Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Watson and the whales

Watson and the whales

Paul Watson of the Captain Paul Watson Foundation, their vessel the John Paul DeJoria are currently in Ireland.  Whaling in Ireland?  Nope.  Watson claims he is waiting in Ireland to interdict the whaling vessel from Iceland.  He plans to stop Icelandic whaling.  Guess what?  He is a rousing success, because the Icelandic whalers announced they will not be whaling this season. 

So while Watson is enjoying Irish whisky with his French paramour in Dublin, whales are being slaughtered 500 miles (804 kilometers) to the north in the Faroe Islands.  Another example of the failure of Watson to protect his clients the whales.

Instead of direct action to protect whales being slaughtered in the Faroe Islands, Watson has his clowns there to entertain the Faroese. 

 Links to donate money to these clowns.  For when they sail, they provide material for these videos.

 Captain Paul Watson Foundation:


 Link to Captain Paul Watson Foundation:


 NOTE:  Black ribbon on the United States flag is an expression of mourning for the death of the constitutional republic in the United States of America that happened on January 20th, 2021.     

 Additional informative Sea Shepherd videos:


 Link to Texas Daddy store:


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