Friday, November 21, 2008

Let the children starve so GreenPeace and Sea Shepherd can sail

In the November 21st, 2008 edition of The Dallas Morning News was an article of malnutrition and death in Haiti. Accompanying the article was photograph of a 4 year old child made of a skeleton wrapped in skin and nothing more.

With this type of starvation on our planet we have people donating money to Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd to protect whales and other food (creatures) from extinction. This money supports vagabonds sailing the seas who never held a productive job, while living off the money exploited from mindless donors around the world.

Where is Captain Ahab when the world needs him? The children as in this photo should never be as long as there is one whale swimming the oceans. There are organizations like Feed the Children, UNICEF, LiNK, and numerous civic and religious institutions dedicated to feeding children.

Here is a link to children related charities:'s_charities

This planet has too much food to allow children to starve.


Unknown said...

I am shocked at how your stupidity goes on and on and on.

You are so stupid that you don't even learn. That's really pathetic.

Whales are not food.

Eat shit and die. You are taking up valuable space on this earth. You contribute nothing.

Stu Bob said...

Tony, if you're that concerned about the starving children in Haiti, why don't you do something useful and sell the PC you write your drivel on and donate the proceeds to a charity supplying emergency food aid there?

Haiti's problems won't be solved by killing every animal around, numbnuts! It's an unstable, violent place where 1% of the population controls 50% of the country's wealth.

Instead of having a go at Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace, why not rant about the CEOs of major companies, who make a fortune while selling everyone else down the river? Or why not go on about the fact that money almost always seems to be available to bail out failing banks whose gambles haven't paid off, but is not so easy to get hold of to alleviate world poverty? Or would that make you think too much?

Scott said...

Bonnie, please google "Whale Meat" before wishing death on a fellow human being. Whales=food

Scott said...

CEOs? how many mouths do the Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace feed? CEOs feed BILLIONS by keeping the companies they lead in business.

Greenpeace is a parasite organization.