Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TSA abuse of 95 year old terminally ill grandmother, blame the U.S. Cong...

Recently the bureaucrats at the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) required a terminally ill 95 wheel chair bound grandmother to remove her adult diaper. Afterwards the TSA said they did not require the lady to remove her adult diaper. Correct, they just told her, if she refused to remove the diaper, they would not permit her to fly.

A few months ago they also felt-up a young female child. The TSA responds by saying they are following policies, procedures, and protocols. Huh? At the Nuremberg Trials 1945-1946 the Nazis on trial made the same claim.

We can thank the liberals in the USA for forcing a prohibition against profiling. How come Israel living in a sea of hostility has not had any attempted bombings of their airlines while not violating any children or grandmothers? Answer: They profile.

Perhaps the TES is profiling: they are profiling children and grandparents for groping.

True the TSA are just following their anti-social and perverted “protocols.” The ones to hold responsible for this invasion of common sense are our elected representatives in the United States Congress, both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Telephone call placed to U.S. Representative Republican Jeb Hensarling Washington’s office. Person answered could not answer if Representative Hensarling was involved in any legislative initiative to investigate and / or stop the TSA from their continued perversion. Nor could the person advise for the Representative planned any town hall meetings in his 5th Congressional District in Texas.

“Felt up and feel safe.” Is that the new motto of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration)? People who fly in the USA are being subject to having their bodies violated before boarding to fly. Either get your body invaded by see-through clothing or felt up by the TSA. All this in the name of security.

On November 17, 2010, an airline pilot called into the Rush Limbaugh show complaining about this abusive behavior at USA airports. The pilot also complained about pilots having to be felt up or photographed through their clothing. Rush Limbaugh then asked (paraphrasing): “So after you go through the pat down and security, you can then get on the plane and crash it into the ground, right?” Pilot’s answer: yes.

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Dotonbori, Osaka, Japan, and one of them thar drunks, a foreigner!

Tony’s travel log Friday, May, 2011:

Shun, Manabu, and I, boarded a bullet train to Hiroshima, and visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Afterwards back to Osaka to Koshien Stadium to watch a Hanshin Tigers baseball game. From the stadium we hailed a taxi to the Dotonbori Bridge over the Dotonbori Canal to meet friends. While on the bridge we met Vivia, known as “VivaEcoCultBusiness” on YouTube. Also met Benny and his wife Risa.

After exchanging pleasantries we walked towards a restaurant at Risa’s suggestion. It was down a narrow ally wide enough for only pedestrian traffic and perhaps a bicycle or two. While traveling down this dimly lit ally lined with a number of small drinking and eating establishments, out of one of these joints popped a drunk.

The drunk was not a sleepy drunk or happy drunk, but one of those annoying drunks. He immediately attached his stumbling self to our group. He was Caucasian from Northern Europe. I knew this place of origin because he kept slurring “I’m from Sweden, I am Swedish.”

Immediately racing towards the forefront of my exhausted brain was the video I posted a few years back titled, “No foreigners allowed signs in Japan,” posted on April 12, 2008. In the video I validate the reasoning behind those few signs in Japan which read “No foreigners allowed.” This drunk in the midst of our group proved what I said in that video to be true.

Link to the video:

We arrived at the establishment to eat and a few in the group entered with the drunk following them inside the joint. I remained in the ally and refused to enter with that drunk in there. I was tired and was looking forward to sharing a good meal and conversation with friends. This drunk was not part of what I anticipated and did not want to endure his nonsense.

The restaurant staff threw him out, I walked in, the staff locked the door preventing the drunken embarrassment from reentering. We all enjoyed wonderful food, a great evening, with delightful friends and no drunk.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

POCKY Chocolate from Japan

Please visit YouTuber, “frickfrock999”

You will enjoy his excellent candy reviews and please subscribe to his channel:

About a year ago Mr. Ohtani from the Japanese publisher Asukashinsha sent me a few bars of Meiji milk chocolate. They were very delicious.

When I went to Japan in May, 2011, I intended to bring back to the USA a number of those chocolate bars, however I somehow neglected to do so. I posted a video about it and a YouTuber: 7Dante7, sent me a web link where I could order the chocolate. Here is the link:

While in Japan when I did purchase a small amount of Meiji chocolate for immediate consumption, Shun suggested I also try a chocolate candy he called, “Chocolate on a Stick,” however on the box labeled: “Pocky.”

With this Pocky chocolate I kept wondering why someone would put chocolate candy on a stick. Then I thought well a lollipop is candy on a stick, and ice cream bar is ice cream on a stick, so why not chocolate on a stick.

I opened the package and tried to determine the best way to eat that chocolate on the stick. Do I suck it like a lollipop? Do I scrape it off with my teeth? Well I tried the scraping method when I discovered the chocolate was not on a wooden stick as I thought, it was on a “biscuit” stick. The “stick” broke off in my mouth. Had I read the box, it read in English: “Chocolate cream covered biscuit sticks.”

The treat was an absolute delight, the chocolate top grade, the biscuit stick top grade.

This video is the unboxing for that chocolate. I normally eat Dove dark chocolate however I enjoy the Meiji milk chocolate and now this Pocky chocolate on a stick.

Those in the USA, visit the below link and order a few boxes, you might enjoy it.

No I am not paid by Meiji, Pocky, or the website, just enjoy sharing good news and a good product.

Another terrorist plot foiled by we the people, not them the government

A student from Saudi Arabia (note 19 of the al-Qaeda terrorist on 9/11 were from The Kingdom, Saudi Arabia), named Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari was arrested on terrorism charges. He or it made its appearance at the Mahon Federal Building in Lubbock, Texas, United States of America – USA.

Mr. Terrorist (Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari) was arrested on charges of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction (WMD). It is claimed he is a “lone wolf” driven by radical Islam to commit violence. Yeah right, a “lone wolf.” Once again another government cover up for their foul up.

See it was not the vast USA government intelligence apparatus that thwarted this bum; it was a private concern, citizen, the chemical company he attempted to purchase chemicals from. The chemical company alerted the government. Thank God the government did move forward. But once again this bum was allowed to enter and roam freely throughout the USA because to question him or monitor him would have run affront to political correctness. No profiling in the USA as they lay waist to our nation.

Much like the terrorist who murdered the soldiers at Fort Hood Texas (Nidal Malik Hasan of Palestinian descent). He was known by his superiors, however the fear of being shipped off to sensitivity training and violating political correctness, prevented any measures from being taken to avoid that tragedy.

The Christmas Day attempted blowing up of an airliner over the USA (and Canada) was stopped not by the government, but by a Dutch citizen on board that plane. This bum being Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab – from Nigeria (had ties to Anwar al-Awlaki, al-Qaeda recruiter and motivator), was stopped by a passenger Jasper Schuringa, a Dutch citizen.

The US government was warned about him by his own father. Yet he was not put on the no-fly list nor did he have his USA visa revoked. Nope, no violation of political correctness here.

The Times Square car bombing attempt in 2010 in New York City was stopped because of a hot dog vender who alerted authorities. Once again a citizen action prevented another terrorist attack. This terrorist bum named Faisal Shahzad, born in Pakistan.

However the government did prevent the Jordanian terrorist Hosam Smadi from blowing up the 60 story Fountain Place building in Dallas, Texas, USA.

News article about the latest terrorist attempt to WMD the USA:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sea Shepherd, Japan, and Pete Bethune, feel the love

Mr. Pete Bethune of Sea Shepherd fame was recently in the United States of America, Atlanta, Georgia.

Pete was the gentlemen who sold or gave his trimaran “Earthrace” to Sea Shepherd to join that group’s efforts to disrupt the Japanese whaling fleet. Once part of She Shepherd’s fleet of garbage scows, the trimaran was repainted black and renamed “Ady Gil,” after the person who donated one-million dollars to Sea Shepherd.

On January 6, 2010, during the 2009-2010 whaling season during Sea Shepherd’s operation “Waltzing Matilda” in the Southern Ocean, the Ady Gil collided with the Japanese whaling vessel the Shonan Maru 2. The collision tore off the front of the Ady Gil causing Sea Shepherd to abandon the vessel in the now polluted waters of the Southern Ocean.

Subsequently on February 15, 2010 Mr. Bethune illegally boarded the Shonan Maru 2 attempting to conduct a citizen’s arrest of the ship’s captain. Resulting in Pete being detained by the ship’s crew and enjoying a picturesque ocean voyage to Tokyo, Japan, all at the expense of Japanese tax payers.

March 12, 2010 Pete was arrested by the Japanese Coast Guard and greeted at a Tokyo pier by Japanese patriot Mr. Nishimura and fellow patriots. Bethune was indicted of five charges: trespassing, assault, illegal possession of a knife, destruction of property, and obstruction of business.

July, 2010 Pete was sentenced to two years in prison, however received a five-year suspension and deported to New Zealand. Part of the deal was Pete would not engage in any anti-whaling activities directed at Japan. However upon his released he sought back into Sea Shepherd and was welcomed. Background: while this was happening Japanese authorities issued an arrest warrant of Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson. Then Captain Kangaroo / Admiral Beauregard Watson discovered while Pete was in Japanese custody he was singing like a canary detailing Admiral Beauregard Watson’s activities against the Japanese causing the issuance of the warrant.

Pete and the Admiral got into a feud resulting in Pete’s expulsion from the girly-man group. Pete went on to form his own group, “Earthrace Conservation Organization.” He visited the Faroe Islands while there on Facebook detailing complimentary reports on the Faroe Islands. Once he left, the reports were not so complimentary of the Faore Islands.

In June Pete was in the United States of America, Atlanta, Georgia. He attended a rally at the Georgia Aquarium to protest “the Atlanta 11.” Eleven dolphins at the aquarium he and a handful of like-minded felt the dolphins should not be housed there.

Before the even Pete was greeted on the street by two members of Admiral Tony’s Texas Fleet (Texas Daddy, PropagandaBuster Tony), named Bruce and Don. During their exchange Pete was very civil this is out of character for Sea Shepherd types. After the rally according to Pete was headed to a local establishment called “The Cheetah Lounge.” From there onto the Faroe Islands……..

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TOSHIBA void of customer service

Before a planned trip to Japan I purchased a Toshiba notebook NB255-N250, thinking a small size computer would be easy to carry both for the size and weight. I had intended to edit and post videos daily on YouTube from Japan.

It was easy and light to carry around. However maneuvering through the itty-bitty keyboard proved to be challenging to the point where I lost the challenge. While gliding my fingers across the compressed keyboard I found keyboard short cuts to activate causing screens to change, typed paragraphs to disappear, cursors to become inactive. Basically this notebook computer proved to be a bucket of bolts totally unworkable. Causing me to lament once back in the United States I would purchase a normal size laptop for future travel.

Once back in the United States (USA) I went to Best Buy and purchased a Toshiba Satellite C655-S5128 laptop. Works great, large keyboard, easy to maneuver across. Sixteen days after purchase I decided to try the laptops built-in webcam. The image was blurry to me. I tried adjusting the settings resulting in no improvement.

I telephoned Toshiba’s technical support. The tech support person led me through a series of steps and the picture quality was still poor. He suggested I send the computer to Toshiba to be repaired. Stating Toshiba will send me a box to send the computer to them. The turnaround time estimated to be around two weeks. This was unacceptable to be let without a computer for two weeks. The tech had no idea I use my desktop daily instead of the laptop. However I felt Toshiba should have sent me a loaner or replace the one only sixteen days old. He said unable to accommodate me. I requested an escalation.

He connected me to a “case manager.” The case manger proved equally unable to accommodate and also offered the box for me to send them the computer. The case manager said she will send me an email with the details on how to order the box for the return.

When I got the email turned out that box was going to cost me $29.00 to send them back their computer. The tech support or the case manger never mentioned a charge for the box.

Next day I took the computer back to Best Buy Geek Squad. The Geek looked at the laptop, turned on the webcam and said the picture was good. I then looked at the webcam image and it was good, it was not blurry. That is when I realized it must be because the lighting in Best Buy was brighter than the room in my home I tried the webcam a day earlier. Also the built-in webcam on the notebook worked with no problems in the same room with the same lighting.

However I come to realize there was nothing wrong with the webcam on my new large laptop. I should have never called customer service at Toshiba, however happy I did. Because it was then I learned of the horrible after sales care by Toshiba. They would not stand by their product, plus trying to charge me to return a sixteen day old computer for repair.

Whereas Best Buy has a great after sales care was willing to examine the laptop at no charge for me. I also own two Canon cameras: camcorder VIXIA HF M31, and camera PowerShot SD1400 IS. I had to call Canon tech support three times and all three times a pleasurable experience. My desktop computer is an HP and their customer service / after sales care outstanding. Bye bye Toshiba!

Monday, June 20, 2011

U.S. Secretary of Defense urges NATO to stop freeloading

Mr. Robert Gates United States Secretary of Defense urges NATO members to start carrying their own weight in reference to military preparedness and spending, plus to start decreasing their reliance on the United States military. It is about time the freeloading stops (Tony not Gates).

Noted in an article from the Chicago Tribune, The New York Times and the Associated Press, NATO’s 28 members unanimously backed the decision to go to war in Libya, yet fewer than half are engaged in the war. Of that less than a third are conducting airstrikes. Can you see Moammar Gadhafi’s smile?

At about the 11 week mark of NATO’s involvement many of the allies are beginning to run short of miunti9ons, requiring once again for the U.S. taxpayers to make up the difference. The continued European freeloading.

During the last two years NATO’s European members shrunk their military spending by $45 billion. The USA defense budget is near $700 billion while the combined military spending by 26 European NATO members are around $220 billion

We in the USA do not mind helping our allies, but it is another story when having to help freeloading allies.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hanshin Tigers baseball a unique experience, Osaka Japan

After having viewed a number of Osaka baseball videos on YouTube I requested to attend a game when in Japan (May, 2011). The team is owned by the Hanshin Railway company, the Hanshin Tigers.

It was a Friday evening in Koshien Stadium built in 1924 seating 55,000, Osaka, Japan. We sat in the upper deck in the outfield along the first base line.

The fans in unison chanted, sung, and slammed their plastic bats together. One could only question: who choreographed all these people? Everyone was happy, cheering, chanting, enjoying the game on the field and the party in the stands.

I have been to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York, Shea Stadium to see the Mets in Queens, New York, and in Arlington, Texas to watch the Rangers play. All fun and interesting I thought. Now after Osaka, they are all boring. How can I ever enjoy another baseball game unless I am sitting in Koshien Stadium?


Friday, June 17, 2011

Democrat U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner from New York resigns

Recently reported on Andrew Breitbart’s website: biggovernment.com concerning a photograph of Democrat Anthony Weiner in his underpants supposedly sent via Facebook to a female college student in Seattle, Washington.

Democrat Anthony Weiner is a member of the United States House of Representatives from the 9th Congressional District in New York City (covering parts of Brooklyn and Queens). Mr. Weiner denied he sent it and stated his account was hacked into.

Subsequently Mr. Weiner admitted he did send those photos some of which he is in the all-together exposing his private parts. Pervert?

The news media and Democrats called for Mr. Weiner to resign from the United States of House of Representatives as his behavior disgraced Congress. Those calling for his resignation in the news media, pundits, entertainment industry and the Democratic Party are all hypocrites.

Where President Clinton (Hillary’s husband) was soiling The White House by having sex with a 22 year old government employee in The Oval Office, he was defended by Democrats and the news media stating it was his personal life and has nothing to do with him serving as president. So it was okay for Clinton to sex it up while in the job on government property, however it is wrong for Mr. Weiner to expose himself through the Internet? Ridiculous.

The stench of Hillary Clinton is all over Anthony Weiner’s resignation. Remember Mrs. Weiner (Anthony’s wife) is on Hillary’s staff. It was Hillary who remained with Bill while he was having affairs in Arkansas as Attorney General, and Governor, then as President of these here United States. Hillary remained for the philanderer because of power.

One can only guess Hillary advised Huma (Mr. Weiner’s wife and works for Hillary) to remain with Anthony because after he resigns he will go get some rehabilitation. After his rehabilitation he will be embraced by the entertainment industry and the news media as being a new man who overcame his dark past and be celebrated. With this new found celebrity, another run at politics providing Huma the power Hillary earned from Bill.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meiji Chocolate from Japan, my story

About a year ago Mr. Ohtani from the Japanese publisher Asukashinsha sent me a few bars of Meiji milk chocolate. They were very delicious.

When I went to Japan in May, 2011, I intended to bring back to the USA a number of those chocolate bar, however I somehow neglected to do so. I posted a video about it and a YouTuber: 7Dante7, sent me a web link where I could order the chocolate. Here is the link:


This video is the unboxing for that chocolate. I normally eat Dove dark chocolate however I enjoy the Meiji milk chocolate. To the good people in Japan, please purchase this chocolate so when I attempt to purchase future bars of this chocolate the company will still be in business.

Those in the USA, visit the website and order a few bars, you might enjoy it.

No I am not paid by Meiji or the website, just enjoy sharing good news and a good product.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sea Shepherd in the Faroe Islands seeking a Viking's welcome

NOTE: As of 14 June, it is reported Sea Shepherd groupies have been identified in the Faroe Islands causing the Danish police to send police vans in pursuit of the girly-men invaders.

During the past Japanese whaling season in the Southern Ocean, the hunt was called off a month earlier than planned. Sea Shepherd claimed victory for shutting down the Japanese whalers. Captain Kangaroo Admiral Beauregard Watson claimed he was seventy-five percent (75%) sure he permanently shut down whaling in the Southern Ocean’s so-called whale sanctuary.

While the Captain / Admiral may be partially correct in that Sea Shepherd did contribute to ending the whale hunt a month early, the motivation behind the Japanese decision was in part had to do with money. Up to the point of calling off the hunt, Sea Shepherd / Animal Planet / Whale Wars did not get any dramatic video for their Whale Wars season. Without dramatic video, viewership declines, and so does the show and monies paid to Beauregard and She Shepherd.

The girly-men now in need of dramatic video for Whale Wars had to look for another location to get the desired footage. That is where the Faroe Islands come in. Back in 1985 the last time the cowards of She Shepherd went to the Faroe Islands they got more than a Viking’s welcome and more than their feelings hurt.

Sea Shepherd does not approve of the Faroe Islands whale harvesting and claim they are only trying to save the whales being harvested. Where was this concern these pas twenty-six years during She Shepherds noticeable absence from the Faroe Islands? How come this new found concern? The hunts in the Faroe Islands of long-finned pilot whales are called “grindadrap,” could it be after Sea Shepherd’s visit they be renamed “grindagirlyman?”

Two vessels from the Royal Dutch Navy, the HDMS Vaedderan F359 and the HDMS Triton F358, patrol the Faroe Island waters, sure to be a welcoming sight for the rust-bucket garbage scows of She Shepherd.

Best part is the people of the Faroe Islands are looking forward to Sea Shepherd’s return the summer of 2011 and more than happy to give them a Viking’s welcome and all the dramatic video footage they need for another successful season of Whale Wars, Faroe Islands style.

Link to article about Sea Shepherd targeting the Faroe Islands:

NOTE: video used showing She Shepherd deliberately ramming a Japanese vessel courtesy of the Institute of Cetacean Research – ICR.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Commie-led China behaving belligerently in the South China Sea, no surpr...

Once again the commies in China are flexing their belligerent muscle because that is what commies do. Commies are not to be trusted, they are belligerent, hostile, and should always be challenged when behaving as commies.

There are two group of islands in the South China Sea, the Spratly Islands close to Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia, not China. Also the Paracel Islands closer to Vietnam (another commie land). The two group of islands are claimed simultaneously by Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and commie-led China.

China being the bully in the area recently asserted itself militarily in the area causing demonstrations in Vietnam (have to love it, commie vs. commie), and concern in the Philippines. The commies in China claim the islands belong to them because they have old maps drawn up by some past Chinese dynasties showing the islands part of China.

Really? There are four-hundred year old maps showing the Western Hemisphere (North and South America) belonging to Spain. So should the USA and the assorted independent nations of the Western Hemisphere forfeit their sovereignty to Spain?

China’s interest in these islands has more to do with oil, gas, and fishing than it does with national integrity. These are the conflicts of the 21st century we can look forward to with the commies in China initiating and or instigating conflicts.

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Tunisian fishermen give Sea Shepherd their deserved what-fors -- ha ha h...

Sea Shepherd in their continued effort to deprive the Japanese of food sought to disrupt a third food source for the Japanese. The rust-bucket, garbage scows of the girly-men embarked upon the Mediterranean Sea to halt the Tunisian fishermen in the waters off Libya who capture Bluefin tuna. The majority of Bluefin tuna caught are shipped off the Japan. Sea Shepherd working tirelessly to deprive the Japanese of dolphin, whales, and now Bluefin tuna.

Being the grand exploiters that Sea Shepherd types are, such as exploiting Japan after the earthquake tsunami, exploiting suckers around the world who donate to Sea Shepherd, and now the Libyan waters knowing that nation is in the midst of a civil war. This civil war tying up the Libyan military who last year locked their radar on Sea Shepherd’s helicopter, causing the girly-men to run out of Libyan waters.

It is reported Sea Shepherd went to confront the Tunisian fishermen to determine if they are fishing legally and / or were not over the quotas set by ICCAT, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas. See Captain Kangaroo recently promoted to Admiral Beauregard Watson of the Confederate fleet hallucinates he or they are law-enforcement because the badge he wears grants him authorization.

The Tunisian fishermen demonstrated they have no respect for his fake badge and proceeded to harass the girly men of She Shepherd as the girly men harass the mariners of the Japanese whaling fleet. The Tunisian’s threw heavy chain links on the decks of the Sea Shepherd vessel causing the children of Sea Shepherd to toss stink bombs and spray the Tunisians with water hoses / canon.

The Tunisians employed a Sea Shepherd tactic by attempting to foil the Sea Shepherd vessel’s propellers with a large thick rope, the same tactic Sea Shepherd tried against the Japanese whaling vessel.

The Tunisian fishermen when they capture Bluefin tuna they put the tuna in large net cages in the sea. Sea Shepherd in the past attempted to ram the nets to free the tuna. This time Sea Shepherd claimed they did not send divers to cut the nets because they did not want to get involved with hand-to-hand combat. Huh? Sea Shepherd brags they are willing to risk their lives to save the creatures of the sea, however not willing to engage in hand-to-hand combat? Bravado or cowardice?

Due to the Tunisian fishermen dealing with Sea Shepherd as all mariners around the world should, Sea Shepherd left in complete shame. The two She Shepherd rust bucket garbage scows involved were the Steve Irwin, and the Brigitte Bardot.

She Shepherd claims they were going to go to the Faroe Islands to disrupt their whale harvest this summer and to receive a hearty Viking welcome. Now with this bruising from the Tunisian will Sea Shepherd call of their Viking visit?

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Racist critical of Alabama's anti-illegal immigration law, also soon to ...

The front page of The Dallas Morning News article headline read, “Strict Alabama law targets immigrants.” Leading one to believe the law was going after all immigrants both legal and illegal. However reading further into the article one realizes the headline is deceptive keeping in practice with news media standards.

The legislation in Alabama targets those who broke the law to enter the United States, thus illegal immigrants to their title. The article quotes a person with the Southern Poverty Law Center as saying the legislation is “racist.”

Racist? How is that? Actually labeling the legislation “racist” makes the labeler racist because they are in essence saying all illegals come from one race. Truth is people from many races around the world enter the USA illegally becoming illegal immigrants.

The article leads one to believe the race being target is Hispanic or Mexican. That is a race? They are descendants from Spain, and Spain is a European nation, a Caucasian contentment. Basically “Spanish” is not a race.

Another article appearing in the same newspaper on the same day reports a similar law is about to be enacted in a neighboring state: Georgia. As a result many illegal aliens are self-deporting. One was reporting as saying, “I believe the law should be for criminals, not us.” Hello, if you are in the USA illegally then sorry to write you are a criminal and the law does apply to you.

Many good people who are in the USA illegally after breaking the law by entering illegally never break another law and are hard working. The problem with “illegals” arose about six years ago when illegal aliens held massive demonstrations all across the USA waiving Mexican flags. Seeing illegals demanding rights and waiving a foreign flag in the USA made the hairs on the back of the necks of many Americans raise in disgust. Had they waived the American flag instead they would have endeared many Americans.

Too late now, that ship has sailed now laws being passed in many states to address the issue the Federal government refuses to address negating their Constitutional mandate.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Japan sends $120,000 worth of emergency supplies to the tornado victims ...

Link to Sea Shepherd's behavior in Taiji:

Link to article about Japanese donation to Alabama:

In April of 2011 areas of Alabama were devastated by numerous tornados. Japan’s Consul General, Takuji Hanatani donated supplies worth more than $120,000 to the victims of the Alabama tornados. The supplies included 8,000 blankets, and 150 traps, transferred from Japan International Cooperation Agency – JICA warehouse in Miami to a FEMA destination in Montgomery, Alabama.

Mr. Takui Hanatani said this was a gift in appreciation of the aid the United States offered during their earthquake and tsunami. He said,

“We are very much grateful for your strong support. Not only the U.S. government assistance, but the American people. The businesses, corporations, and individuals that provided assistance, made a donation and simply offered a prayer. We will never forget this friendship," said Hanatani.

Illustrating the gratitude exhibited by the Japanese in appreciation to the USA for the earthquake tsunami help involving over 20,000 U.S. military men and women. The USA arriving soon after the tragedy with an aircraft carrier, support ships, transport vessels, and helicopters to participate in recuses and delivering supplies. This was labeled by the USA military: Operation Tomodachi (Operation Friends).

I received numerous messages of “thanks” from people in Japan. While visiting in Japan I was thanked in person for America’s help and given an “Operation Tomodachi” patch. The nation continued state they will never forget the help from the United States. Very refreshing considering the help the USA has given multitude of nations in the last 65 years only to be greeted with scorn and hostility today.

With this backdrop there is Sea Shepherd in Japan attempting to put over 3,000 people in Taiji, Japan out of work over the dolphin whaling issue. Currently these monsters from Sea Shepherd are in Northern Japan exploring new territory to soil with their venom looking to add more Japanese to the unemployment lines.

Japan is a trusted, good friend and ally to the USA and Sea Shepherd is attempting to server that relationship. Japan is hurting and Sea Shepherd is exploiting these good people to solicit donations from unstable people around the world looking for a cause to attach on to.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sarah Palin, Paul Revere, and news media bias lies

Former Governor of Alaska, Republican Sarah Palin on her recent bus tour traveled through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. While there Mrs. Palin was asked about the American silversmith and patriot of the American Revolution, Paul Revere.

Background on Paul Revere: In 1775, a year before the American colonist declared independence on July 4, 1776 from the United Kingdom, lived in the Lexington Concord area of Massachusetts. The winds of war were blowing through the colonies. The colonist storing arms in a central location. Paul Revere and associates knew the British regulars (army) would be coming to confiscate their armaments. With the approach of the British regulars at night Paul Revere rode through the night warning the colonist of the approaching British army.

Sarah Palin said something to the effect that during the midnight ride of Paul Revere he also alerted the British Army about the gathering armed colonist. This revelation exposed the ignorance and bias of the American news media and entertainment industry. They ridiculed, joked, and laughed at Sarah Palin basically calling her stupid. Really?

Paul Revere DID warn the British. During his midnight ride he was intercepted by a British patrol. During this questioning Mr. Revere informed his captors of the impending gathering of armed colonist to protect their armaments from the approaching British column. Upon hearing this news, the British confiscated his horse, and used it to ride off and warn the approaching British regulars (army).

Former Governor Sarah Palin was correct (again) while the news media and court jesters in the entertainment industry made absolute fools of themselves and their ignorance (just plain stupid).

The news media and Hollywood entertainment industry who are lackeys for the Democratic Party will always tell us who to vote for by the people they attack. This shows who they fear and whom we should vote for. The Democrats, liberals, news media and Hollywood perverts have continually attacked Sarah Palin since she arrived out of Alaska, because they fear her. If they did not fear her being popular, they would have ignored her.

When that snake oil salesman Democrat Al Gore was vice president he made a visit to Thomas Jefferson’s home Monticello. In one of the rooms there are numerous busts of famous Americans. Al Gore (Nobel Peace Prize laureate) points to the busts and asked “who are these people.” One of the busts was that of the first president of the United States, George Washington. The news media was muted.

The video of Al Gore the smartest man:

When Democrat John Edwards (one-term Senator North Carolina, ran as John Kerry’s vice president 2004, and in 2008 attempted to get the Democratic Party’s nomination for President), had an extra-marital affair and fathered a child out of wedlock while his wife was battling cancer and he was promoting family values and two Americas. The news media knew about his affair and sat on the story until The National Enquirer (a national tabloid) broke the story, it went viral, and it forced the news media to report it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

News media bias with reference to Democrat Anthony Weiner and Republican...

The Dallas Morning News during the week following the Anthony Weiner (U.S. Congressman Democrat New York), only reported one postage size article and not letters to the editor. The itty-bitty article omitted he is a Democrat.

Yet a week after the scandal hit The Dallas Morning News ran an article written by Dave Michaels titled “Palin is wrong, Hoyer is off.” The article attempts to “fact check” some of Sarah Palin’s statements concluding errors on her part. In this article it clearly mentioned Sara Palin is a “Republican.”

A negative article about Democrat Anthony Weiner and The Dallas Morning News leaves out he is a Democrat. A negative article about Sarah Palin, and The Dallas Morning News glowingly writes Mrs. Palin is a Republican. Can we say, “Double standard,” or perhaps, “News media bias?” Sure can.

字幕【テキサス親父】 日本旅行記 靖国神社参拝 遊就館見物

Here is my latest video, about the Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo, Japan with Japanese translations.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, a Shinto shrine in Tokyo Japan

The Yasukuni Shrine was one of three places requested to visit, the other two being: the fishing village of Taiji maligned in the questionable film “The Cove,” and attend a Hanshin Tigers baseball game in Osaka.

The Yasukuni Shinto shrine is dedicated to the soldiers and others who died on behalf of Japan, registering near two and a half million names enshrined. A visit to this shrine by foreigners are notable Japanese brings with it scathing criticism from some neighboring nations. Their complaint is out of the two and a half million spirits honored at the Yasukuni Shrine; around one thousand were convicted as war criminals by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE or known as Tokyo Trails or Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal). Should be noted the legitimacy of tribunal is in question by many.

Discounting the one-thousand, what about the other over two million spirits? What about those who died during World War One when Japan was part of the Allied front (a U.S.A. ally)?

What happened sixty-five years ago belongs in the past to be studied, and determined not to be repeated, however no reason to be critical and hateful in this 21st century.

Upon entering the Shrine grounds one cleanses with water. Enters a building to sign the guest book. Enter another room for further cleansing and orientation. Down a corridor to participate in a short Shinto prayer on to the main temple. Once there with a Shinto priest, a ceremony, and prayers. Then back down the corridor, sip some sake, handed a sake bowl and exited.

All very abbreviated and innocent, yet so much controversy of such a simple and dignified event.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sea Shepherd hallucinates being followed by Japan's National Police

Link to She Shepherd's hallucinations and video about being followed:


Link to more photos and video concerning the trip to Japan:


Scot West (Cove Guardian court jester)"in Japan looking for a new area to harass the Japanese who are in the midst of recovering from the earthquake / tsunami, wrote on Sea Shepherd's website (see above link) fantasizing being followed by Japan's National Security Police (Kouan Keisatsu or Kougou Keisatsu). This is exposes the lunacy of that claim.

This event he claims happened to him while in Kushiro, Hokkaido Prefecture, exploring new victims to harass and possibly infest with fleeing vermin. Mr. West claims he was followed by the National Police. In the video posted on She Shepherd's website Mr. West follows a Japanese citizens who later proceeds to run away from Mr. West. Causing a bit of bravado by West claiming he scared off the National Police of Japan. Really?

Now let us come back to earth and dabble in reality: What national security force in any nation on this planet would run from the likes of Mr. West? The answer is none! The National Security Police in Japan consider Sea Shepherd and their vermin infested drones to be too insignificant to warrant a concern.

Just remember this: The nation of Japan is hurting from the earthquake tsunami and there is Sea Shepherd traveling throughout the land to kick the Japanese further while they are down. These Sea Shepherd infidels are exploiting a people with the sole purpose of exacting donations from emotional wrecks around the world. These emotional wrecks that need a cause to latch onto to attain a feeling of self-worth are being exploited by these cultural imperialist, eco terrorist.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Democrat U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner from New York and his underpants

Recently reported on Andrew Breitbart’s website: biggovernment.com concerning a photograph of Democrat Anthony Weiner in his underpants supposedly sent via Facebook to a female college student in Seattle, Washington.

Democrat Anthony Weiner is a member of the United States House of Representatives from the 9th Congressional District in New York City (covering parts of Brooklyn and Queens). Mr. Weiner denies he sent it and states his account was hacked into.

The story broke on Saturday. Following The Dallas Morning News look for a related news article, nothing reported in their Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday issues. However on Thursday a very small article appeared hidden in the back pages of the main section. Not surprisingly the article neglected to mention Mr. Weiner is a Democrat.

However in the past when a Republican was involved in this type of a scandal, it was front page and gleefully noted “Republican.” However when a Democrat is involved the media buries the story and attempts to hide the political party affiliation.

Past Republicans involved in sex-related scandals were driven out of office by Democrats, the news media, and fellow Republicans. When it involves a Democrat, it becomes a resume enhancement, the Democrats circle the wagons, the news media minimizes it, and the entertainment industry celebrates it was an “attaboy.”

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Sea Shepherd hollow praise for Japan after the earthquake tsunami

Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians were in Northern Japan when the earthquake tsunami hit on 11 March 2011. These fifth columnist then issue reports glowing with praise for the Japanese and the kindness shown to She Shepherd by the Japanese people.

Do not fall for their subterfuge. These Sea Shepherd drones have only one goal and that is to hurt the nation of Japan. They are like the sirens of Greek mythology: beautiful women with beautiful music to draw ships near only to cause the vessels to wreck upon the jaggard rocks. The difference here is, there is nothing beautiful about Sea Shepherd drones.

That Peter Bethune pathetic person was recently in the Faroe Islands, while there enjoying the hospitality of the Faroe Island people, he wrote glowing reports on a social network website. Once he left the islands, the reports exposed his true intentions as they then became negative.

These people can never be trusted as slight of hand and trickery are their methods.

She Shepherd’s Admiral Beauregard Watson’s disgusting poem and other equally disgusting comments left by horrible She Shepherd types and supporters:

More terrible She Shepherd comments – CAUTION: website VERY slow to load:

Just remember this: The nation of Japan is hurting from the earthquake tsunami and there is Sea Shepherd traveling throughout the land to kick the Japanese further while they are down. These Sea Shepherd infidels are exploiting a people with the sole purpose of exacting donations from emotional wrecks around the world. These emotional wrecks that need a cause to latch onto to attain a feeling of self-worth are being exploited by these cultural imperialist, eco terrorist.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

President Obama or President O'Bama?

Upon President Obama’s election it was heralded as an historic event for being the nation’s first black president. The news media and entertainment industry totally ignored President Obama being half black and half white. President Obama has in common with every past American president that he and all the rest were born of a white woman. The media ignored his white grandmother, choosing to dwell on his black half.

President Obama in his 2010 census form classified himself as African-American, and that closes any debate as he has every right to classify himself in accordance with his beliefs. The curiosity is recently President Obama traveled to Ireland to get in touch with his Irish roots? Huh? Is Ireland in Africa or Europe? Answer: Europe. Was this an effort to gain support among those American of Irish ancestry for their votes?

Examining President Obama’s last name it does sound and read Irish if written “O’Bama” instead of “Obama.” All Irish eyes are smiling on our President O’Bama.