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Swedish authorities kidnapped Dominic Johansson, 7 years old

June, 2009 Christer Johansson with his wife Annie, and Dominic, their seven-year old son, board a plane in Sweden bound for the nation of India, where Annie was born. The police enter the plan and take Dominic from his parents without a warrant. The kidnapped child was then placed in foster care and as of this writing is still housed there away from his parents.

Why? The crime? What did the parents do to cause liberal Sweden to behave so shamelessly and belligerent? Their crime was they homeschooled their child to shelter him from force-fed liberal politically correct indoctrination at a public school. In addition the child was being taught Christian principles, shocking!

Homeschooling and Christianity both an affront to extreme liberals. In court a judge ruled by homeschooling the child was “socially isolated” and caused “stunt development.” So no harm done to the child?

The parents are only allowed short supervised visits weeks apart. During one visit the father Christer took the child home. The father was arrested and charged with “unlawful detention” and “heavy handiness with a child.” Hello, this is HIS child! The mother during the visit would cry and was warned by authorities if she continued to cry her visit would be reduced.

Dominic living with strangers in foster care attends public school. While at school being the balanced loving child he is, he hugs and kisses his classmates. This caused the school to label his behavior as “deviant.”

WARNING to the USA and Japan / Asia: Extreme liberalism manifests its ugly head in Europe, e.g.: Socialism, Communism, and Political Correctness. It then finds its way across the Atlantic Ocean to be nourished by extreme liberals in the USA. Once fertilized in the USA, it then finds its way across the Pacific Ocean in infect Japan – BE WARNED!

There is a treaty in the UN (United Nations) titled “Convention on the Rights of the Child.” The United States has not signed onto this treaty because the United States Senates claims this treaty will eliminate homeschooling in the United States of America. President Barack Obama (Democrat) is urging the Senate to ratify this treaty.

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Texas Daddy Gyaruo hairstyle ギャル男

I will be in Japan this April. Firmly believe when visiting a foreign country to try and blend in with the populace and the culture. In this endeavor I will try to style my hair gyaruo / ryoma style. This style many men in Japan fashion their hair.

Mr. Kenichi who lives in Tokyo will help me with this hairstyle in this video. Since I was not able to mimic his hairstyle I hope to learn it during my upcoming visit to Tokyo.

Blog with information about the Japan trip / visit:

Gyaruo hairstyle video:

Hairstyle video channel:

Gyaruo Tony
Hairstyle Facebook:

Tony gyaruo hairstyle

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Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian still enjoying Japanese hospitality

A Sea Shepherd activist from the Netherlands was in Taiji, Japan with the Cove Guardians.  These flea-bitten cultists have a history of harassing the Japanese citizens of Taiji.  In the later part of 2011 the governor (Yoshinobu Nisaka) of the prefecture (Higashimuro District, Wakayama Prefecture) assigned a larger police detachment in Taiji to protect the citizens from these foreign invaders harassing the populace.
Erwin Vermeulen in jail

On 16 December 2011 Cove Guardian Dutch citizen Erwin Vermeulen was arrested for pushing a Taiji worker.  Sea Shepherd claims this did not happen that Mr. Vermeulen was just photographing the transfer of a dolphin.  Really?  Sea Shepherd / Cove Guardians all have video camera and use them constantly in Taiji as a form of intimidation.  If Mr. Vermeulen was just taking photographs then where is the video of the event leading to and including the arrest?  Hmmm?

Mr. Vermeulen schedule court trail is for 26 January 2012.  Sea Shepherd has been bragging to have legions of supporters there to support Mr. Vermeulen.  Perhaps some of these supporters can get themselves to be housed with Mr. Vermeulen. 

These smug, self-righteous foreigners need to understand when in a foreign country they are under the jurisdiction of that country and not the laws of the nation they slithered out of.  Their behavior in Taiji represents the imperial past of Europeans in Asia, a history still vivid in the minds of many Asians. 

Sea Shepherd under a rock?
While Mr. Vermeulen is enjoying free room and board at the expense of the Japanese taxpayers are the other Cove Guardians hiding under a rock?

To Mr. Vermeulen and the cult’s other minions:  Do the crime and you will do the time.   

Sea Shepherd enjoys overwhelming support from the pervert thespians in Hollywood.  Some of the Hollywood supporters are:
-          Sean Connery
-          Sean Penn
-          Pierce Brosnan
Bob Brown of Australia’s Green Party referred to Sea Shepherd’s leader, “Watson a hero.”  The bar for hero status must be set rather low in Australia. 

Zac Goldsmith of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom held events to support Sea Shepherd.  The zodiacs used by She Shepherd were contributed by a company in the United Kingdom.  The fuel for Sea Shepherd’s vessels for their 2011 / 2012 Southern Ocean illegal harassment campaign was paid for by a company in the United Kingdom.  Anyone for “Hail Britannia,” or “Fail Britannia?”

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Texas Daddy PropagandaBuster

Azerbaijan "Black January" the commie massacre

ink to the “CaspianReport” YouTube channel:

The Eurasian nation of Azerbaijan (Republic of Azerbaijan) was established in 1918 and conquered by the Evil Empire, the Soviet Union, Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics – USSR in 1920. It was the first democratic secular nation in the Muslim world (prior to being gobbled up by the Evil Empire). From 1920 to 1991 they were part of a communist empire, commie-led land.

1990 to resolve a conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia Soviet dictator sent commie troops to the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku. During the four month occupation the commies murdered over five-hundred Azerbaijan civilians.
Around one million Azerbaijan citizens filled the square in Baku to protest Soviet commie troops after four months of occupation. The Soviets pulled the commie military out of Baku rather than commit another Tiananmen Square. The year before in 1989 the commies in Commie-led China (The Middle Kingdom) massacred 7,000 to 10,000 Chinese peaceful protestors in Tiananmen Square.

Each January in Azerbaijan, called “Black January” (Black Saturday or January Massacre) those murdered by the commies are remembered and honored.

Black January:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Australian taxpayers spend over $1 million because of Sea Shepherd’s activity

Australian taxpayers spend over $1 million because of Sea Shepherd’s activity

Shonan Maru 2
The Australian government (taxpayers) sent their vessel Ocean Protector to retrieve the three hapless Australians, who illegally boarded the Japanese vessel Shonan Maru 2 on 7 January, 2012.  This illegally boarding was aided and instigated by the eco-terrorist cult group She Shepherd

 The three hapless men used by the cult group Sea Shepherd were, Geoffrey Tuxworth, Simon Peterffy, and Glen Pendlebury.  Jason Clare, Australia’s Home Affairs Minister said their act was “irresponsible and reckless act.”  The three belong to an Australian group known as “Forest Rescue.”    

Sea Shepherd's Australian suckers?
Geoffrey Tuxworth was quoted as saying in reference to what is cost the Australian taxpayer, “It actually works out to be $1 per taxpayer.  Is that too much - $1 each, to save a whole bunch of whales?”  That type of lack of reasoning is typical of liberal who enjoy telling other people how to spend their money.  In this situation it was the whole nation of Australia being told and used as suckers by She Shepherd. 

Cult leader worshiping money
Will Sea Shepherd help pay any of this cost to their host nation?        
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Sea Shepherd is crying three of their minions were injured by grappling hooks tossed at them from the Japanese mariners in the Southern Ocean.  To support this claim they are posting videos showing the Japanese tossing grappling hooks IN THE WATER, not in or on Sea Shepherd’s zodiacs. 

Where is the video showing those grappling hooks hitting the trust-fund babies in those zodiacs? 
Sea Shepherd claims injury from grappling hooks

Sea Shepherd also posted photographs showing in injuries and damage.  So?  Where is the proof it was caused by the Japanese mariners and not by the childish and dangerous behavior of these cultists minions? 

Link to Sea Shepherd’s video proving their illegal activities:

Texas Daddy PropagandaBuster  

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The Japanese defend themselves and once again She Shepherd complains

 The Japanese defend themselves and once again She Shepherd complains

Sea Shepherd complaining Japan defends themselves
Reading a report on Sea Shepherd’s website dated 18 January, 2012 (link below) it reads like a comedy show and / or the typical ranting of extreme liberals behaving as minions in a cult.

Remember now it is Sea Shepherd’s cultists and vessels that track and attack the Japanese mariners.  Sea Shepherd had used lasers on the Japanese.  They have vandalized the Japanese vessels with paint and burned their nets.  They continue to attempt  to snarl the propellers and / or rudders of the Japanese vessels with thick long ropes.   The also riddled the decks of the Japanese vessels with broken glass and acid.  

Now that the Japanese whalers defend themselves to avoid damage to their vessels and avoid being left stranded in the frigid waters of the Southern Ocean due to their propeller being snarled, the trust-fund babies complain.

Per the cult’s website the Japanese have “escalated their aggression.”  See when you defend yourself, you are aggressive.  The Japanese according to Sea Shepherd are throwing “grappling hooks” at their zodiacs.   

They claim their crew members were hit by iron grappling hooks and one member struck twice in the face with a bamboo pole.  Huh?

Guess what?  If the cultists were not that close to the Japanese vessel they would have been out of range to be on the receiving end of ejected grappling hooks and bamboo poles.  The thinking must be Sea Shepherd has a right to attack the Japanese vessels without the Japanese defending themselves.  The nerve of someone defending themselves after being attacked.

The supposed injured according to Captain Kangaroo are:
Brian Race – age 25, from New York, USA – face injury from bamboo pole
Russell Bergh – age 35, from South Africa, a cameraman from Animal Planet (Whale Wars).  He was hit in the right arm and shoulder with a grappling hook.  Sounds like an occupational hazard. 
Guillaume Collet – age 27, from France, a photographer,  was hit in the arm and shoulder with a grappling hook.  Coincidently the same injury as the South African cameraman.

The report reads there were no injuries caused to the Japanese mariners:
Japan / Sea Shepherd score
Sea Shepherd’s hilarious report:

Sea Shepherd attempting to snarl the Japanese vessel

Note:  According to the Japanese ICR (Institute of Cetacean Research) it was Sea Shepherd who used the hooks attached to ropes in an attempt to attach to the whalers protective netting.  Sea Shepherd failed in their use of these hooks and most likely these are the hooks that hit their own crew.  Not to take responsibility for the injuries they caused their own crew, they blame the Japanese.

Sea Shepherd crew member with knife
As for the bamboo poles: These were used to prevent Sea Shepherd crew from cutting holes in the protective netting on the Japanese vessel.  It was Sea Shepherd crew member photographed with a knife approaching the netting. 

The truth was revealed and once again not from Sea Shepherd but about Sea Shepherd.     

Sea Shepherd crew member with exposed knife


Please read the correct report about this incident:

Photographs: © Copyright: The Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR).

Women police in Asia and............

Many people send and receive email from well intention people with poems, sentimental thoughts, political in nature, religious in beliefs, and many with different types of photographs. One recent email illustrated female police officers mainly from Asia.

The photographs speak for themselves as was once said, “one picture is worth a thousand words.” No commentary is necessary in this video. Enjoy.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

President Obama's unconstitutional "recess" appointment

President Barack Obama (Democrat) recently made a recess appointment, appointing Richard Cordray as director of a consumer protection agency (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau). The problem with this appointment was President Obama made a recess appointment when the Senate was not in recess!

Per the United States Constitutional executive branch appointment must be approved by the Senate. However if the Senate is in recess, the president can make appointments without the Senate’s approval. The problem here is the Senate was in a “pro forma session.” Article I, Section 5, Clause 4, mentions neither House can be adjourned longer than three days without the approval of the other House.

To satisfy this Constitutional requirement when one House is out longer without the approval of the other they then conduct a “pro forma session.” This is when a few Senators meet less than about a minute. This satisfies Article I, Section 5, Clause 4 of the Constitution.

However President Barack Obama (Democrat) does not recognize a “pro forma session” as the Senate being in session and made this appointment. This is extra constitutional and illegal.

Of course the Democrats in the Senate will not call the President on this, and the Republicans in the Senate are behaving as if they are Democrats. So between the President, and the Senate, it is “We the People” who are being trampled upon.

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U.S. Marines urinate on enemy dead

USMC (United States Marine Corps) are seen in a video urinating on their dead enemy. This has caused many to gasp in horror. Forgetaboutit!

How many of you have said in the past you will urinate on the grave of your enemy? Well the Marines kept their word.

Where was this shock from liberals when the enemy chopped off the heads of captured Americans?

Bullied? Suicide is not the answer

Video of the young lady referenced:

Suicide hotline for the USA: 1 800 273 8255

There are many forms of bullying among the youth from the school yard to the internet known as cyber bullying. Some tormented children looking for an escape have turned to suicide.

This video is an appeal to those contemplating suicide to please see help first. Suicide leaves a life-long wound on family members and love ones. Please call the suicide hotline, consult with a relative, close friend, teacher, school counselor, or clergy.

Please to not deprive yourself of a future because of any current torment or bullying. The bullying will pass, while suicide is permanent form which there is no return. Above all remember you are loved. Seek out those who love you to consult with.

Japanese culture from an American perspective

USA Japan
Want to know why I admire Japan, and the Japanese?  Read the below message an American living in Japan sent me via YouTube:

Re: I like your channel Dear Tony,

Thanks for the response. Over the past week, I've been watching all of your vids, so I'm becoming a fan.

Living in Japan is like living anywhere in the world. There are both good and bad. For the most part though, I like living here, in fact I recently got my permanent residency status.

One of the cool things about Japan, is the lack of political correctness and feminism. Sure those things are here, but they're not allowed outside to infect people's minds and I hope it stays that way. Women dress like women and act like women and men wear suits and ties.

I also like the fact that the government doesn't try to regulate and legislate every aspect of daily life. Wanna eat raw chicken? Go ahead. I have. Wanna sit in the park and drink a beer? No problem. Wanna sit in the park and drink beer until you pass out? No problem. If you get so drunk you cause a disturbance, the police come and try to convince you to go home but they don't lock you up or put you through the court system. I've seen it many times.

It's also nice that the Japanese aren't litigious. I teach at an elementary school. A boy fell off the jungle gym and injured his neck and got a big ole black eye. Think the parents sued the school. Nope. Another girl fell through a plate glass window playing volley ball and got a big gash in her forearm. There were no lawsuits, nothing.

People, especially the older people, are very kind. On the way to the grocery store, a man stopped to give me 1000 yen, roughly ten dollars. What was the reason? I was with my daughter and he though she was so cute, that he wanted me to buy her some chocolate on his behalf. (she is cute).
So yeah, it's a beautiful country and there are great and hard-working people here. I consider myself fortunate to live here.

I also noted in one of your videos, that you liked the sake you brought back from Japan. On the island of Kyushu, there's another Japanese alcohol called shochu. Shochu is made from many things like sweet potatoes, barley, brown sugar etc. Recently in Japan, Shochu has become quite popular and shochu bars are opening up everywhere. I don't really drink but my wife loves it. If you're looking to broaden your horizons in Japanese alcohols maybe you'd like shochu.

Again, thank you for your videos and your honest opinions. I enjoy hearing them.

God Bless,
(name withheld by Tony)

Tony in Tokyo

Shun and Tony

Tony in Osaka, Japan

Friday, January 13, 2012

Captain Kangaroo She Shepherd
Please read the attached article even the Australian media recognizes the bigotry behind the actions of She Shepherd:

"Shades of open prejudice in war on whalers"

by: Brendan O'Neill From: The Australian January 14, 2012 12:00AM Share Add to DiggAdd to del.icio.usAdd to FacebookAdd to KwoffAdd to MyspaceAdd to NewsvineWhat are these?

THERE'S a bit in Bridget Jones's Diary where Bridget get terribly embarrassed after her gauche mother describes the Japanese as a "very cruel race".

Fancying herself as modern, Bridget thinks prejudices like that belong firmly in the past.

Not any more, they don't. Thanks to the eco-warriors of the anti-whaling lobby, who are currently clashing with Japanese whale-hunters in the Southern Ocean, the old, backward view of Japs as a peculiarly heartless people is making a comeback.

It is now positively fashionable to be as blinkered as Bridget Jones's mum, just so long as you dress up your Jap-bashing in the finery of animal rights activism.

Reading about the antics of the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd, you could be forgiven for thinking this gaggle of unemployable hippies was engaged in a life-and-death struggle to defend human decency against an army of barbarians.

...With their mission to stop Japanese whaling by any means necessary, the Sea Shepherd activists fancy themselves as a cross between Malcolm X and Mary Poppins, radical and angry but also possessed of a Disney-like concern for the poor, defenceless creatures of this benighted planet.

This week, when three Sea Shepherd activists boarded one of Japan's whaling ships only to be held captive by the Japanese (er, what did they expect would happen?), whale-loving greens talked it up as a wicked act of war.

Sea Shepherd's supporters treated us to stories about Japanese "dressed like ninjas" who were using "security overkill" against these bloody decent Australians. Desperate to turn their moralistic mission against whale-murdering Japs into an international stand-off, these self-selected spokespeople for the whale community called on the Australian government to send customs or navy ships to "shadow" the Japanese whalers.

The attempt to transform Sea Shepherd's cynical seafaring shenanigans, this overblown act of adrenalin-pumping adventure tourism, into a clash between the Australian and Japanese authorities shows what lies behind concern for whales today: a desire to exert the moral authority of what are presumed to be Good People (in this case Australia) over Bad People (Japanese).

One of the key driving forces behind much international animal rights activism is not so much love for animals as disgust and disdain for wicked human beings especially human beings with dark or "yellow" skin.

So Australia's anti-whalers have successfully rehabilitated what many of us considered to be long-dead prejudices against the Japanese.

Echoing World War II propaganda that tended to depict the Japanese as uniquely wicked - far more weirdly sadistic than the Germans, say - the Sea Shepherd website informs us that the whaling carried out in the Southern Ocean is "cruel and barbaric, a gross sadistic perversion".

A columnist for The Courier-Mail once lamented the "uncivilised barbarity" of that whaling nation of Japan, in contrast to Australia, which is "a civilised nation of pet-lovers".

Here, the issue of whaling is openly used to advertise the decency of white folk who own puppies over yellow people who scoff whale meat.

Sea Shepherd has also referred to Japanese whalers as "viciously cruel" and as "terrorists". On one eco-website, a contributor to an online debate about Japanese whaling said explicitly what other people generally only hint at - that the Japanese kill whales because they are "f . . king evil bloodthirsty amoral wankers".

Sometimes, there's a very thin line between international animal rights activism and xenophobia. Often, expressing concern for God's creatures is a cover for communicating disgust with ungodly human beings.

So posh Brits just love to campaign against Spanish maltreatment of donkeys and bulls, believing Spaniards have a weirdly cavalier, very Mediterranean attitude towards animal welfare. American animal-rights activists kick up a fuss about French people's penchant for eating horses. And dog charities go mental over the fact that Koreans eat "man's best friend".

One such charity - Dogbiz - makes all sorts of lurid claims about Koreans' dog-chomping behaviour, claiming these peculiar people "take great delight in watching the poor animals die, wagging their tails in a last moment's desperate but futile plea for mercy".

Once again, the tag "animal rights" is used to doll up what is in fact just bemusement with Johnny Foreigner, incomprehension of the cultural practices and culinary antics of strange people "over there".

Indeed, the British anti-fascist magazine Searchlight once discovered that many far-right groups in Europe were consciously campaigning around animal rights, seeing it as a useful way of posturing against foreigners. "The far Right have become animal lovers," said Searchlight.

In the 1990s, a group of British fascists joined forces with Italian fascists to set up an animal rights group called Greenwave, whose aims were to secure "a total ban on all animal experiments, a total ban on the use of animals in any form of entertainment and a total ban on all hunting or shooting of animals". No doubt they'd like to ban whaling too.

This is not to say that the Sea Shepherd people are fascists or far Right. But there is something unsettling about people who make it their mission to curry international disgust for foreign cultural practices they either don't understand or don't like.

You don't like whale-hunting? Then don't do it. You don't like the idea of whale meat? Then don't eat it. But please stop branding as cruel, perverse, heartless and foul those people who have been doing such things for generations, and who think it is perfectly normal behaviour.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sea Shepherd income

Sea Shepherd income

Sea Shepherd’s income as reported by “The Age” ( January, 2012.

Solicitations - $11.4 million 2010

84% income from individual donors
16% from merchandise sales

Has a paid global workforce of 30.
Salaries range from $30,000 to $60,000
While Mr. Watson is paid $96,000

Bob Barker donated $5 million to purchase a vessel.
$1 million was paid for the Ady Gil.

On their advisory board:
Sean Connery
Pierce Brosnan
Sean Penn
Martin Sheen

$635,000 from the Dutch National lottery.
$750,000 from Whale Wars.

Related news article:

Bluefin Tuna sells for $736,000 in Japan!

All across the globe and Nihon-koku (Japan) headlines and news reports beam the sale of one Bluefin tuna for the hefty price of $736,000 for a 593 pound tuna. That interprets to around $1,238 per pound.

That event is not normal in the Bluefin tuna market. The price of Bluefin tuna is set on the world market, much like oil (petroleum) and averages around $9.00 a pound. This event was the result of the first auction of the year. Also it provided millions of dollars’ worth of free publicity for the restaurant who paid the $736,000.

The restaurant chain Suchi-Zanmai for their $736,000 received in return millions of dollars in free publicity, and a 593 pound Bluefin tuna. This news was broadcasted all across Japan both in print and electronically (radio, television, and Internet news reports).

So-called animal rights groups who are in actuality anti-capitalist claim the Bluefin tuna stocks around the world are in danger. However looking at the reports linked below the opposite seems to be true. Around 80% of Bluefin Tuna caught around this planet are shipped to Japan. Once received in Japan, the Japanese keep precise records in an attempt to maintain the sustainability of this food source.

News article about this Bluefin tuna sale:

Link to the SAFE report which details average historical sales prices per pound on table 5.2, page 135. This is a NOAA report.

ICCAT met this past November to discuss migratory species including Bluefin tuna. The following link describes the progress made at that meeting and will help give you an idea of the extent the stock recovery.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sea Shepherd's plan to delay the Shonan Maru #2 foiled - ha ha ha

The three Australian men from “Forest Rescue” who illegally boarded the Japanese vessel Shonan Maru #2 will be picked up by Australia’s Customs and Border Protection vessel the Ocean Protector. This will be done at sea while the Shonan Maru #2 still has Sea Shepherd’s garbage scow rust bucket Steve Erwin in it’s radar.

 Sea Shepherd and Forest Rescue be responsible for the cost to the Australian government for this transfer of the three men at sea? What a stupid question as the word “responsible” has been omitted from the cult’s vocabulary.

Details are emerging the three planned with Sea Shepherd their illegal boarding well in advance of the incident. Also revealed was Sea Shepherd issued another lie in an attempt at subterfuge they were having engine trouble on the Steve Irwin while they were assisting the three to illegally board the Shonan Maru #2. Lies, lies, and more lies from the cult leader.

An article appearing in Saturday’s Dallas Morning News reported smoking pot is the highest in Australia than any other nation. Need proof? On this same day news comes out three Australian citizens illegally boarded a Japanese vessel 18 to 20 miles off the Australian coast.

They boarded the Japanese vessel Shonan Maru #2 and the three demanded the Japanese stop following Sea Shepherd’s garbage scow the MY Steve Irwin. Then the three demanded the Japanese vessel sail into an Australian port to drop them off. Weed? Pot? Marijuana?

The three are from an Australian group “Forest Rescue.” Here in part is what is written on their website about their mission or goal:

“With an ever evolving unique style of Non-Violent Direct Action, Forest Rescue has been highly instrumental in saving large tracts of south west forests….”

Are they not aware there are no forest 18 to 20 miles off the Australian coast nor are there any on board the Shonan Maru #2? Weed? Pot? Marijuana?

The three who illegally board the Shonan Maru #2 are:
Geoffrey Tuxworth age 47 of Pert, Australia
Simon Peterffy age 44 of Bunbury, Australia
Glen Pendlebury age 27 of Fremantle, Australia

Their faith has not yet been determined by the Japanese authorities. However if the three are fortunate they too like Peter Bethune in 2010 may enjoy a free, all expense paid ocean voyage to Japan – lucky guys. Once in Japan they will be treated to Japanese correctional hospitality and be awarded free room and board – life is grand. These three may not be Waltzing with Matilda for a long time.

Worth noting: These three illegals were aided by Sea Shepherd.

Of course the Australian news media is stirring emotions with their bias headlines on their websites:
“Three Aussies ‘held captive’ on Japanese ship”Ninemsn
“Activists ‘taken hostage’ by whalers”The West Australian
Photograph of three Australians abandoned by She Shepherd:

Where Sea Shepherd gets their money:
Related news article:

Article about marijuana use in Australia:

Video explaining the terms used in reference to the cult group:

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sea Shepherd’s plan to delay the Shonan Maru #2 foiled - ha ha ha

Sea Shepherd’s plan to delay the
Shonan Maru #2 foiled - ha ha ha

Ocean Protector
The three Australian men from “Forest Rescue” who illegally boarded the Japanese vessel Shonan Maru #2 will be picked up by Australia’s Customs and Border Protection vessel the Ocean Protector. This will be done at sea while the Shonan Maru #2 still has Sea Shepherd’s garbage scow rust bucket Steve Erwin in it’s radar.

Three from "Forest Rescue"
Will Sea Shepherd and Forest Rescue be responsible for the cost to the Australian government for this transfer of the three men at sea? What a stupid question as the word “responsible” has been omitted from the cult’s vocabulary.

Details are emerging the three planned with Sea Shepherd their illegal boarding well in advance of the incident. Also revealed was Sea Shepherd issued another lie in an attempt at subterfuge they were having engine trouble on the Steve Irwin while they were assisting the three to illegally board the Shonan Maru #2. Lies, lies, and more lies from the cult leader.

The transfer of these three to the Australian vessel will cost “hundreds of thousands” to be paid by the tax payers of Australia who support Sea Shepherd – suckers!

See link to article:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sea Shepherd complains Japanese defend themselves

Sea Shepherd complains the Japanese defend themselves

The trust fund babies’ minion cultists of She Shepherd led by the cult leader Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, The Paulrus, are complaining the Japanese whalers are defending themselves against girly-men attacks.

The Japanese whalers in compliance with international agreements are in the Southern Ocean hunting whales. The cult group’s vessel the MY Bob Barker (registered in the Netherlands) with their off spring of zodiacs are currently harassing, endanger lives, and engaging in terrorism against the Japanese mariners. The Japanese mariners being the professionals are defending themselves to avoid harm to the lives of the mariners and the cult group eco-terrorists.

Ninja Tony?
 This defense caused the cult leader Captain Kangaroo to complain. He claimed the Japanese mariners ”they’re all dressed like ninjas……..with mask on.” Does this mean to the good captain when any Asian more specifically Japanese wear a mask they must be ninjas? Did he forget there are numerous photographs and videos showing his minions wearing mask while attacking the Japanese? Are we to interpret by his statement when white, pale-face, and round-eyes from Europe or European descent wear a mask they are not ninjas because they are also not Asian?

The cult leader complained the Japanese are using high power water cannons. Once again did the good captain forget his cult group uses water cannons? The Japanese increased the velocity of the water cannon to increase their effectiveness over the terrorism from the last whaling season.

Captain Kangaroo continued to complain about the water cannons: "……..they smashed one of our radars with those water cannons.” Really? Once again the good captain has a lapse in memory and his continued boasting of the damage they caused the Japanese. The cowards burn the Japanese nets and riddled /defaced their vessel with paint. Damage anyone?

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Video explaining the terms used in reference to the cult group: