Saturday, November 1, 2008

Japanese essay causes an Asian storm

Japanese General Toshio Tamogami of the Japanese Air Force (ASDF Air Self-Defense Force) wrote an essay titled, Was Japan an Aggressor Nation.

In this essay General Tamogami offers the opinion that the actions in Asia during and before World War Two were not due to Japanese aggression and that the attack upon Pearl Harbor, Japan was tricked into it by United States President Franklyn Roosevelt.

This video does not address the Asian aspect of Japanese activities as it does address the Pearl Harbor part of the essay.

This essay caused stern criticism from China and South Korea. It also caused General Tamogami to lose his position. Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso dismissed the General from his position


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I can hardly read and write English.
The link of theses which you were looking for is sent.

Mr. TAMOGAMI's thesis(English version)

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agetaco said...

(Translation may be confused, but please forgive it.
The inconsistency of words may occur in the details.
The reason that the war started is difficult.
It might not be able to explain all things. )

It is a content that I know.

The European countries held a colony in those days. And they despised a colored race.

And countries including the U.K. had a sense of impending crisis toward Japan because Japan won in white large country Russia.

In addition, U.S.A. aimed at China in those days. Japan was troubled with a population problem, too and aimed at China.
Russia aimed at China at the time of Russo-Japanese War, too. It produced an opposition.

Japan needed China to prevent the southing of the Communist bloc.
It is a reason same as U.S. forces being stationed in Asia now with Cold War time.

Roosevelt recognized it to be Japanese aggression.

That U.S.A. having needed Chinese rights and interests, a sloppy belt did not understand terror of the communism is nominated for the cause.

In addition, he performed new dealism. This was a policy of the totalitarianism.
In brief, there is a possibility that Roosevelt forgave communism.

The U.K. and the Soviet Union are connected with each other, too.

It was absolutely necessary to let U.S.A. which advocated the Monroe Doctrine participate in war.

The Japanese Government aimed at the peace-oriented diplomacy, and U.S.A. had the Monroe Doctrine and thought so that the two countries were not concerned with war. In addition, the American objected to war.
There is tragedy of WW2 at the point where war occurred in the 2 countries.

In the time before the Pearl Harbor attack, the military unit of U.S. forces called "flying Tigers" was Japan-China War, and there are the Japanese armed forces and the thing that I fought, but the American public opinion was against war.

Here is the core. U.S.A. was opposed to Japan at China. There was a country at another one country, China.

It is the Soviet Union.

Germany cannot produce resources at home and thus aimed at Soviet resources zone.

A Soviet Western area became unstable, and the Soviet Union had its eyes on China in the east area.
I worked on work to obtain China.

In 1937, a case called the Lukouchiao Incident happened in China. Chinese Nationalist Party and the Japanese armed forces were stationed in those days around a bridge. Attack is performed suddenly once; of both armed forces was had a fight.

However, I insist that neither fires. and, the Japanese armed forces did not carry a bullet.

Who fired a bullet?

It is Chinese Communist Party.

Chinese Communist Party fired the bullet to let Chinese Nationalist Party fight against the Japanese armed forces. The Chinese Communist Party was going to hold China for the chance when both armed forces became impoverished.

And it is Stalin to have given the order.

Japan and China began war by the plot of the Soviet Union. It has led to American anti-Japan sentiment.

A Soviet agent acted secretly at that time in U.S.A. U.S.A. was brought under control by the Soviet Union.

In early period of Cold War, a certain American appealed for a Soviet agent getting into U.S.A. However, his claim was not accepted. His name is Joseph McCarthy.

However, after the Cold War, it developed that his claim was right by the Soviet Union and American confidential documents exhibition. Surprisingly an agent more than the numbers that he insisted on lay hidden in U.S.A.

Please search it in a venona document. This is a document shown by the American side. U.S.A. decoded a Soviet code.

And a surprising thing was written.

A Soviet strategy

* Letting I control U.S.A. and fight against Japan.
* When Japan is defeated, and China became the vacant land, conquer China.

In Japan, it was stopped oil by U.S.A. and began war. The final note that let this break out is Hull note.

And the Hull notebook was a thing written by agent written down in the Venona document, then American financing assistant secretary, Harry white.

I let the Soviet Union controlled U.S.A., and U.S.A. provoke Japan!

According to the Soviet plan, the Soviet Union let the Communist bloc spread after the war, and an Asian wide area has been gained control of.

U.S.A. began Korean War to prevent this. MacArthur noticed that a Japanese viewpoint was the same as present oneself then.

When I took a Japanese viewpoint, MacArthur understood why Japan began war.

U.S.A. turned in anti-communism after the war.
U.S.A. performed large-scale red-baiting and was opposed to communism. U.S.A. protected Japan and south Corea from the Communist bloc, and the Soviet Union finally collapsed.

American ex-President George Bush knew the existence of the Venona document.
He performed a remark to deny the Yalta Conference that forgave concession to the Soviet Union.

I think that both parties of Japan and the United States are not doing a crime.