Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sea Shepherd crew member abandon’s ship

Sea Shepherd crew member abandon’s ship

Elora Malama West one time Cove Guardian and recently part of Sea Shepherd’s floating circus Operation Zero Tolerance.  Ms. West aboard one of the circus’s rust-bucket garbage scows developed sea sickness. 

After two weeks at sea sailing towards the Southern Ocean to illegally harass the Japanese mariners, Mr. West had to abandon ship.  During the two weeks she developed sea sickness (motion sickness), making the journey difficult. 

Ms. West left the vessel then wrote an explanation on her blog, please see link below.

NOTE:  The crews of Sea Shepherd’s ocean going circus vow  they are willing to forfeit their lives to save whales.  Apparently Ms. West was willing to forfeit her life, however not willing to forfeit her vomit.

This qualified willingness to forfeit a life to save whales was also demonstrated by their sacred leader Paul Watson.  He too is willing to forfeit his life to save whales, but not his freedom as evident when he jumped bail in Germany to avoid a jail in either Costa Rica or Japan. 

Ms. West heart wrenching account of her two-week sea sickness:

Ms. West Facebook page:!/EloraMalamaWest?fref=ts

Cove Guardian detained in Osaka, Japan

 Cove Guardian detained in Osaka, Japan

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Thomas Gainard (from France) and Andy Romanowski traveling to Taiji, Japan via Osaka, were both detained by authorities at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan.  Mr. Romanowski was released after four hours, while Mr. Gainard remains in custody.

Two questions:
1 – How long will it be before Sea Shepherd exploits this detention by begging for donations for Mr. Gainard’s bail and/or legal fees?

2 – How long will it be before Sea Shepherd throws Mr. Gainard out of Sea Shepherd as they have done to previous followers detained?

Link to related article:


11/30/2012: Thomas Gainard has been released and sent out of Japan to Australia.  Good!  Was this a delousing program?  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Locator Chip for students, mark of the beast?

Locator Chip for students, mark of the beast?

It is time to get out your thin-foil hats for conspiracy time.  In The Dallas Morning News reprinted from the Associated Press was an article titled “Schools sued over locator chips.”  The Northside school district in San Antonio, Texas is issuing student ID badges imbedded with locator chips, called SmartID.

A parent is objecting claim it violates the families Christian beliefs as they see the locator chip on a student ID as the mark of the beast (a Biblical reference).  The school is justifying the use to help administrators get an accurate student attendance which transforms into government money based on attendance. 

This is known as incrementalism, a favored tactic of liberals in the United States.  Today they ask for something small, and then tomorrow it balloons.  Example:  smoking bans were first requested only on trans-ocean flights with smokers being segregated to the back of the plane.  Following their tactic of incrementalism this smoking ban now grew to banning cigarette smoking in some municipalities in private homes and automobiles.

Today they ask for locator chips on school IDs.  This indoctrinates the children to accept them and make it easier to expand its use when they reach adulthood.  School IDs today, transportation tickets tomorrow, then driver licenses, to the real objective: inserted into the body at birth - the mark of the beast. These liberals are sinister and definitely resemble the mark of the beast.         

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Save the dolphins Tokyo

Save the dolphins Tokyo

On November 24, 2012 a demonstration was held in Tokyo, Japan to save the dolphins and stop the dolphin activity in Taiji, Japan. 

The protest was around under sixty people of which half seem to be foreigners.  Leading the protest through the Tokyo streets was a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  Between PETA and participating foreigners this protest was a classic example of foreign liberals attempting to ruin Japan. 

Japanese liberals are advised to avoid any contact with liberals from Australia, Europe, Canada, and the United States.  Liberals from these countries in Japan only have evil intentions.

Two of the foreigners in this protest were hold a desecrated Japanese flag.  The foreigners occupied mainly the front of the protest while reserving the back half of the protest line to Japanese. 

This protest was protested by Japanese patriots following along on the sidewalks.  These patriots were also protesting Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians in Taiji, Japan.     

Video clips and screen shots from:

Other videos of the same event:

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Music:  “Camptown Races” from JewelBeat.Com.
Screen shots and video clips from YouTube channel “Boljoa.” 

Save the dolphins protest in Tokyo, Japan

Save the Dolphins Protest in Tokyo, Japan 
Below are photographs of the protestors and those protesting the protestors.   Below the people with yellow circles around their heads denote those who are foreigners trying to interfere with Japanese internal affairs - agitators! 
Save the dolphins - foreign agitators

Save the dolphins - Foreign instigators 

Save the dolphin protest - Foreign operatives

Save the dolphins rally - Foreign extremist

Save the dolphins - Foreign imperialists
Save the Dolphins gang at the start of the protest - see foreign instigators
Save the dolphin foreigners protested by patriots

Save the dolphin protest being protested - ha ha ha
Save the dolphins protest being protested by patriots

Patriots protesting the protestors who are protesting to save  the dolphins in Taiji, Japan

Save the dolphin protestor

Save the dolphin protestors with desecrated Japanese flag
Save the dolphins foreign provocateur van

Save the dolphinagitators protested by patriots

Save the dolphin foreign protestors carrying a desecrated Japanese flag

Save the dolphin extremists being led by a foreign provocateur van

Save the dolphin operatives with a desecrated Japanese flag
Save the dolphin protest feeling the love

Video links:

Video clips and screen shots from:

Other videos of the same event:

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Save the dolphins

Anti-Taiji protest in Tokyo

On Saturday November 24, 2012 there was an anti-Taiji, save the dolphins protest in Tokyo.  The protestors were sprinkled with a few Japanese and a few foreigners.  Looking at the photograph one questions the intention of the foreigners:  was it for the dolphins or for the love?
Save the dolphins protest in Tokyo, Japan about Taiji dolphins

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dolphins mutilated in the Gulf of Mexico

Dolphins mutilated in the Gulf of Mexico

Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians are currently infesting Taiji, Japan with their pestilence by being there and question if causing vermin to roam freely. 
Cove Guardians seeking money
This season the Cove Coward trust-fund babies are employing a new tool to harass the middle class fishermen working hard to provide for their families.  The “cowards” are live streaming the non- action in the waters around Taiji. 

Here is the link:

To leave a comment in the Tweeter box to the right, in Twitter write a message and end it with “#tweet4taiji” (omit the quotation marks).   

Check current time in Japan to make sure the live video feed is happening during the day; otherwise it will be a re-run:

Gulf of Mexico mutilated dolphins
While the “cowards” are seeking donations by harassing the people in Taiji, Japan, dolphins are being murdered and mutilated in the Gulf of Mexico in the waters off Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.  How come the Cove Guardians of Sea Shepherd are not in these Gulf States to locate the perpetrators of these horrific crimes?

Very simple the money from suckers around the world comes from Sea Shepherd being in Taiji allowing them to masquerade their latent racism towards the Japanese.  If Sea Shepherd went to the Gulf coast that would not bring in money from these latent racism as it would not allow them to manifest their hate towards Japan.   

Link to articles concerning mutilated dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico.  WARNING:  Some of the links have graphic photographs of dead dolphins:

Cove Guardians sightings in Taiji, Japan
NOTE:  The map of Taiji pointing to Sea Shepherd sightings in the town has the arrows pointing to the wrong locations.  This was done to protect the actual sights being harassed by the Cove Cowards. 
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Coyote hunt in New Mexico

Save the cows in New Mexico

Another video illustrating the lunatics in the so-called animal rights movement. 

There are around 300,000 coyotes in New Mexico who kill thousands of cattle / calf’s each year.  A gun shop named Gunhawk Firearms shop in Los Lunas, New Mexico is sponsoring a two-day coyote hunt.  The hunting team that brings in the most dead coyotes has a choice of either a Browning Maxus 12-guage shotgun or two AR-15 semiautomatic rifles. 
New Mexico coyote hunt
Animal rights advocates world-wide are yelling and demanding the hunt not take place.  These compassionate animal rights people would rather see a pack of coyotes maul a cow, eat it alive and bring it to a slow miserable death, rather than killing the coyote instantly with a bullet.  Their compassion is miss-placed and just plain lunacy. 

A taxidermist has volunteered to turn the hides of the dead coyotes to make clothing for the homeless.  It is a win-win, a win for the ranchers, and win for the hunters, and a win for the homeless.    

Related news article:,0,3149155.story

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Israel we support you

Israel we support you

The terrorist group Hamas is launching rockets indiscriminately into Israel.  They are being launched from the Hamas control Gaza.  The terrorist traditionally place the rocket launches next to Mosque, schools, apartment building, hospitals, etc.  This way when the Israelis take out these sites it gives the terrorist dramatic video for the world to see and vilify the Israelis for defending themselves. 

These terrorist are sub-human and serve to meet justice from the business end of Israeli ordnance. 

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Benghazi why not what

Benghazi why not what

Friday, November 16, 2012 one-time head of the United States Central Intelligence Agency, better known as the CIA, General David Petraeus testified before Congress. 

The testimony and questions seem to circle around “what.”  What was said about the attack?  What was the cause?  What was told by whom?  Never mind the “what.”  We want to know the “why.”  Why was the requested security denied before the attack?  Why was there no assistance during the seven hour attack?  Why was there an order to “stand down?”  Why did the regime (the Obama administration) blame the video and not the terrorist?

The four Americans murdered in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012:
Chris Stevens, 52, United States Ambassador
Sean Smith, 34, former U.S. Air Force
Glen Doherty, 42, former U.S. Navy Seal
Tyrone Woods, 41, former U.S. Navy Seal

Article about General Petraeus’s Congressional testimony:

Link to SUN News Benghazi expose:

Detailed article above data received from:

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Hostess Twinkies gone to Union greed

Hostess Twinkies gone to Union greed

The Hostess company closed and claimed bankruptcy thanks to the greed and ignorance of the Union and it’s members of equal ignorance.  The company is facing decrease sales and low sales asked the union to take a pay cut and reduced benefit or the company will claim bankruptcy and close.

The brainiacs at the Union and the membership selected to close the company allowing bankruptcy.  The company (Hostess Brands Inc) makes Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Wonder Brea, and Drakes cakes.  Now they have to lay off 18,500 workers.  The company started in 1930 died in 2012 – thanks to the union (Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union) .

Related news article:

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hamburgers and government healthcare

Hamburgers and government healthcare

The cost of traveling to Austin, Texas from Dallas, Texas using three different modes of transportation:

Car takes 3 hours 35 minutes cost $47.53
Bus takes 3 hours 20 minutes cost $27.00
AMTRAK train takes 5 hours 49 minutes cost $27.00

Going by private car or privately own bus takes under four hours.
Travel by government run transportation, a train, it the trip takes under six hours. 
Government efficiency.

Want to eat while on AMTRAK?  AMTRAK sells hamburgers at $9.50 each where it cost the government $16.00.  Each hamburger sold on AMTRAK represents a loss to the government / taxpayer / China of $6.50.

This is the same mentality about to run our healthcare systems.  Thanks to those who voted for President Obama this past election making Obamacare here to stay to bankrupt our medical system. 

Amtrak hamburger related articles:

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sea Shepherd forgets

Sea Shepherd forgets

Currently in Taiji, Japan are Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians harassing and attempting to intimidate the locals.  On two of Sea Shepherd’s Facebook pages (see links below) they posted a photograph of a Taiji meat buyer flipping them the bird:

Were the Cove Guardians offended by this gesture?  If so they need to be reminded of this below photograph.  It was taken in the Southern Ocean of a member of Sea Shepherd flipping the bird towards a Japanese vessel in February of 2010:

Photo Taiji meat buyer appears on these two Facebook pages (posted Tuesday Nov 13, 2012):!/VEGANMEL?fref=ts

Note: First photograph from the Facebook pages, links above.  The second photograph from The Institute of Cetacean Research. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sea Shepherd types commie like behavior

Sea Shepherd’s commie like behavior

Historically when tyrants, dictators, fascists, and commies have taken over a populace the first targeted groups for indoctrination are the children.

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians (Cove Cowards) are in Taiji, Japan attempting to harass the local populace.  While they are creating a diversion by being a nuisance another so-called “save the dolphins” group was busy loitering at a local elementary school handing out anti-dolphin harvesting fliers. 

These fliers in color show graphic images of dolphins being cut and plenty of blood.  The attempt was to upset the children and turn them against their parents.  The people of Taiji can trace their heritage in that village going back well over four-hundred years and all engaged one way or another in the fishing / dolphin / whale trade.  Almost all of their last names are related to that industry. 

Subsequently the other so-called “save-the-dolphin” group was ordered by police to stop handing out the fliers.  So now the commies will have to explore another method to turn the children against their parents. 

Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians better referred to as the “Cove Cowards” are in Taiji, Japan harassing the locals.  The “Cowards” are claiming to be documenting what goes on in this picturesque village in reference to the dolphins.  While doing so they (the “Cowards”) engage in despicable behavior harassing, intimidation, and interfering with business in Taiji. 

With pride these horrible “Cowards” live stream their ugliness for all to see.  Here is their link (CAUTION: watch at your own risk as civilized people will be disgusted watching the Cove Cowards ignorant, smug, self-righteous behavior trying to attain the moral high-ground while be miserable failures):

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Protest in Tibet

Protest in Tibet

The gangster thugocracy in commie-led commie-land China are holding their 18th Communist Party Congress in Beijing, China.  The insecure thugs of this Congress have placed Beijing virtually on a lock-down. 

While the gangsters in Beijing are meeting to select their new dictators protest erupt in the stolen land of Tibet.  Since 2009 sixty-nine Tibetans have set themselves on fire (self-immolation).  At the time of this writing / video thousands of Tibetans are protesting Commie thug rule in Tibet. 

The Commies claim when they stole Tibet they freed the Tibetans from slavery.  The Commie version of freedom was to suppress Tibetan language, Tibetan religion – Buddhism, and Tibetan culture.  To commies suppression represents freedom. 

By the commie lack of reasoning the thousands protesting against commie rule in Tibet want to return to slavery.  This type of lunacy only resonates with commies.  

Communist Party Congress related article:

Article about delusional commies concerning Tibetan happy under commie oppression:

The commie lock-down on Beijing:

Tibetan protest:

Tibet YouTube channel:

Tibet related blog / website:

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Benghazi attack cover up

Benghazi attack cover up

Link to SUN News Benghazi expose:

Michael Coren of Sun News interviewed American independent journalist Steve Emerson in the above compelling video.

Let us not forget about the BENGHAZI cover-up!  Some of the points mentioned in the above video link:

- The CIA sent cables three months in advance of the murderous attack in Benghazi requesting additional security for the consulate.
- CIA was sure of an emanate attack.
- In the cables listed ten attacks upon the consulate.
- The terrorist announced three days in advance of the September 11, 2011 murderous attack there would be an attack upon the consulate.
- After the attack The White House instructed “friendly” journalist to blame the attack solely upon the video.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (Democrat) squashed several indictments on Islamic terrorist money laundering.

President Obama selected Thomas Pickering to lead the Benghazi investigation.

Who is Thomas Pickering?  Here is his background and affiliations:
-          Foreign policy leftist served as ambassador to Russia, Israel, El Salvador, Jordan India, Nigeria, and the United Nations
-          Served as chairman of the board for the George Soros group “International Crisis Group”
-          Advocated for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
-          Explored opening relations with Hamas
-          Pushed for talks with the Taliban
-          Argued to remove U.S. tactical nuclear weapons from Europe
-          Promoted talks with Iran without any preconditions
-          Sits on the board of two pro-Tehran groups (Iran):
                        A - American Iranian Council
                        B – National Iranian American Council

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Friday, November 9, 2012

UFO India and China

UFO India and China

The commies in China has transformed The Middle Kingdom into The Mysterious Kingdom.  With the commies strange happenings have happened throughout China.  Not too long ago a Tibetan Buddhist being held in a commie jail disappeared.  The commies said he was there in his cell one day and the next day he just disappeared. 

In an article printed in The Dallas Morning News reprinted from the Los Angeles Times titled “UFOs along China border baffle India.” On the Indian Chinese border the Indian military has reported spotting UFOs flying over the border region originating in China, The Mysterious Kingdom, once The Middle Kingdom.  

This corresponds with a recent military agreement between India and China to conduct joint military exercises.  The true purpose of these joint military exercises is to allow the Communist to study and observe Indian military tactics, command and control, radio traffic, etc.  That is what is taking place on the Indian Chinese border, launching UFOs from China to probe Indian defenses. 

India China border UFOs article:

Links to articles about the India China joint military exercises:

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