Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Palm Oil opposed by cowards and girly men

The worlds largest produces of palm oil are Indonesia and Malaysia. Two nations with emerging economies attempting to improve the lives of their people. Palm oil is used for cooking, soaps, and bio fuels. Australia currently has a processing plant to convert palm oil to fuel.

The palm oil comes from the fruit produced by palm trees. In these countries, jungles are cleared to grow palm trees. Greenpeace (cowards like Sea Shepherd) oppose the production of palm oil. Rather than travel into the jungles and oppose the palm oil at its source, where most likely the would be met with resistances jungle justice like, the instead challenge the product in the harbor. The harbor is safer, however it is AFTER the product has been extracted.

Burma / Myanmar also produce palm oil. But Greenpeace is silent because the military junta would not treat them humanely. So instead the girly men protest in nations run by elected governments answerable to the people for their actions.

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