Friday, December 7, 2007

Mitt Romney speaks on his faith Mormonism

Governor Mitt Romney, who is a Republican candi... (more)
Added: December 06, 2007
Governor Mitt Romney, who is a Republican candidate for the president in the 2008 election, made a speech on his Mormonism. He was introduced by President George Bush Sr. The speech was given in the style of JFK who made a similar speech 48 years ago. Mr. Romney had to make this speech because of the constant hounding about his faith from the Godless, Atheist propagandist in the American news media. To the Stalinist in the news media any person of faith with strong religious beliefs are seen as a threat to them. How come these bums in the media do not ask the same questions of Democratic Party presidential candidates? How come the lack of faith or apparent hypocrisy of some of the Democrats faith are never brought into question by this agenda driven media?

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