Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thailand the Land of Smiles in protest

The people of Bangkok, Thailand held huge demonstrations requesting the resignation of their prime minister.

The people of Thailand were protesting one person, their Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej Wongsawat, claiming he is a proxy for the former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was thrown out in a coup in 2006. The protestors were led by a group called, Peoples Alliance for Democracy, (PAD), who wear yellow colored garments. While those who support the current prime minister and the government wear red.

The protestors led by PADs leader Suriyasai Katasila, have taken over Bangkoks Airport. In effect they shut down the airport leaving thousands of farang (farang being the Thai word for a foreigner of European ancestry) tourist stranded. This is Thailands tourist season called the high season.

Through all this turbulence the demonstrators have remained for the most part friendly, upbeat, and filled with smiles in this Land of Smiles (LOS), Thailands nickname.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Death at Wal-Mart on Black Friday caused by stampeding animals

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving 2008, in a Wal-Mart, Nassau County, Long Island, New York death came to Jdimytai Damour by a stampede of animals, later described as savages.

This 34 year old Haitian immigrant employed at Wal-Mart was crushed to death by a wild mob of animals that smashed in the front doors to purchase items on sale. This horrific scene was compounded when police went to close the store down because it was a crime scene. The animals complained they had not finished their shopping which to them was paramount to this poor souls demise.

The Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) then tried to assess blame to Wal-Mart for not having sufficient security to heard the stampeding cattle. Then the union thugs a t the United Food and Commercial Workers union called upon OSHA and New York States Department of Labor to investigate Wal-Mart for not providing adequate protection. The unions and political left-wing have been after Wal-Mart for years for not being unionized. This incident now provided them an opportunity to attack and cause trouble for Wal-Mart.

What they are purposely doing is avoiding holding the stampeding mob directly responsible for this young mans death. Those animals that stomped on this young man are directly and solely responsible for his death, and no one else. But we life in a nation were individual responsibility is dead.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai, India, our prayers are with you

Despicable coward terrorist attacked numerous spots in Mumbai, formerly Bombay, India. As of this writing around 150 are dead, around 300 wounded. These terrorist bums were looking for tourist holding American or British passports to either murder or terrorize. They attacked the Taj Mahal and Trident Oberoi hotel, a hospital, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station, the Chabad Hosue, a Jewish Center, and the Leopold café.

The only justice for these bums is to be on the business end of a cruise missile, a bullet in the head, and good old fashion water boarding. No need to play patty-fingers with them since they do not fight observing the Marqus of Queensbury rules. President Bush had the right idea, eliminate terrorist wherever they are. But the liberal American news media killed that idea.

So far citizens from the following countries were murdered: Germany, United States of America, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, and Japan.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Liberal Patriotism, is that an oxymoron or just a moron?

The Dallas Morning News reprinted an article from McClatchy Newspapers. It was about an American liberal who for the past 8 years of Republican President Bushs administration, kept the flag in a closet. This liberal felt no patriotism during those years. The day after Senator Barack Obama became President-elect Barack Obama; this person took the flag out of the closet to demonstrate his new found patriotism.

Once again another illustration of the mental disorder known as liberalism. A true patriot does not have their love of country predicated upon who the current occupant of The Oval Office is (The White House). Patriotism is love of country, the nations history, and fellow citizens, present, past, and hopefully future.

Thomas Paine pamphleteer of the American Revolution (1776 1783) wrote:

"These are the times that try men's souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."

Liberals such as the person in the article are the summer soldier a seasonal patriot, while rest of us are patriots for all four seasons.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blue states financial deficit, red states financial surplus

The Dallas Morning News published an article concerning the eleven billion dollar surplus the state of Texas is currently enjoying. In this article appeared a map by the Center of Budget and Policies: Rockefeller Institute from The New York Times. This map illustrated those states operating with a deficit and those with a surplus. Looking at the map most of the states operating with a budget deficit were blue states, which are states run by liberals, the Democratic Party. The most of states with a surplus are red states, which are run by conservatives, the Republican Party. Nuff said.

Nope, will not bother to state liberalism is a mental disorder.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Malaysia girls behave like boys the shock!

Malaysia is predominately a Muslim nation. An Islamic body, The National Fatwa Council, banned Muslims from practicing yoga, saying it is rooted in Hinduism. Recently the Council express concern about girls acting like boys stating such behavior violates the tenets of Islam.

This also violates humanity and every other religion. Rather than admonish or scold girls for this anti-social, unnatural behavior. The Councils to eliminate the cause of such behavior. The cause can clearly be traced to the perverts in Hollywood, USA. For the last 20 or 30 years Hollywood has produced filth and depravity where one movie after another portrays women as masculine and man like in their behavior.

If Malaysia is truly serious about maintaining the femininity of their women, they should ban anything produced by Hollywood and stop importing the cultural rot from America.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Let the children starve so GreenPeace and Sea Shepherd can sail

In the November 21st, 2008 edition of The Dallas Morning News was an article of malnutrition and death in Haiti. Accompanying the article was photograph of a 4 year old child made of a skeleton wrapped in skin and nothing more.

With this type of starvation on our planet we have people donating money to Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd to protect whales and other food (creatures) from extinction. This money supports vagabonds sailing the seas who never held a productive job, while living off the money exploited from mindless donors around the world.

Where is Captain Ahab when the world needs him? The children as in this photo should never be as long as there is one whale swimming the oceans. There are organizations like Feed the Children, UNICEF, LiNK, and numerous civic and religious institutions dedicated to feeding children.

Here is a link to children related charities:'s_charities

This planet has too much food to allow children to starve.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Somali Pirates sunk by the Indian Navy

Somali pirates operating off the Horn of Africa (East African waters) have accelerated their piracy in recent months. The pirates (no, not Sea Shepherd, but real pirates) have been commandeering merchant ships on the high seas (Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean). The Western nations of Europe, NATO, and the USA have naval ships in the area just watching. The politicians of those nations are trying to determine a course of action hampered by self-imposed rules, law of the sea, international law and treaties. While they were scratching their heads, the pirates continued their dastardly acts.

Then out of the ocean blue came the Navy of India who sunk a mother ship of these pirates. Right down to Davy Jones locker went this pirate ship. This video is a salute to the Indian Navy, a navy of action for taking care of business, while the navies of the Western powers have been neutered by their respective politicians.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Palm Oil opposed by cowards and girly men

The worlds largest produces of palm oil are Indonesia and Malaysia. Two nations with emerging economies attempting to improve the lives of their people. Palm oil is used for cooking, soaps, and bio fuels. Australia currently has a processing plant to convert palm oil to fuel.

The palm oil comes from the fruit produced by palm trees. In these countries, jungles are cleared to grow palm trees. Greenpeace (cowards like Sea Shepherd) oppose the production of palm oil. Rather than travel into the jungles and oppose the palm oil at its source, where most likely the would be met with resistances jungle justice like, the instead challenge the product in the harbor. The harbor is safer, however it is AFTER the product has been extracted.

Burma / Myanmar also produce palm oil. But Greenpeace is silent because the military junta would not treat them humanely. So instead the girly men protest in nations run by elected governments answerable to the people for their actions.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Violent Crimes in the United Kingdom makes news

In this mornings edition of The Daily Telegraph in the United Kingdom (UK) it was reported in one year there were near one million violent crimes committed in the UK across the pond. The UK being a nation with strong gun control laws where many gleefully point across the pond to the USA. Berating the USA for too many guns and the resulting violence from such arms. It seems the people in the United Kingdom are rather accomplish at committing violent crimes with a blade rather than a bullet.

The UKs population of around 60 million would put their violent crime rate at around 1.47%. In the USA with a population of around 300 million and 1, 400,337 violent crimes in 2007 would put violent crimes in the USA at .47%, less than that of the UK. So now which society is more violent? The society armed with guns or the one armed with knives?

Do people like Russell Brand, John Cleese or Sea Shepherd types won guns or knives?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Prop 8 made the California Constitution unconstitutional?

Proposition 8 passed in California adding to the California constitution that marriage to be only between a man and a woman, effectively outlawing same sex marriage.

The leftist lunatics are going to do what they always do when they fail at the ballot box, the are taking the issue to the California Supreme Court claiming the California Constitution is now unconstitutional because of this addition to their constitution. When prop 8 passed it became part of the constitutional thus rendering it impossible to be unconstitutional.

If the opponents of Prop 8 want to remove this from the state constitution they should propose a new proposition to the voters repealing prop 8. But liberals know they fail at the ballot box and elections, so they run to liberal judges who legislate from the bench overturning the lawful will of the people. Proving once again liberalism is a mental disorder. This video is not about gay same sex marriage, but the legality of prop 8.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Did the Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun lie?

This is an update to the video posted "Japan surrenders to Sea Shepherd." That video was based on an article appearing in the Japanese newspaper "The Asahi Shimbun." After the publication of the article numerous Japanese officials said the article was not correct, that Japan did not plan to reduce their whale hunt this year.

Great news! Meaning Japan will not be validating the negative and terrorist behavior of Sea Shepherd, Captain Kangaroo, the hobo girly men children masquerading as pirates on that garbage scow on the high seas.

Warning to the Japanese whaling fleet: This year that Hollywood thespian Daryl Hannah plans to be on that garbage scow harassing the whaling fleet. Now that Mickey Mouse is a registered USA voter, perhaps he can join the harassment with the girly men?

Handel's Hallelujah in this video was performed by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

China force abortion, the commie barbarians

A woman more than six months pregnant is in a hospital in Yining, Xinjiang province, China, waiting for a forced abortion, she violated Chinas restriction on having a certain number of babies.

U.S. Congressman, Christopher Smith, Republican from N.J. wrote the Chinese ambassador a letter requesting the nightmare of a forced abortion not be carried out.

What is telling is in perusing the news articles in reference to this is, there is no outcry from the womens rights groups, pro-choice, and feminist. These groups claim a woman has a right to decide what to do with her body as their reason for supporting abortion. Yet when a woman uses that choice to have a baby and that right is violated, these groups are silent. They are silent on the issue which is screaming hypocrisy on their part. Truth is they are not pro-choice, they are pro-death and demand babies be aborted and placed on the sacrificial alter of liberalism, which proves liberalism is a mental disorder.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Japan surrenders to Sea Shepherd

Reporting on the front page of the Japanese newspaper "The Asahi Shimbun" on November 14th was a headline "Japan to reduce target for whaling by 10%."

Perhaps the article would state Japan is reducing the whale hunt due to past hunts have been sufficient to meet their research needs. Nope, that was not it. Here in part is what the article stated:

"The targets for Japan's research whaling activities have continuously risen until now. But officials have raised concerns about declining catches due largely to obstructive and intensified actions by anti-whaling groups."

Bascially the government of Japan validated the terrorist activities of Sea Shepherd. This also helps Sea Shepherd claim victory in the whale wars thus guaranteeing increase donations for their success. The girly men children pirates won

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Are whales are more important than your security?

The United States Navy off the coast of Southern California has traditionally carried out submarine training exercise. These exercises are necessary to keep our sailors at peak performance in the maintaining their goal of keeping the citizens of the United States of America safe. This training is necessary to detect enemy submarines.

The Navy uses sonar to assist their submarine fleet to communicate and detect objects. It basically sends out sound signals. The wacko environmentalists have accused the Navy of interfering with a whale’s ability to communicate due to the Navy’s use of sonar. These wackos brought the Navy to court to stop the use of sonar. This issue now before the United States Supreme Court.

Basically the U.S. Navy has to defend its position to train to defend the United States. The U.S. Navy’s mission is to defend the U.S. and the U.S. is challenging the U.S. Navy in that mission. Huh? Further proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Part of a news article:
“An injunction by U.S. District Judge Florence-Marie Cooper in Los Angeles early this year created a 12-nautical-mile no-sonar zone along the coast and ordered the Navy to shut off all sonar use within 2,200 yards of a marine mammal.
The 9th Circuit sided with the lower court and said the Navy must abide by the injunction. However, while the litigation was under way, the appeals court gave the Navy permission to use sonar closer than the restrictions allow during critical maneuvers.
The case is Winter v. Natural Resources Defense Council, 07-1239.
Richard Kendall, representing the Natural Resources Defense Council, told the justices that the Navy is managing under the restrictions, noting that eight of 14 planned exercises have been completed since the restrictions took effect.”
The Navy is appealing to the Supreme Court.
UPDATE: On November 12th, 2008, The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Navy> Chief Justice John Roberts wrote, “The Navy’s need to conduct realistic training with active sonar to respond to the threat posed by enemy submarines plainly outweighs the arguments advanced by the environmentalist.”

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

October revolution completed Nov 4 in Socialist America

The October revolution came to a victorious end this past Election Day, November 4th, 2008. The Socialist / Communist dream for the United States (USA) came true for America and the worlds left.

Senator Joe McCarthy tried to warn us in the 1950s about the communist in Hollywood and the USA, but America did not listen. The leftist radicals of the 1960s early 1970s graduated the colleges and universities they protested in, then returned as professors and administrators instituting Stalins political correctness. Thus stifling all free speech but that of the left and Marxist Leninism.

They in turn trained the new teachers in political correctness and socialism to enter the public schools. Once there, these new teachers, now re-educators converted the public schools into re-education camps. In order to complete the socialist domination of the United States, one or two generations had to be ignorant of American culture, so diversity was introduced while vilifying the Found Fathers and the documents which created the United States.

They then trained journalist to no longer report the facts so Americans can make informed decisions, but to make the decisions for Americans and report those decisions as fact. The leftist pervert thespians in Hollywood then attacked in the movies and television programming by debasing the culture, convincing the populace that the true enemies of freedom where the very institutions which made the USA great and safe. Those institutions degraded and made the villain by Hollywood were and are the government, the military, the intelligence agencies, law enforcement, corporations, and Christianity. Which is why for the last 30 years Hollywood has made them the villains in most if not all of their movies, the filth they forced on the public?

Next was the take over of a political party, the Democratic Party. The Democrats of today are not longer the Democratic Party of John F. Kennedy (JFK), Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, Ed Koch, or Zell Miller. Instead it has become the leftist party of Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Reid, Murtha, John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, and Hillary Clinton.

Then class warfare had to be instituted to pit on group against another. But there was one problem. For years Americans were told they were a melting pot where cultures from all over the world were incorporated to create the American cultures. The new lefts in academia and our re-education camps dumped the melting pot and instituted diversity. Americans were now taught America was not one, but many cultures each to be embraced separately from America. In effect creating and prompting different groups with different goals and agenda. Now a divided America became easier to exploit and pit one group against the other. Can you say comrade?

Then Senator Obama came along to complete the take over. Mr. Obama was honest as he clearly stated his socialist plans by his words and his associations. Yet due to 30 years of indoctrination, depravity from Hollywood, lies from the news media, Americans eagerly embraced this man with a socialist message as the 44th President of the United States of America.

The most chilling aspect is the Congress. This Congress has the lowest approval ratings since King George. Yet the voters returned those same bums back to Congress and added more Democrats to their lot.

In 1959 Nikita Khrushchev leader of the Evil Empire, the Soviet Union, Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR or CCCP), warned the USA this would happen by introducing socialism (communism) into the USA slowly, incrementally. Patriots slept, while the left did not.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Public school re-education camps USA

The American public schools for the last thirty years have relinquished their roles as education centers in favor of becoming left-wing, politically correct indoctrination centers.

A film crew from the nation of Finland videoed a classroom in Mary McArthur Elementary School, Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States of America (USA).
That video is chilling and typical of the indoctrination taking place daily in American public schools. Americans should be concerned. What is more telling this news comes from Finland, not the muted American news media.

YouTube full video of the classroom:

Website concerning the video:

Communist goals for the United States (please note goal # 17):

Americans need to wake up and confront the hijacking of our public schools by the leftist teacher unions. This video was discussed on the radio talk show, Glenn Beck.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

China, Taiwan, what independence?

The Dallas Morning News (DMN) reprinted an article from The Associated Press (AP), titled, Protest traps Communist in hotel. Sub-title: Taiwanese who favor independence oppose closer ties with China.

It is that sub-title which is so telling of the American news media. First understand the American news media has a love affair with communist, thugs, dictators, rogue regimes, despots, and fascist.

Who is Taiwan seeking independence from? A little background: Before the commie takeover of China, the Nationalist ruled China. The living conditions in China caused the upheaval making the conditions ripe for Chairman Mao Zedong (communist extraordinaire) to launch his takeover of China. The Communist were successful in chasing the Nationalist to the island of Formosa (Taiwan). The governments of the world and the worthless U.N. (United Nations) recognized the Nationalist in Taiwan as being the one legitimate government of all of China. Then in the early 1970s Western thought said that communist mainland China can no longer be ignored and a two China policy was adopted. Being mainland communist China (Peoples Republic of China) and on Taiwan (Republic of China).

Then some years afterwards the world went back to a one China policy recognizing communist China as being the lone government of all of China, while degrading Taiwan to being a break-away province of mainland China.

The news article in this video was about Chen Yunlin, the highest ranking Communist Chinese official to ever visit Taiwan. Which caused hundreds of Taiwanese protesters. The news article made reference to the president of Taiwan as Taiwanese leader rather than his correct title, President Ma Ying-jeou.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Barack Obama, congratulations

In the United States of America (USA) our historic elections elevating Senator Barak Obama to President-elect Barack soon to be on January 20th, 2008, Inauguration Day President Barack Obama. Now let us move forward together for the greater good of the United States of America. "Yes we can."

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Japanese essay causes an Asian storm

Japanese General Toshio Tamogami of the Japanese Air Force (ASDF Air Self-Defense Force) wrote an essay titled, Was Japan an Aggressor Nation.

In this essay General Tamogami offers the opinion that the actions in Asia during and before World War Two were not due to Japanese aggression and that the attack upon Pearl Harbor, Japan was tricked into it by United States President Franklyn Roosevelt.

This video does not address the Asian aspect of Japanese activities as it does address the Pearl Harbor part of the essay.

This essay caused stern criticism from China and South Korea. It also caused General Tamogami to lose his position. Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso dismissed the General from his position