Saturday, December 29, 2007

Abortion and the Constitution

Roe vs. Wade 1973 -- The United States Supreme Court found the right of a woman to have an abortion in the Constitution of these here United States. They claimed that right appears in the Fourteenth Amendment, under the "due process" clause. The 14th Amendment was enacted after the Civil War to give freed slaves full citizenship. When the Court saw this "right" they were hallucinating, as it is not mentioned anywhere in America's constitution. Remember it was the Supreme Court that first said slavery was legal as the victims of that institution were property. Then during World War Two the Supreme Court in it's continued display of being ignorant of our Constitution, ruled it was legal for the Roosevelt administration to intern American citizens with a Japanese ancestry for the duration of the war. The Tenth Amendment states those items not mentioned in the constitution belong to the states. Since abortion is no where mentioned in our constitution or The Federalist Papers, the issue then belongs to the states. Abortion is not a constitutional issue at the Federal level.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

PBS Prayer in America

PBS aired a show titled, "Prayer in America." For the most part it was balanced, except with their portrayal of the First Amendment of our Constitution, the Bill of Rights. The religion portion, they only displayed, "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion." PBS purposely left out the rest of it, "nor prohibit the free exercise thereof. The bias was showing. They mentioned "the establishment clause," and the doctrine of "separation of church and state," not bothering to explain either or their origins.

The New York Times obsessed with the Texas death penalty

The New York Times published an editorial basic... (more)
Added: December 27, 2007
The New York Times published an editorial basically condemning the state of Texas for condemning murders to death via lethal injection. Then this liberal rag had the nerve in their editorial to write, "....that Texas governor, Legislature, courts and voters should reassess their addiction to executions." Yeah, just what we need in Texas, is a treasonous yellow journalist living in New York City or Manhattan telling the good people of Texas how to run our state.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Will the Democrats get the military vote?

The leadership of the Democratic Party has accused the members of the United States Military of being, "Nazi like," in their behavior, "operating a gulag," "torture," "raping and killing innocent civilians" in Iraq. Now the media and the Democrats are wishing to gather more military votes. What are they smoking?

Use YouTube for an election prediction

There are many forms and/or methods in predicting who will win the 2008 Presidential Election. Using the YouTube search it looks like Ron Paul for the Republicans and the Clintons for the Democrats.

Third party candidate in the 2008 Presidential Election

During the 1992 and 1996 Presidential elections, the Clintonistas schemed with an Independent Party candidate to draw conservative votes away from the Republicans, thus allowing the Clintons to win The White House and soil the Oval Office. The posting of this video my find me face down in Fort Marcy Park.

The Dallas Morning News Editorial on Christmas Day

On Christmas Day The Dallas Morning News publis... (more)
Added: December 25, 2007
On Christmas Day The Dallas Morning News published an editorial on religion and Christianity in America. It was surprisingly a positive editorial in reference to religion in America. Why they did not even take a swipe at their favorite target, Catholicism or Catholics.

High price of tamales due to ethanol

The Dallas Morning News ran a story on the high... (more)
Added: December 24, 2007
The Dallas Morning News ran a story on the high price of tamales. Tamales are favorites among Mexican-Americans, and those of Mexican heritage around Christmas time. The article refused to explore the reason for the high cost of tamales, instead devoted to the effect.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

FBI J. Edgar Hoover and President George Bush

The Dallas Morning News reported a story in which one time FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover planned to round up 12,000 American citizens to suspend habeas corpus. Those who Mr. Hoover suspected of disloyalty. The Dallas Morning News just had to associate this article with the current President George Bush, and our nation detaining enemy combatants who are not American citizens being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Every opportunity these thugs in the news media to attach something negative to President Bush, they will seize on it.

Military going to support Democrats?

The Dallas Morning News reported that the Republican Party, the GOP will be getting less votes from the United States military. Stating they will vote for Democrats. Yeah right! Members of the United States military will not forget the leadership of the Democratic Party's numerous accusations on the floor of the Congress towards our military. The Democratic leadership accused the American military of being Nazi like in their behavior, operating a gulag, killing and raping innocent civilians. Now The Dallas Morning News is attempting to convince its readership the military are going to vote for the very bums who have dragged their honor through mud. Here is another example of the news trying to make new, rather than report news.

Virginia Tech Peace Studies and Violence Prevention Center

In April of 2007, 32 students were murdered on ... (more)
Added: December 21, 2007
In April of 2007, 32 students were murdered on the campus of Virginia Tech by a lone gunman. In the classroom wing where this tragedy happened, the school is going to turn this area into a center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention. In the "violence prevention" section, will they honestly examine what would have happen if students were armed? Not all students, but those students who have a CHP, concealed handgun permit, should have been or should be permitted to be armed. Also will there be a section studying as to why the security guards on campus are not or were not armed? Will they explore that when law biding citizens are disarmed it is the criminals who are armed?

Syphilis in Europe

The Dallas Morning News reports that syphilis i... (more)
Added: December 21, 2007
The Dallas Morning News reports that syphilis is making a resurgence in Europe. In some cases syphilis cases have leapt more than tenfold. However the article refused to mention what has caused the surge. Sure it is sexual activity; however there was such activity fifty years ago, yet syphilis was near extinct. Good journalist use to report and answer, who, what, when, where, why, and how. Now due to political correctness and the media's own agenda, those w's and one h are not addressed in their reporting. Hopefully our friends in Europe can tell us why the surge is happening, since the American news media has decided to keep America in the dark.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

TIME magazine and person of the year

TIME magazine has named Russian Vladimir Putin,... (more)
Added: December 20, 2007
TIME magazine has named Russian Vladimir Putin, ex KGB agent for 16 years as their "Person of the Year." This magazine has a history of a love affair with despots and communist. Over the years their "man of the year," were people like: Adolf Hitler, Nazi, Joseph Stalin "uncle Joe," Nikita Khrushchev, Den Xiaoping, Yuri Andropov, and Mikhail Gorbachev. Further proof of the American news media's love of Communist and tyrants.

Huckabee Christmas ad and the cross

2008 Republican Presidential candidate Huckabee... (more)
Added: December 20, 2007
2008 Republican Presidential candidate Huckabee air a Christmas message. In the background was part of a bookcase lit up to look like a cross. The sign of a cross upset the propagandist atheist in the news media across the nation. Huchabee a Baptist minister of about twenty years is wishing folks a Merry Christmas with a cross in the background and the Dracula types out there are offended.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Texas following New Jersey on the death penalty lead?

The Dallas Morning News had little-bitty editor... (more)
Added: December 15, 2007
The Dallas Morning News had little-bitty editorial concerning the death penalty in Texas.
New Jersey Legislature sent a bill to the governors desk outlawing the death penalty. The good editors at The Dallas Morning news would like to see Texas follow New Jersey's lead and eliminate the death penalty also.

Barbara Walters shocked to receive a religious card

Barbara Walters of ABC's The View was shocked t... (more)
Added: December 14, 2007
Barbara Walters of ABC's The View was shocked to receive a religious Christmas card from Mr. and Mrs. President Bush from The White House in observance of a religious holiday, Christmas.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Al Gore criticizes America, again, while abroad

Emmy wining, Oscar wining, Noble Peace Prize la... (more)
Added: December 14, 2007
Emmy wining, Oscar wining, Noble Peace Prize laureate, ex-Vice President, and 2000 Presidential candidate, comrade Al Gore, once again bashed America while in a foreign country. Al Gore was in Bali addressing the U.N. climate conference on global warming and continued to blame to USA for obstructing progress on global warming. Comrade Gore continues to spread lies about the dangers of climate change, blaming humans and the USA for not blaming humans. All this U.N. meeting was about was to redistribute the wealth in the world from those affluent nations to despot poorer nations. This is pure socialism/communism masquerading as environmentalism to gain political power over the earth. Communism is the goal; the environment is their vehicle to power.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Malaria spreading because of environmentalist groups

The Dallas Morning News reprinted an article fr... (more)
Added: December 09, 2007
The Dallas Morning News reprinted an article from the Associated Press, blaming the spread of malaria on global warming. It is a pure lie. The truth is malaria was nearly wiped off the face of the earth, when the wacko anti-capitalist environmentalist had the Democratic led Congress ban DDT. Since the ban, malaria has been spreading among the poorer nations of the earth. Malaria will continue to spread as long as Congress remains hostage to the wacko environmentalist. The leftist Democrats and stupid Republicans need to wake up and end the ban on DDT.

CIA tortured an angel?

In an article appearing in The Dallas Morning N... (more)
Added: December 09, 2007
In an article appearing in The Dallas Morning News, terrorist Majid Khan is accusing the CIA of torturing him. In the article it stated this terrorist was picked up in Pakistan and sent to Guantanamo for intense interrogation. No where in the article does it state what this terrorist is accused of, or thought to have done, or in fact did do. Reading the article, this poor guy was just walking the streets in Pakistan when the evil CIA just yanked him up and sent to Guantanamo.

Barack Obama not old enough to be President?

According to The Dallas Morning News, Andrew Yo... (more)
Added: December 09, 2007
According to The Dallas Morning News, Andrew Young who is seventy-five years old stated that Barack Obama was not old enough to be President of the United States. However the Constitution would disagree with Mr. Young. The minimum age to be president, per the Constitution is 35 years of age. Mr. Young as of date does not usurp the Constitution. There were four other presidents who were Mr. Obama's age at the time they took their oath of office. So is Mr. Young saying those four presidents also were not old enough?

Communist China Apple Juice

Food currently being sold in America some of wh... (more)
Added: December 08, 2007
Food currently being sold in America some of which has its origin in Communist China. The very people who painted children's toys sold in America with lead paint or laced with date rape drug, now want to sell food to America. However there is an orange juice by Florida's Natural orange juice which labels it's product as being 100% from Florida. It can be purchased at Wal-Mart of all places!!!!

Communist China Apple Juice

Food currently being sold in America some of wh... (more)
Added: December 08, 2007
Food currently being sold in America some of which has its origin in Communist China. The very people who painted children's toys sold in America with lead paint or laced with date rape drug, now want to sell food to America. However there is an orange juice by Florida's Natural orange juice which labels it's product as being 100% from Florida. It can be purchased at Wal-Mart of all places!!!!

News Media covering for Colombian communist

It was reported by Angela Doland of the Associated Press, and printed in The Dallas Morning News about the kidnapping of Lorenzo Betancourt's mother. The article said the kidnappers are part of the leftist group, FARC. Which is a Communist guerrillas operating in the jungles (not rain forest) of Colombia. But the news media refused to identify the kidnappers as Communist, preferring instead to cover for these Marxist by calling them leftist.

NBC (GE) denies thanks to American troops wanted to air a paid for adve... (more)
Added: December 07, 2007 wanted to air a paid for advertisement thirty seconds long thanking American men and women in the military. NBC owned by GE refused to allow that commercial on their network. Now people are calling for a boycott of NBC. No, no!!! Do not boycott NBC. You must watch NBC and make notes of their advertisers, then do not purchase any product or service which advertises on NBC. Hit them in the soiled pocketbook.

Great News: Saturday 12/8/7: NBC reversed it's decision and will allow the ad to run on their network.

CIA video tapes missing

The newspapers all across the nation on their f... (more)
Added: December 07, 2007
The newspapers all across the nation on their front pages reported a story about the CIA. The interrogation video tapes of Abu Zubaydah and Zacarias Moussaoui are missing. The tapes were destroyed to protect the identity of the CIA agents who interrogated the two terrorist. The news media and the Democratic Party leadership are fit to be tied over this. They are demanding to know what happened to the tapes, why, and who the agents were. It is rather curious that they want to expose the CIA agents involved, thus risking the lives of these to American CIA agents. However when desk CIA agent Valerie Plame was exposed as employed for the CIA, the Democrats and the media demanded to know who exposed her. Stating that person put her life in danger. Now they do not seem to care about the lives of the agents who interrogated the terrorist.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Barack Obama was 5 years old according to the Clintons

Hillary and Bill Clintons mud slinging war machine is in full gear. Why they discovered Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama at age five wanted to be president of the United States. It was portrayed as Mr. Obama has been scheming for forty-one years to be president. So has Hillary! You worry about the Patriot Act? You need to worry about another round of the Clintonistas soiling the Oval Office again and their total disregard for any laws.

Mitt Romney speech on Religion

Presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney gav... (more)
Added: December 07, 2007
Presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney gave a speech yesterday concerning his religion. Mainly because the American news media has made his Mormon faith an issue in this upcoming election. In an attempt to address the media's concern regarding his religion, the speech was made. Now the next day editorials appearing in news papers across the country, and pundits are asking why didn't he address Atheist. Why? Why you idiots in the media, because his speech at the media's urging was about his religion. His religion is not the church of Atheism but being a Mormon. The news media is attempting to diminish persons of beliefs. The media gets the speech they want, then tear it apart because it was about religion and no mention of the Godless.

Mitt Romney speaks on his faith Mormonism

Governor Mitt Romney, who is a Republican candi... (more)
Added: December 06, 2007
Governor Mitt Romney, who is a Republican candidate for the president in the 2008 election, made a speech on his Mormonism. He was introduced by President George Bush Sr. The speech was given in the style of JFK who made a similar speech 48 years ago. Mr. Romney had to make this speech because of the constant hounding about his faith from the Godless, Atheist propagandist in the American news media. To the Stalinist in the news media any person of faith with strong religious beliefs are seen as a threat to them. How come these bums in the media do not ask the same questions of Democratic Party presidential candidates? How come the lack of faith or apparent hypocrisy of some of the Democrats faith are never brought into question by this agenda driven media?

The Golden Compass

Pervert thespians in Hollywood released another... (more)
Added: December 05, 2007
Pervert thespians in Hollywood released another movie with anti Christian, anti Catholic theme. They are continuing their relentless assault on those who believe in God. Now it is Catholics and Christians, who is next? Do not forget fascist like this believe in incrementalism. Just like when the Nazis went after one group, other groups were silent. Finally when they went after the last group, no one was left to speak up for them. That is the plan of the pervert thespian Atheist who control Hollywood.

Christian Education insert in The Dallas Morning News

There was an insert in The Dallas Morning News ... (more)
Added: December 05, 2007
There was an insert in The Dallas Morning News addressing "The Value of Christian Education." What a shocker The Dallas Morning News reporting something positive about Christians. Not so fast! It was a paid advertisement, nothing initiated by the Godless at The Dallas Morning News. Whew....

Dallas Morning News snubbed by Mayor and Perot party. Good!

The Mayor of Dallas who is a man of means and a... (more)
Added: December 05, 2007
The Mayor of Dallas who is a man of means and as a result hob-knobs with the mukeity-mucks, and horty-torties. Ross Perot Jr throws a party, invites Mayor Tom Leppert. The Dallas Morning News and employee of the news, James Ragland was not invited. James Ragland writes an article complaining that reporters, "the public's watchdog," should have been invited. What we have here is a wanna-be A list crybaby looking to climb the social latter in Dallas. The only "watchdog" work reporters do is to slant news to meet their left-wing agenda and promote political correctness. Mayor Tom Leppert and Ross Perot Jr., were correct in keeping these groupies from ruining their party. The Stalinist journalist in America are just as low on the evolutionary scale as thespians. Both of which should be regarded as harboring the plague.

Illegal Immigrant in the news?

The Dallas Morning News in a small article repo... (more)
Added: December 05, 2007
The Dallas Morning News in a small article reported an "illegal migrant" was honored for rescuing a boy in the desert. The article actually used the word, "illegal" in the article. In the past whenever reporting on illegal's breaking the law or concern for their "rights" in this country, the word "illegal" was always left out.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

News Media feels threatened by Christianity

The media, columnist William McKenzie wrote people are enamored with evangelical ministers instead of the word of God. Refusing to note the people enjoy the method of these evangelicals use to deliver the word of God. They listen to these ministers to hear the word of God. Yet William McKenzie and his comrades find it necessary to dilute the messenger thus effecting negatively upon the message. Their anti-Christian bias is transparent.

Iran Nukes?

The news media gleefully reporting on their front pages a United States intelligence report stating the Iranians stopped working on developing nuclear bomb in 2003. The Stalinist propagandist in the media using this as an opportunity to say once again President Bush lied. Sorry, but let's look behind the story:

1- All of a sudden the media believes U.S. intelligence agencies?
2- The media says U.S. intelligence agencies lied about weapons of mass destruction held by the Iraqis. Yet the same U.S. intelligence agencies are telling the truth about Iran no longer seeking a nuke.
3- So which is it, can the U.S. intelligence agencies be trusted or not?
4- According to the media the Iranians stopped the development in 2003. Which happens to be the same year the Libyans gave up their nuke program. Also the same year the U.S. liberated Iraq.
5- If the Iranians did stop with their nuke program in 2003, then President Bush's involvement in the Middle East worked.

Iraq surge success irritates the new media

The surge in Iraq is working and the Stalinist,... (more)
Added: December 04, 2007
The surge in Iraq is working and the Stalinist, Democrat control news media still hallucinates dire problems in Iraq. The media refuses to acknowledge the success in Iraq, because to admit such might further damage the creditability of the Democratic Party leadership and presidential candidates. The violence in Iraq decreased, but according to the news media it does not mean peace.

Rich Republicans or Democrats

The Dallas Morning News reported on GOP governo... (more)
Added: December 02, 2007
The Dallas Morning News reported on GOP governors in a meeting at a resort. The article was riddled with attempts to portray the Republicans as the super rich living lavish life styles. When the FACT is the Democrats are the richest in America. Out of the top ten richest Senators, eight are Democrats. The Democrats represent the richest Congressional districts in the nation. However you will not read that in the news media. Because their goose-stepping marching orders they receive from the Democrats, ordered them not to tell the truth. The news media is attempting to perpetuate class envy in this nation, while protecting the super rich Democrats

Death Penalty Deterrence myth

The Dallas Morning News had an editorial trying to outlay why the death penalty is a miserable failure as a deterrence. What the news media refuses to understand, it is not about deterrence, but justice. It is getting even, retribution, and closure for the victim's family. Nowhere in the editorial was the impact upon the victim's families mentioned. The media is attempting to influence the debate by twisting it. During the debate about the death penalty has the media ever evenly outlined the victim's families take on the subject? Nor has the media ever tried to examine the discussion from a point of administering justice

Euro Trash part two

I posted a video on YouTube a few days ago lame... (more)
Added: November 30, 2007
I posted a video on YouTube a few days ago lamenting about Euro-trash, trashing our American president. A person from Italy replied to the video. When I looked at his/her video log the person had an anti-American video, plus an equally vile video as a favorite. Both videos were strongly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. Leading me to think the two are either fascist or two of the sub-culture hoards invading Europe, who refuse to assimilate.

Presidential debates, a ruined institution

At one time the League of Women Voters use to m... (more)
Added: November 30, 2007
At one time the League of Women Voters use to moderate the debates. Then in 1988 the two trusted (what a joke) political parties, the Democrats and Republicans, got together and formed the "Commission of Presidential Debates," and the League of Women Voters were shoved overboard. Since then it has been a steady decline in the debates and prestige lost for the battered participants.