Thursday, November 6, 2008

China, Taiwan, what independence?

The Dallas Morning News (DMN) reprinted an article from The Associated Press (AP), titled, Protest traps Communist in hotel. Sub-title: Taiwanese who favor independence oppose closer ties with China.

It is that sub-title which is so telling of the American news media. First understand the American news media has a love affair with communist, thugs, dictators, rogue regimes, despots, and fascist.

Who is Taiwan seeking independence from? A little background: Before the commie takeover of China, the Nationalist ruled China. The living conditions in China caused the upheaval making the conditions ripe for Chairman Mao Zedong (communist extraordinaire) to launch his takeover of China. The Communist were successful in chasing the Nationalist to the island of Formosa (Taiwan). The governments of the world and the worthless U.N. (United Nations) recognized the Nationalist in Taiwan as being the one legitimate government of all of China. Then in the early 1970s Western thought said that communist mainland China can no longer be ignored and a two China policy was adopted. Being mainland communist China (Peoples Republic of China) and on Taiwan (Republic of China).

Then some years afterwards the world went back to a one China policy recognizing communist China as being the lone government of all of China, while degrading Taiwan to being a break-away province of mainland China.

The news article in this video was about Chen Yunlin, the highest ranking Communist Chinese official to ever visit Taiwan. Which caused hundreds of Taiwanese protesters. The news article made reference to the president of Taiwan as Taiwanese leader rather than his correct title, President Ma Ying-jeou.


insular-tw said...

This article fails to mention that when Taiwan had been an area under military occupation since Oct. 25, 1945, and when the Nationalist ROC government fled there in Dec. 1949, it became a government in exile.

Then in the 1952 San Francisco Peace Treaty, the sovereignty of Taiwan was not awarded to China. Hence, (and this may be quite surprising) Taiwan is actually not a breakaway territory of the PRC, it is a breakaway territory of the USA!

Yes, Taiwanese people should be holding some form of "US overseas passport." The LEGAL LOGIC of this analysis is fully explained in a new legal Brief filed in the US Court of Appeals on Nov. 3, 2008. For details, see

Michael Turton said...

The world's governments do not recognize that Taiwan is part of China. Most, including the US, believe that Taiwan's status is undetermined, period.


Faid said...

they are all chinese for sure. you can differ koreans from chinese, from japanese, vietnamese, etc.

but chinese and taiwanese? how to differ them?

beatitudo said...

Your opinion fails to recognize the real state of affair in Taiwan.
From what Taiwan wants to be independent? It is simple; from "China," no matter communist or nationalist; from the megalomaniac illusion of Great China.
Both Communist Party and Nationalist Party believes that Taiwan is a part of "China," historically and culturally, that is, they believe they inherit five thousands years of Chinese history! This almost crazy pride makes Chinese people arrogant, imperialistic, megalomaniac, and self-centered. Most Chinese see Taiwan as "their" territory, their colony.
Taiwanese people refuse to be a part of "China." This is what they call independence. It is not an independence from PRC, but from this identity of "China" itself.
This might look perplexing to Americans, who cannot distinguish Taiwanese from Chinese. But Taiwanese speaks their own language, even though they can speak the imposed language of Mandarin; they have their own culture and history. Most of all, their mentality is very different from mainland people.
In short, Taiwan is culturally and historically independent from mainland China. President Ma, who is NOT a Taiwanese, cannot see this truth! He wants to cling to the Chinese identity. Taiwanese are angry against this anachronism. This is the central issue.

insular-tw said...

With all due respect, I must point out that beatitudo has been confused by sixty years of Chinese propaganda. I repeat: Taiwan is not a part of China.

This is easily confirmed by noting that (1) none of the leading world nations recognized any transfer of sovereignty to Taiwan on Oct. 25, 1945, (2) Taiwan was not awarded to "China" in the post war peace treaties, (3) Taiwan has never been incorporated into Chinese territory via the procedures of Article 4 of the ROC Constitution.

Although both the Communist Party and the Nationalist Party believe that Taiwan is a part of "China," there is not legal basis for such claims. There is not even any legal basis for Taiwanese people to be holding ROC passports !!! See