Thursday, November 20, 2008

Somali Pirates sunk by the Indian Navy

Somali pirates operating off the Horn of Africa (East African waters) have accelerated their piracy in recent months. The pirates (no, not Sea Shepherd, but real pirates) have been commandeering merchant ships on the high seas (Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean). The Western nations of Europe, NATO, and the USA have naval ships in the area just watching. The politicians of those nations are trying to determine a course of action hampered by self-imposed rules, law of the sea, international law and treaties. While they were scratching their heads, the pirates continued their dastardly acts.

Then out of the ocean blue came the Navy of India who sunk a mother ship of these pirates. Right down to Davy Jones locker went this pirate ship. This video is a salute to the Indian Navy, a navy of action for taking care of business, while the navies of the Western powers have been neutered by their respective politicians.

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