Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, now VP choice

On August 29th, 2008 Senator John McCain the Republican candidate for the office of the president of these here United States of America (USA), selected a running mate. He selected for the Vice President position the 44 year old, outdoor enthusiast governor of the 49th state, the largest state, one time beauty queen, athlete, and mother, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska.

An avid hunter, Governor Palin brought down a moose, gutted it, and later enjoyed hamburgers made of moose meat. What a gal! Her fifth child born April, 2008 was diagnosed before birth to have Down syndrome and asked if she wanted the pregnancy to continue (abortion). Sarah Palin selected to allow the child to continue on through the birth canal to enjoy life and refused any further testing before birth. The governor said when she looks at her infant, she sees perfection.

This is a video salute to this wonderful American, this delightful and blessed mother.

The music and theme played during the photos is of the French actor Maurice Chevalier in the movie "Gigi," singing "Thank Heaven for Little Girls." The idea to use this selection in reference to the governor came from listening to the radio talk show host Michael Savage on August 29th, 2008.

Friday, August 29, 2008

9 year old too good for Youth Baseball League in Connecticut

9 year old Jericho Scott can pitch a fastball at about 40 mph. His pitches are accurate and has never hit a player with his fastballs. However for the league he was too good, so they will not allow him to play baseball because of his success at pitching.

That is the sad state in America where success is no longer rewarded but punished. The failures are praised, while the successful are scorned. In many grade schools scores are not kept when playing sports. Because keeping score might offend the self esteem of the losers. Political correctness which has spread throughout the land as a cancer drags society and culture down to its lowest denominator. Further proof of that liberalism is a mental disorder

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Somalia Olympic Athlete Samia Yusuf Omar

The Beijing Olympics are over, but the motivational stories keep coming. The nation of Somalia, located in the Horn of Africa, is a war torn nation. With it's battered capital of Mogadishu. Out of this rubble and anarchy, the troubled nation managed to send two athletes to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

One of which is named Samia Yusuf Omar, to participate in the women's 200 meter dash. Samia lives with her family in a two room house in Mogadishu where the family sells fruits and vegetables to earn a living. While she subsisted on a diet of flat bread, wheat porridge, and water.

Training for the event was challenging for Samia. Mogadishu stadium offered the only running track for her to practice. However it was taken over by the insurgents and made into a military compound. The other stadium is Conie Stadium built in 1958, no track, endless divots, weeds and plants. Not hospitable to practice a track and field event. Samia then had to train by running the streets of Mogadishu. A city torn by war and in complete anarchy. As Samia would run she would be harassed and verbally abused by men who would say she was dressed inappropriate for a woman. Also women should not be participating in sports. In an attempt to reduce the criticism and threats, in that oppressive heat, Samia would wear a head scarf, long sleeve shirt, and sweat pants to run the streets.

Samia was determine to attend the Olympics, not to earn a medal, but to waive the flag of her nation for the world to see that the land of her birth is represented at the Olympics. The hardship of living in Somalia, and the violence did nothing to diminish the patriotism this brave woman has for her country. Waving her nation's flag was her goal at the Olympics illustrating her pride.

How many of us live in a pampered nation and do not appreciate it? Most of us with access to YouTube live a rather comfortable live compared to Samia Yusuf Omar, but how many of us have her spirit and patriotism?

When she ran her 200 meter dash, the locals in her neighborhood scrambled to locate a television to watch her performance. Samia came in last in this event as she was the slowest. Her heart and pride came in first, as it was the most impressive.

Here are two links to two articles about this spirited athlete:

Music played during the photos of Samia Yusuf Omar, is the national anthem of Somalia.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Democrats Pledge of Allegiance with help

In most elementary schools across the United States of America (USA), students start their day, by standing, facing the flag, with their right hand over their hearts, recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

In Denver, Colorado, the Democratic Party held its convention. On the opening day the Democrats in an attempt to demonstrate their patriotism, started with the delegates reciting The Pledge of Allegiance just as the school children start their day. However there was a difference. While the students recite The Pledge of Allegiance from memory, the Democratic delegates needed help. The words to The Pledge of Allegiance were placed on large television screens for the delegates to read from.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nancy Pelosi life long Roman Catholic or life long Democrat?

In the United States of America (USA), Congress, the House of Representatives, the current Speaker of the House in the Democratic Party representative from San Francisco, California, Mrs. Nancy Pelosi. Who happens to be number two in line for president of these here United States in case something happens to President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi comes from an Italian Catholic family raised in Baltimore, Maryland. When Maryland was one of the 13 colonies, it was a Catholic state, resulting in a large Catholic population in the state of Maryland. Mrs. Pelosi attended a Catholic girl's high school, and a Catholic college.

Recently Nancy Pelosi was on one of those Sunday morning talk shows (links below) and was asked in reference to the abortion issue, "when does life begin?"

Here are some quotes from Mrs. Pelosi's rely:

"over the centuries the doctors of the church have not been able to make that definition."

"Saint Augustine said at 3 months, we don't know."

"I don't think anyone can say when human life begins. The Catholic church has been discussing this for centuries."

"Over the history of the church this has been an issue of controversary."

It was all pure nonsense. Pelosi with her thorough Catholic upbringing and educations is well aware of the Roman Catholic's church position on abortion. Her study of the Catechism during her school years taught her better. Nancy has put her party politics above her religion. The Apostles of the first century, Jesus' disciples condemn abortion. The Roman Catholic Church as historically since its origins has condemned abortion. Numerous bishops throughout the nation have issued letters and statements in total disagreement with Nancy Pelosi, while reaffirming the Catholic Church's opposition to abortion.

Here are two links to the interview:

In case the above clip gets removed, here is another:

Hopefully they have not been removed.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic Medals, an different analysis

The 2008 Beijing Olympics is over and the medal count final, hopefully. The United States of America (USA) won the most medals at 110. While the Chinese won the most gold medals at 51.

An analysis of the populations and medals count provides a different outcome. One nation with a larger population than another, has a large pool of athletes to select from, thus enhancing their ability to earn more medals, more gold.


300 million people
110 medals
2.5 million people per medal

1.5 billion people
100 medals
13 million people per medal


300 million people
36 gold medals
8.3 million people per gold medal

1.5 billion people
51 gold medals
25.5 million people per gold medal

A further analysis of those nations earning ten or more medals provides a different result:


2.5 million people
11 medals
200 thousand people per medal

300 million people
110 medals
2.5 million people per medal

1.5 billion people
100 medals
13 million people per medal


2.5 million people
6 gold medals
400 thousand people per gold medal

300 million people
36 gold medals
8.3 million people per gold medal

1.5 billion people
51 gold medals
25.5 million people per gold medal

Comparing populations and medals it shows the nation of Jamaica had the best overall performance. The above was taken from those nations earning ten or more medals.

Congratulations Jamaica on your achievement!

The music towards the end played along with the photographs of Jamaica and the Jamaican Olympians, is the Jamaican National Anthem.

9/11 Truth for the truthers, here is the truth

After the events of September 11th, 2001, a whole industry arose claim that 9/11 was an inside job committed by the United States government, President George Bush, and the nation of Israel. These deniers or "truthers" claim that building number 7 of the World Trade Center complex in New York City, collapsed due to an explosion. Recently a commission issued its report stating that head from the falling debris of buildings number one and two caused the demolition of building 7.

While the tin foil hat conspiracy theorist are claiming the terrorist who are stuck in the 7th century could not have pulled off such a spectacular feat, thus it had to be the U.S. government, President Bush, and Israel. They keep adding Israel to the mix because they erroneously claim no Jewish names were on the list of people who were murdered that day. There were not Martian names also. Which then means this was an alien abduction gone wrong. Blame it on Mars and the Vulcans.

WANTED three crew members of Sea Shepherd

The following are WANTED by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police department:

Ralph Anthony Koo -- age 41 -- USA
Jonathan Lamonto Bachelor -- age 30 -- USA
Daniel George Bebawi -- age 28 -- UK

The police of Tokyo have issued arrest warrants for the three. They are part of Sea Shepherd (Farley Mowat garbage scow fame) for committing dastardly and illegal deeds against the whaling industry in Japan. Soon the warrants will be referred to INTERPOL. If you have seen or know the whereabouts of these wanted men, please do not attempt to apprehend them. Instead contact your local law enforcement authorities or INTERPOL:

General Secretariat
200 quai Charles de Gaulle
69006 Lyon

Fax number: +33 (0) 4 72 44 71 63

Captain Kangaroo, Cabin Boy, and the girly men pirates of the sea going garbage scow have awoken the Samurai Warrior in Japan, with their childish, now illegal activities. The Canadians arrested the girly men for interfering with a seal hunt, the French on an island in the Saint Lawrence threw the girly men off their island, now the Japanese are extending the law arm of the law after these sea going vagabonds.

What makes this all so amusing is that on August 5ht, 2008, Sea Shepherd issued an arrest warrant for the Japanese whalers. Sea Shepherd hallucinating they have law enforcement authority, as evident by the arrest warrant issued by children pretending to be police, and now Captain Kangaroo wearing what appears to be a police badge. Further proof of the mental disorder known as liberalism, now advanced to or degraded to the Wyatt Earp Syndrome.

Correction in the names on the photos. Here is the correct names:

Photo 1 -- Jonothan Lamonto Bachelor -- age 30 -- USA
Photo 2 -- Ralph Anthony Koo -- age 41 -- USA
Photo 3 -- Daniel George Bebawi -- age 28 -- UK

Sorry about the mistake.

South Korean President Lee flag at Beijing Olympics

South Korean President Lee and his wife attended an athletic event at the 2008 Beijing Olympic where South Korea was participating. While at the event President Lee realized he did not have a South Korean flag. He asked to borrow two flags from two spectators.

The flags being waived by the President and his wife caused a stir in South Korea. One of the two flags was on the stick it was mounted to, upside down. The red field in the circle representing Yang and Yin, or Yin and Yank, was incorrect. The red representing Yang, which is heaven, belongs on top, while the blue representing Yin, which is earth, belongs on the bottom.

The South Korean Presidential office / residences The House of the Blue Roof Tiles requested the news media either delete the photos or delete in the upside down flag out, because of the embarrassment to the President. If the truth be known, most likely that upside down flag was manufactured in China.

Then on August 15th, 2008, South Korea celebrated its 60 birthday. The nation was an improvised nation 60 years ago, and now enjoys an economic miracle for their hard work these past 60 years. So how did 5,500 South Koreans celebrate in Seoul, South Korea? They participated in their national pastime, their national sport of demonstrating. As usual they were protesting USA beef again, again, again, and again. This crowd while obsessed with hating the USA did so by ignoring the success of their Olympic athletes. At the time of this writing have accomplished 23 medals, ranking them 6th or 7th among Olympic nations. That in itself is a boastful accomplishment ignored by the 5,500 demonstrators.

Kobe Bryant

Basketball athlete Kobe Bryant of the Lose Angeles Lakers fame represented the United States of America (USA) at the 2008 Olympics. During this time Mr. Bryant was interviewed by NBC correspondent Chris Collinsworth or Cris Collinsworth or Collingsworth. Mr. Bryant expressed his pride and patriotism to be on the American team. Which caused bewilderment on the part of Mr. Collinsworth as patriotism seems to be an alien concept to this member of the American news media. However Mr. Bryant continued to express his love of country, and pride for America. Mr. Bryant in that interview elevated himself to the level of other great Americans such as John Wayne and President Ronal Reagan.

As for Mr. Collinsworth and NBC, once again proved how the American news media have no love at all for the nation of their birth. To them, all evil in the world can be traced back to America. The news media in America are nothing but fifth columnist with no love for freedom, capitalism, democracy or anything American. They are a sick bunch.

Here is a link to part of that interview:

Questionable how long the link will last before being taken down.

Georgia stuck in the middle of geo politics

Thirty years ago the USA (United States of America) had the capability to read the letters of a license plate in Red Square, Moscow, Soviet Union (Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics). Today technology is admittedly leap years ahead of thirty years ago. Georgia which is an American ally just before the Olympics rolls their military into Ossetia, which caused the Russian massive military to roll south into Ossetia and Georgia. Now how come the USA did not let its ally know about the massive Russian buildup on the border, or did they?

However nothing to fear about the hostilities, because that much accomplished world body of peace, the United Nations (UN) was there to watch, photograph the whole Russian invasion. Why do we even bother with a UN?

There is a photograph illustrating a convoy of Georgian police vehicles heading towards the hostilities with a Russian helicopter hovering menacingly above the road. The scene looked like any American highway during rush hour with what seems to be a traffic helicopter hovering above the police vehicles with the word spelled out in English on the Georgian police cares, "POLICE." That is not even the Georgian alphabet. Perhaps is should have been spelt: "P”ôli:s ?"

The Russians in between looting and robbing banks rounded up weapons used by the Georgians. The weapons look like the Russians looted a museum. One weapon was an 18th century musket and what seems to be a 10th century battle axe. Did the Russians confiscate the weapons from George Washington and Genghis Khan doing battle?

Texas teachers packing heat

There is a county in north Texas on the Oklahoma, Texas line, with a city named Harrold. The school board in the town of Harrold approved teachers in their school district to be allowed to carry guns. If the teacher has a permit to carry a conceal gun, they can carry a weapon with them while at school. In Texas if one passes a background check, attends call room hours, they can get a permit to carry a concealed handgun.

The school district made this decision because the schools are about 30 minutes from the sheriff's office. If a situation arose, the school district wants their teachers to be able to address the situation immediately without having to wait 30 minutes for the sheriff to arrive.

The day the story broke it was announce on radio. It did not appear in The Dallas Morning News printed edition, but did appear later in the day on their website. While it did appear in print in the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

Georgian invaded by barbarians, a brief overview

Georgia was a break-away republic from the old Evil Empire, the Soviet Union around 1990. When Georgia broke away and formed an independent nation, with a democratically elected government, the region of Ossetia (in northern Georgia, on the Russian border) was and is part of the new independent republic. The Ossetians then desired to form their own independent republic separate from Georgia and Russia. Georgia refused and offered them autonomy under the Georgian umbrella. Ossetia refused and established an armed separatist movement.

Just before the 2008 Olympics Georgia launched a military force into Ossetia to defeat the armed separatist movement. Prior to all this Russia issued the people of Ossetia Russian passports, in effect making them Russian citizens. When the Georgian military moved into Ossetia and hostilities began, Ossetians were killed, thus causing the Russians to say they were killing Russian citizens, and the Russian military rolled south into Ossetia and into Georgia, pretending to protect Russian citizens. Which was a cover for the discipline Russian barbarians to murder Georgian citizens, western journalist, and plunder banks.

Prior to this happening Georgia applied for membership into NATO, which was refused by Germany, because the Western Europeans have jell-o for spines. Europe gets 25% of their petroleum, and 40% of their natural gas from Russia. Allowing Georgia into NATO would have upset the barbarians in Moscow and could have caused a cut off of oil and gas to Western Europe. Had Georgia been part of spineless NATO, the Russian bear would have never rolled south into Georgia.

The United States of America (USA) has been trying to get Poland to sign an agreement allowing the USA to install into Poland an anti-missile defense system. Poland was resisting, however after seeing the barbarian invasion of Georgia, the Poles signed the agreement. To which the Russians said they would drop a nuclear bomb on Poland in retaliation. Europe needs to wake up and realize the Russians have designs on Europe. Why would a defensive system upset the Russians if they did not have offensive plans?

Georgians beware, the KGB barbarians are at the gate

The mighty Russian military has invaded the nation of Georgia. The ex KGB leaders in Moscow sent the Russian military south in an attempt to either control or destroy a petroleum pipeline built or being built going through Georgia from the Middle East to Eastern Europe. Prior to this pipeline, Eastern Europe was getting its petroleum from Russia or from pipelines coming out of Russia. Ex-KGB agent Prime Minister Vladimir Putin wants the Georgian pipeline either destroyed or under Russian control, thereby controlling all the oil going into Eastern Europe. This is a classic text book example of geo-politics and a window of future conflicts between nations over natural resources.

The good president of France, President Nicolas Sarkozy (who married the stunningly beautiful Carla Bruni-Sarkozy) negotiated a truce between Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. The Russians are not adhering to the truce and the truce was not negotiated with the true overlord of Russia, KGB Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The United States of America (USA) is sending in massive aid via military transport and sending to Georgia Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The USA should also keep Russia out of the World Trade Organization (WTO), and throw them out of the G8.

The Russians claim to have a first rate military. Yet his military bombarded numerous apartment buildings and killed many civilians behaving like 7th century barbarians with 21st century weapons. One or two apartment buildings could have been a mistake, however many apartment buildings were bombed.

Montreal riots caused by what?

Journalism students at one time were taught to answer the following in any good news article: who, what, where, why, when, and how. Apparently this is no longer being taught in journalism schools or at least not taught to those who go to work for The Associated Press and The Dallas Morning News.

The Dallas Morning News reprinted an article from The Associated Press about riots which took place in Montreal, Canada. The article read riots broke out after a peaceful protest over a man who was shot by police. No where in the article did it explain why the police shot the man. One was to think the police just roam the streets shooting people at will.

Upon further exploration into the Internet, the truth was unearthed after this laborious effort. The day before the riots the police anti-gang unit was in Henri Bourassa Park, in Montreal North. The police were arresting one person when a crowd of over twenty youths menacingly surrounded the police when some lunged towards the police, causing the police to open fire to protect themselves against the advancing thugs. Three from the lunging mob where shot, one died, which caused the riots.

Star Spangled Banner bungled and hidden by the Commies

The president of the United States of America, President George Bush traveled to Beijing, China to attend the opening ceremonies at the 2008 Olympics. On his way to China, the President stopped at Seoul, South Korea. Then from there to Bangkok, Thailand. While in Bangkok, President Bush made a statement concerning human rights abuses and suppression of religion in China by the ruling Communist Party.

President Bush then attended the Olympic ceremonies. The ceremonies were stunning and near perfect in their execution. It was a grand display of Chinese engineering and precision. President Bush and his wife were in attendance when gold medalist Michael Phelps won the first gold medal of the 2008 Olympic while also breaking a world record.

When the national anthem of the United States of America, the Star Spangled Banner was played after awarding swimmer Michael Phelps, it started a few music bars into the anthem. Then at the end of the anthem when the crescendo was building, the music stopped before the proper ending.

Some said it was a glitch. Commies were angered when President Bush mentioned their human rights abuses in Thailand, and this was their way of embarrassing the President and the United States. Well it did not work, because neither President Bush, nor the athlete Michael Phelps were offended by this planned glitch.

The American news media in cooperation with the communist were practically muted.

Previous to this video, I posted a video on this subject. In the description to that video I had the following link. Which showed the actual event as it happened. However this link was removed by YouTube:

Now in this video the actual event has been recreated to replace the above video removed by YouTube in cooperation with the Communist.

Star Spangled Banner bungle by the Commies at the Olympics

The president of the United States of America, President George Bush traveled to Beijing, China to attend the opening ceremonies at the 2008 Olympics. On his way to China, the President stopped at Seoul, South Korea. Then from there to Bangkok, Thailand. While in Bangkok, President Bush made a statement concerning human rights abuses and suppression of religion in China by the ruling Communist Party.

President Bush then attended the Olympic ceremonies. The ceremonies were stunning and near perfect in their execution. It was a grand display of Chinese engineering and precision. President Bush and his wife were in attendance when gold medalist Michael Phelps won the first gold medal of the 2008 Olympic while also breaking a world record.

When the national anthem of the United States of America, the Star Spangled Banner was played after awarding swimmer Michael Phelps, it started a few music bars into the anthem. Then at the end of the anthem when the crescendo was building, the music stopped before the proper ending.

Some said it was a glitch. Commies were angered when President Bush mentioned their human rights abuses in Thailand, and this was their way of embarrassing the President and the United States. Well it did not work, because neither President Bush, nor the athlete Michael Phelps were offended by this planned glitch.

Here was the link to the video. As of 08/11/08 it has been disabled by either the Communist or YouTube (is there a difference?) to protect their scheme. If it was a legitimate "glitch" then why are they deleting the videos?

The American news media in cooperation with the communist were practically muted.

South Koreans in Seoul protest and praise President Bush

President of these here United States of America, President Bush stopped in Seoul, South Korea on his way to Thailand and then the Beijing Olympics.

While in Seoul once again the South Koreans participated in their national pastime which is demonstrating. There were large crowds protesting President Bush and America. However on the same day there were larger demonstrations welcoming President Bush and praising America. Apparently this must have caused distress among the communist who inspired, organized, and instigated the anti Bush, anti USA demonstrations.

Now that President Bush has left South Korea perhaps the South Koreans can take up another national pastime such as baseball.

Emobile of Japan commercial deep sixth by CNN

A cellular company in Japan named, "Emobile," traditionally uses a monkey in their television commercials. Apparently a monkey is a cute animal to the people of Japan. As in America if you add a baby or a dog in a commercial, you are guaranteed to maintain the viewers. It seems in Japan the winning recipe for a commercial to keep the viewers is a baby, dog, or a monkey.

In a recent commercial by Emobile they used their monkey in a campaign setting resembling Senator Barack Obama's campaign. This was a double header for the Japanese, because the Japanese like monkeys and they also favor Senator Obama. Until the mental disorder of American liberalism entered. CNN did a report in Japan that the commercial was racist. CNN brought in a group of black Americans in Japan to ask how they saw that commercial. Remember they are Americans and historically in America monkey reference to blacks has been racist. It is with these legitimate sensitivities the black Americans replied to CNN's questions in Japan stating the commercial was racist and insensitive. The commercial got pulled. When the average Japanese was shown the commercial and asked to respond, they liked the commercial and saw nothing wrong with the commercial, as a monkey is cute to them, and they like Senator Obama.

Girly men kidnapped by the Japanese?

On the website Natural published an article dated August 02, 2008 titled "Japanese Whaling Ship Crew Assaults, Kidnaps Anti-whaling Activists."

The article is about the Sea Shepherd of Captain Kangaroo fame, garbage scow named Steve Irwin with cabin boy and the crew of girly men playing pirate on the high seas. It was during the whale hunting season when the garbage scow was harassing the Japanese ship. The girly men claim they were kidnapped by the Japanese.

However videos clearly show the girly men hurling objects at the Japanese ship from a motorized rubber raft. Then the girly men snuck on the Japanese ship Yushin Maru II on the high seas without permission from the Japanese captain or the ships crew. The crew then detained the two girly men law breakers to be released to an Australian custom's ship. The video clearly shows the girly men having a good time while being kidnapped. Must have been the Stockholm syndrome at work.

Trains, further proof of liberalism is a mental disorder

Due to extreme liberalism and the trail lawyers in these here United States, much of the fun has been removed from society. No longer are Americans permitted to take risk or exercise personal responsibility. Want to ruin another nation? No bombs or fifth columnist needed, just export liberalism.

This video illustrates three nations on afflicted with extreme liberalism and how their transportation systems permit individual responsibility. The subway in Tokyo, Japan, during rush hour, a railway in India, and an open air market on railroad tracks in Bangkok, Thailand, all examples of a free society once enjoyed in these here United States.

Takeshima Dokdo results in headless birds

There are two tiny, itty bitty islands in the Sea of Japan or the East Sea, between South Korea and Japan. Both nations claim these small islands as belonging to them. The South Koreans have occupied these two islands for a number of years now. It has developed into a non violent territorial dispute between the two nations.

The dispute recently intensified when Japan announced it will mention the territorial dispute in the official handbook for the new school curriculum guidelines for social science classes in the middle schools.

As a result of this announcement, South Korea recalled their ambassador from Tokyo. Also a student exchange program between the two nations have been suspended. Plus there were demonstrations in front of the Japanese embassy in South Korea. The demonstrators took pheasants, the national bird of Japan, and slit the heads off while holding them down on Japanese flags. Then threw the headless birds over the walls of the Japanese embassy. This was cruel and senseless to murder these birds just to illustrate a form of protest.

Friday, August 15, 2008

World Court in Texas, continued

Not too long ago, posted a video titled, "World Court lost in Texas," and here is the link:

Here is the description to that video:

"In 1993 a Mexican citizen illegally in the United States of America (USA) along with some other equally depraved thugs, raped and murdered two girls' ages 14 and 16. They were arrested and convicted. One of the rapist murderers Jose Medellin is scheduled to be snuffed out in Texas August 5th, 2008. The Mexican government complained that the murderer Medellin was not informed when arrested that according to a 1963 Vienna Convention, it (the murderer) should have be informed of it's right to contact a Mexican government representative. Since it was not informed of this right, Mexico says the trial was invalid. Question: would the invalidation of the trail bring the two murdered children back to life?

Texas told the Mexican authorities to get lost. So the case was taken to the United Nations (UN) international court in The Hague. The court ruled in favor of Mexico and ordered the United States not to execute the murderer and rapist Jose Medellin. President Bush then told the state of Texas, they must not execute the murderer rapist. Again, Texas said get lost. So the case went to The Supreme Court of the United States. The Court ruled in favor of Texas, stating Texas was not bound by any ruling from an international court.

Disputes brought forth to the international court involve disputes between two nations, not between a nation and a state or province. There was no dispute between Mexico and the United States, because the United State government agreed with Mexico. Then once again the case went back to the international court and ruled the same. This time the United States government said there was nothing that can be done to enforce this ruling in the state of Texas. Texas adheres to the rulings of the United States Supreme Court, not the international court in The Hague."

Today appearing on the front page of The Dallas Morning News appeared an articled titled, "Federal officials try to block Texas execution." The above mentioned rapist, murderer is scheduled for execution on August 5th, 2008.

Federal officials are trying to convince Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry to postpone the execution to allow another hearing. Also two liberal Democrat members of the United States House of Representatives (Congress), submitted a bill mandating that states adhere to the World Court's decision in The Hague. These two Representatives are: Howard Berman and Zoe Lofgren.

A spokesperson for the governor of Texas responded with, "The governor isn't feeling any pressure on this simply because he is here to uphold the laws of the state of Texas and not some foreign court in Europe."

He also said, "Two young girls were brutally gang raped and murdered, and the governor is not willing to say that any foreign national is going to get any additional protection under the law than a Texas citizen would."

The clock is ticking and the world, the nation, and Texans are waiting for August 5th, 2008.

Xingiang Provence or East Turkestan in western China

Recently there was an article in The Dallas Morning News concerning the execution of people planning to carry out bombings of civilian buses. They were executed by firing squad. The government bused in thousands of students and office workers. This region was once known as East Turkestan and was an Islamic republic. When in 1949 the communist moved in and acquired the region changing the name to Xingiang Province. Some consider the province China's other Tibet. It is reported people under the age of 18 are prohibited from participating or learning the Muslim religion. The Weghur are the ethic majority fast becoming a minority as Beijing is moving in thousands of Han Chinese. The region is rich in gas and oil.

Now a terrorist who calls himself Commander Seyfullah ("dirty underpants") posted a video on YouTube. This terrorist promised bombings and disruption of the Beijing Olympics. These girly-men terrorist need to understand once they employ their 7th century tactics in the 21st century, they lose any legitimacy their cause may have had. The murder and killing of innocent civilians by cowards wearing mask is never accepted.

Al Gore has plenty of gas

On July 17th ex-vice president Albert Gore gave a speech in Washington, DC, at Constitution Hall. The speech was about the hoax of man-made global warming Al Gore is pushing.

Printed on the tickets to enter this enter was a request for people to please take public transit or ride a bicycle to this event. Al Gore arrived with his entourage in two Lincoln Town Cars, and one SUV. Al Gore was in the building long enough to bore people with his twenty minute speech. While Mr. Global Warming was giving his speech, his car was outside with its engine and air conditioning running to keep the car cool for Al Gore. You must reduce your energy consumption so Al Gore can waist his.