Monday, December 17, 2007

Barbara Walters shocked to receive a religious card

Barbara Walters of ABC's The View was shocked t... (more)
Added: December 14, 2007
Barbara Walters of ABC's The View was shocked to receive a religious Christmas card from Mr. and Mrs. President Bush from The White House in observance of a religious holiday, Christmas.

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Unknown said...

When will ABC really tell about FISCAL CLIFF? The attempted agreement between the politicos only lower the spending rate--they do not stop deficit spending. In fact, deficit spending will be appx 1 trillion dollars per month(over and above actual taxes received). So, tell the truth--the fiscal cliff is a laugher--How about the Congress rectoring ALL MONEY borrowed over the years from the only program that was working--the Social Security System. Note that when money was "borrowed"om the Soc Sec account, it was replaced by an I.O.U. Now, they want to cut entitlements like soc sec because they can't make it on ver 50% of our paychecks.