation of the Internet.

How come China with its number two soon to be number one economy has not been attracting immigrants to their borders as are attracted to the UK? Simple: In China if you do not work, you do not eat. Why starve in China for not working when one can go to the UK not work and develop a fat American belly?

11 March, 2011: Japan was assaulted with an earthquake and tsunami, a double disaster beyond human comprehension. In the aftermath the whole world was in awe of the Japanese for their civility and no looting. Is the word “looting” even in the Japanese vocabulary? Because of Japan’s civility in the midst of a national calamity perhaps they can help the authorities in the UK. Japan could set up education camps to teach the bottom-feeders arrested in the UK for their hooliganism and teach them civility. Remember it was the Japanese who literally wrote the book on civility, titled: Bushido.

However doubt Japan would want to soil their nation with these foreign low-lives.

Look at the looters in the UK:

More photos of the bottom-feeders:

The story behind the shooting:

The tragedy continues:

International reaction:

Monday, August 8, 2011

Videoing police, is that harassment or exercise of the First Amendment?

The Dallas Morning News in their editorial reprinted a column written by Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald titled, “Police vs. cameras.”

The body of the column was mainly concerned with police departments around the nation prohibiting citizens from videotaping police activity. Mr. Pitts wrote about a few insentiences where people were arrested for videoing police. Questioning if the police are trampling on the rights of citizens who want to document police activity.

The theme of the column is rather compelling because many of use firmly believe in free speech and a free press both protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of these here United States of America – USA. Why is it members of the so-called media are free to video police activity in public, while ordinary citizens are being prohibited from doing the same? Are the police affording the media extra constitutional rights while denying the rest of the populace basic protection under that same document?

Should the police enjoy an expectation of privacy while performing their duties in public? The answer on the service is no, anyone activity by anyone in public does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy which becomes negated by the one word “public.”

Now for the other side of the discussion Mr. Pitts did not mention the reason why the police are attempting to prohibit videoing them while on the job. The police do not have an expectation of privacy while in public; they are attempting to prevent police harassment.

The year: 1990, the place: Berkeley, California (the epicenter of liberalism, not only in the United States or this planet earth, but the entire universe (galaxy Milky Way): An organization was born called: “CopWatch.”

Their mission to stop police miss conduct resulting in this new organization spreading thought communities in the USA noted for being high-crime areas. Free video cameras handed out for the purpose of monitoring the police high crime areas with no focus on documenting the crime by the criminals but only the police who are trying to reduce crime in those crime ridden areas. This is an attempt to minimize “the thin blue line” resulting in the breakdown of civilization to cross into anarchy.

Below is a link to CopWatch in Berkeley their manual, a PDF file. Please look at PDF page 7, item number 3. Where they are seeking alternatives to involving the police. The alternative to police handling crime is vigilantism. Is that what CopWatch is advocating? Do people in high crime areas prefer vigilantism as oppose to the police enforcing the laws?

The people who video police activity and their advocates claim the police need to operate transparently and in an open society. Really?

Below is the link to CopWatch’s website. Once accessed click on the “members” button and you will get the following message:

“The administrator has disabled the list of members. “

They want transparency of our police while refusing the same for themselves.

Below is the link to CopWatch in their birthplace Berkeley, California. That site does not even allow you the opportunity to discover who supports them or who their members are. Further proof of liberal hypocrisy.

Freedom of Speech and press should remain paramount in these here United States of America; however police harassment needs to be compromised to maintain our thin blue line of civilizations protection. These CopWatch drones are abusing our protected freedoms as with anything, you abuse it, and you lose it. We do not want to lose our freedoms however no problem with losing CopWatch.

Mr. Leonard Pitts, in your next column please attempt a little balance.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Militant heathen Atheist in Texas and Governor Rick Perry

The governor of Texas (the Lone Star State), Governor Rick Perry (Republican) on August 6, 2011 in Houston’s Reliant Stadium will participate (sponsor) in a national day of prayer and fasting. A group calling itself “The Freedom From Religion Foundation attempt in Federal Court to block Governor Rick Perry’s participation in the event. The group citing what they call “the establishment” clause of the First Amendment (part of “The Bill of Rights”) to the United States Constitution written by the fifty-five delegates to the U.S. Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1787.

However U. S. District Judge Gray H. Miller refused to approve a requested injunction to prohibit Governor Perry from participating in the event. Apparently the judge is familiar with the First Amendment whereas The Freedom From Religion Foundation seems to be lacking equal knowledge.

The First Amendment in reference to religion reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibit the free exercise thereof…..”

Many militant extreme Atheist and indoctrinators in USA’s re-education camps (public schools) purposely omit the part, “….or prohibit the free exercise thereof.” Basically the Founders inserted that clause to guarantee freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. When the men from the Constitutional Convention went on into government afterwards they attended religious services on Sundays in the Treasury Building, the Supreme Court Building, and the Capitol Building.

Does that mean the men who wrote that First Amendment violated the very document they authored? Do not think so. One should judge the meaning of the First Amendment by the actions of the men who wrote it and perish the thought, read The Federalist Papers. The Federalist Papers written to explain the intent of various sections of the Constitution to help alleviate the fears of the 13 State Governments prior to ratification.

In 21st century America thanks to thirty-years of anti-constitutional indoctrinations (brain washing) taking place in America’s educational institutions, it is rather easy for militant heathen Atheist to attempt such a ridiculous injunction. Thank God the Federal Judge is familiar with the Constitution and not one of them thar activists judges the American judicial system is plagued with.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Hiroshima 66 years ago and May, 2011, thoughts about my visit there

August 6, 1945 8:15 AM a United States Army B-29 bomber the Enola Gay flew over Hiroshima Japan dropping the first atomic bomb ever to be used as an instrument of war on a city. The proprieties in reference to the use of that weapon will discuss in a possible subsequent video to be posted at a later date.

This video is about my impressions of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park we visited on a Friday, May 13, 2011. We left Osaka, Japan by bullet train for Hiroshima. From the train station in Hiroshima we boarded a trolley to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Upon disembarking the trolley I noticed the name of the trolley stop written in both Japanese and English reading, “Atomic Bomb Dome.” The English due to English being a universal second language and this being a tourist attraction.

While taking a video / photograph of the sign a group of Japanese school children behaved as children do the world over, having a good time enjoying life and the beauty of the day. When entering the Memorial Park the first structure is the hollowed out dome building, the wreckage left in the path of the bomb, thus the name of the trolley stop “Atomic Bomb Dome.”

This Memorial Park is the site known as the epicenter of the bomb’s explosion. The grounds must cover a few acres and well-manicured (as the rest of Japan appeared to me both in the country side and in the cities). The Park was growing in the number of children arriving by train, trolley, and buses. The school children of varying ages walked the grounds with quiet reverence. Much like a child would behave while walking through a cathedral. This Park to me gave the impression of being an open-air cathedral to these respectful school children.

The museum as part of the park illustrated the events of August 6, 1945, in writing, photographs, dioramas, and artifacts. The theme permeating throughout was not hate, anger, or revenge, but one of peace and understanding the horror of that never to be forgotten day.

The center of the Park, a gathering place is a saddle shaped concrete cenotaph looming over a concrete box housing the names of over 220,000 who died from that bomb. All day long the students and adults passed in front, many laying flowers, and wreaths accompanied by the ceremonial and respectful bow.

As an American whose sixteen uncles and father all served in the United States military during World War Two, with my father in the United States Marine Corps, the Pacific Theater of the war, and the impact of walking the grounds on this Peace Memorial Park along with my observations have engrained in me an everlasting impression of profound significance.

The horror of August 6, 1945 cannot be matched with any date in previous history and yet sixty-six years later look at the relationship between the United States and Japan can only be closer if both were one nation. Japan a state? The United States a prefecture? Now contrast this relationship with other nations who till this date express hate towards Japan for events in the first half of the last century. It is a pity they cannot extinguish that hate and enjoy the mutually trustful relationship as enjoyed between Japan and the USA.

Two videos of military bands taken in Japan by YouTuber xizhi303 used with his permission. First video of an Honor Guard, 302nd MP Company and Eastern Army Band. Second video of joint military band of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force and the United States Seventh Fleet .

Link to “xizhi303” channel with many enjoyable and entertaining videos:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Terrorism in China by the Uyghur's in Xinjiang China real or a commie ruse?

In the Western region of Xinjiang in commie-led China charges of terrorism on the part of the Muslim Uyghur population are being thrown. The Uyghur’s (Uighurs) a Muslim group dating back centuries in the region are now a minority ethnic group in their own region. The commies have successfully diluted their numbers by incentivizing ethnic Han Chinese to migrate into the region.

The commies behaved in Xinjiang as commies do the world over: they proceeded to eliminate the Uyghur culture, religion, and language. See anything not commie must be disposed of. No loyalty or identity to a culture, religion, or language, only to the commie state.

Back in 2009 there were massive demonstrations / riots in Xinjiang by the Uyghur subsequently then the Hans resulting in thousands being dead. This past July a Uyghur demonstration resulting in the commie police firing their weapons into the Uyghur crowd, murdering many of the Uyghur people.

Now the commie authorities are telling the world the Uyghur placed a bomb in a restaurant killing many civilians. Also a Uyghur group commandeered a truck and proceeded to run over and murder Chinese civilians. The Chinese mob got hold of one of the Uyghur and murdered him on the stop. The rest ran, when police caught up with them, they were executed immediately.

Now we have a murderous incident if true now means the Uyghur crossed from freedom fighter to terrorist. Any time civilians are target by a non-military group that is terrorism. Terrorist are lower than commies and should be shunned by civilized people around the world. If this incident is true one may understand the desperate situation the commies placed the Uyghur people, however resorting to terrorism sickens civilized people.

Was this incident truly perpetrated by Uyghur people? Where is independent verification by the foreign press? What a joke because when any foreign journalist ventures independently into the Xinjiang region they are met with severe harassment by commie authorities. So then why would the commies stage this event to blame the Uyghur people? The commies want to resettle (move) about 200,000 nearly all Uyghur from the old city of Kashgar. Could this incident be used as another excuse to move them?

Or since many Uyghur freedom fighters learn their bomb making skills to explode at commie government installations in camps located in Pakistan. Once this incident erupted the commies were quick to blame the camps in Pakistan demanding the Pakistani government prevent further terrorist activities. So could this have been staged to eliminate those camps?

One will never know since the commies murder supposedly those involved and no independent verification is permitted in The Middle Kingdom, commie-land, commie-led China. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Uyghur people, the Tibetan people, all those suppressed in China by the commies just because of their culture, and for the average Chinese citizens enduring this repressive regime.

Right at the end of this video appears the phrase: “Better dead than RED.” That is a term borrowed from 1950’s America during the Cold War. People professing rather be dead than to live under a communist regime, still a valid sentiment in this twenty-first century.

Previous videos posted about the Uyghur’s in Xinjiang region of China:

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Budget deal where "we the people" lost

Them thar Democrats, the Republicans, and President Obama (Democrat) are all excited about a budget deal being reached in the eleventh hour.

Liberals and the leftist media pundits are critical of it as well are Tea Party Republicans both in and out of the Congress.

The deal signed by President Obama (Democrat) raises the national debt ceiling while lowering spending (so they say). Why must the debt ceiling be raised by two trillion dollars while spending is being reduced? That is because actual spending is not decreasing, but increasing, thus the need to raise the debt ceiling.

In Washington DC when they say reducing spending it does not mean what we in the real America know was reduce spending. Example: If the I.R.S. budget was slated for 2012 to have a 10% increase in their budget and then had it reduced to 7%, which in Washington, DC is a spending cut and a saving. Never mind the actual budget will rise by 7%.

We were told we needed this deal so the bond markets would not remove the USA’s triple A rating. However it is still in question because those markets wanted the USA to reduce spending by $4 trillion and that was not part of this deal. The stock market was supposed to rebound but instead surged in the other direction.

Republicans happy no tax increases part of the deal. On the surface that is, because the deal calls for a creation of a legislator commission made up of six Republicans and six Democrats. Can you see the new taxes now?

Tibetan Monks in Washington DC

During my recent visit to Washington, DC this past July, also in town was the Tibetan 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso (Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso – 1989 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate). Resulting in His Holiness’s visit to Washington, DC were legions of robed Tibetan monks throughout the city.

The Sunday I was there, my Japanese good and trusted friend “Inglewoodgridah” (his YouTube name) spent the day walking the National Mall. That is where the Lincoln Memorial, the World War Two Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Capitol Building, and the Korean War Memorial are located.

We were approaching the Korean War Memorial when we observed a group of Tibetan Monks sitting on a park bench with a Caucasian with another monk in front taking photographs. I walked up and offer to take group photo. The monk with the camera spoke with me in good English. I took a few pictures, then asked where they were from (I did not want to assume anything). I was told Tibet. I then asked if what we hear in the USA about Chinese authorities suppressing their culture, religion, and language.

The one monk looked at my Japanese friend then said to me, “Sorry we do not speak English,” then got up and left. They probably thought my Japanese friend to be a commie Chinese agent.

How pathetic is that? They were about 13,000 miles from Commie-land and yet still had the fear of those commie gangsters. I said to my Japanese friend, “You being from Japan, and me an American we can go anywhere in the world and criticize our governments without any fear. How said is that those poor souls have such fear.” When the monks ran off, they in essence answered my question.

Commies are lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut.