Friday, December 7, 2007

Dallas Morning News snubbed by Mayor and Perot party. Good!

The Mayor of Dallas who is a man of means and a... (more)
Added: December 05, 2007
The Mayor of Dallas who is a man of means and as a result hob-knobs with the mukeity-mucks, and horty-torties. Ross Perot Jr throws a party, invites Mayor Tom Leppert. The Dallas Morning News and employee of the news, James Ragland was not invited. James Ragland writes an article complaining that reporters, "the public's watchdog," should have been invited. What we have here is a wanna-be A list crybaby looking to climb the social latter in Dallas. The only "watchdog" work reporters do is to slant news to meet their left-wing agenda and promote political correctness. Mayor Tom Leppert and Ross Perot Jr., were correct in keeping these groupies from ruining their party. The Stalinist journalist in America are just as low on the evolutionary scale as thespians. Both of which should be regarded as harboring the plague.

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