Sunday, September 23, 2007

Monks Protest

The Dallas Morning News DMN reported Buddhist Monks in Yangon, Myanmar protest in the streets making demands of the military junta. The protest started after praying at the Shwedagon Pagoda, the nation's holiest shrine. The Monks concerns were fuel prices (gasoline), political prisoners, and to begin negations regarding Ms. Suu Kyi. The article elevated the pervert "stars in Hollywood" on the same level of influence as the United States and the United Nations. The Stalinist fascist neo Nazi, Communist loving, fifth columnist propaganda news media in the United States needs to know the perverts in Hollywood are in the societal gutter and do not deserve the same prominence or respect as the United States. The thespians in Hollywood are not representative of the values most Americans enjoy. The news media would make Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Goebbels, Vlad the Impala, and other assorted historical tyrants, proud. Goose stepping is their style, a free press their enemy. (more)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Priest Packing Heat per The Dallas Morning News

A letter to the editor writes about a Jewish Temple and slayings in 1999 at a Fort Worth Baptist Church and The Dallas Morning News titles the letter, "Priest Packing Heat." This was done in an attempt to cast a negative thought about guns and an armed citizenry and Christianity in the fine tradition of the fascist goose stepping, Stalinist, Joseph Gobbles, Nazi and Communist worshiping news media we are stuck with in America. These political correct, free speech haters in the Lenin inspired news media need to understand Christianity, the Church in Rome, the Vatican can withstand their continued assaults. (more)

Peanut Butter

Recently Wal-Mart had to recall peanut butter that was tainted and made on Communist China. I sent emails to Walmart about Great Value and to Peter Pan peanut butter, Jif, and Skippy. Only Skippy replied by not answering the question of where the peanut butter originated or manufactured in. Let the buyer beware when buying peanut butter. Perhaps we should gravitate towards soy products made in America.

Paul Krugman and The New York Times hate America?

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman writes a column stating the surge has failed in Iraq and the war is lost the way of Yugoslavia. Mr. Krugman further states people lied to get us into an unnecessary war. Mr. Krugman is following the Stalinist in the goose stepping Nazi inspired news media attempting to make propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels proud. The perverts in Hollywood, leftist in academia, hate America crowd in the slanted news media, like CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and their ilk love to see the terrorist win to defeat America in our war on terrorism.

Congressional Medal of Honor not in the news

The news media in America refuses to report news about our men and women in uniform in Iraq who serve gallantly in heroic deeds. The media is out to ignore our heroes in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines USMC. Sgt First Class Paul R. Smith and Corporal Jason L. Dunham both have earned the CMA, Congressional Medal of Honor only to be ignored by the news media, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, and the other goose stepping Goebbels worshiping Stalinist in America. Had they earned the Star of Lenin the news media would not have ignored them. We are served by a fascist political correct news media broadcasting left wing propaganda.

Eco Terrorism Gas Guzzling vehicles

The Stalinist left hiding behind the environment and environmentalism engage in eco terrorism towards what they think are gas guzzling vehicles. When in fact SUVs are more fuel efficient per pound than so called small eco friendly, low mileage skateboards masquerading as automobiles.

Seattle Post Intelligencer giving aid to the enemy

The Seattle Post Intelligence refused to publish two photographs of two men the FBI was looking to question in reference to questionable activities. The concern was they might be terrorist planning an attack on Seattle's ferries. They were seen on a ferry measuring decks and examining evacuation plans. The fascist Stalinist in the Seattle Post Intelligencer refused to assist America in an attempt to locate the fifth columnist. That newspaper deserves sieg heil from their left, leftist political correct comrades.

Schumer (D-NY) commits treason or sedition

Democratic U.S. Senator Charles Chuck Schumer from the state of New York commits treason and/or sedition on the floor of the United States Senate. Lt. General David Petreus received 100% approval from the U.S. Senate for his appointment and execution of the serge in Iraq.

Nixon and Clinton, the reasons

The real reason behind President Nixon's resignation and President Clinton's impeachment. Propaganda of the news media in favor of the Clintonistas and the Democrats

Nixon Clinton Impeachment

The difference between President Nixon resgining for office, and President Clinton's impeachment. The news media covering for the Cliontonistas and Democrats to produce pure propaganda to make Goebbels and Stalin proud.

Propaganda in the American News Media

The propagandist in the American News Media have no use for the American people and hold them on contempt. Wake up America, the American news media thinks very little of you. The media is more in line with Stalin and Goebbels to make Communist and Nazi's proud. (more)

American troops out of Yugoslavia by Christmas 1999?

President Clinton said U.S. troops would be out of Yugoslavia by Christmas 1999. Guess what? Amercian troops in Bosnia Herzegovina Kosov, pleaced by the Cliontonists (Clinton). Troops were to be home by Christmas, 1999, and they are still there. Yet the political correct, Democratic Party controlled news media is silent. They goose step behind their overlords

Boots on the ground, debate

Republicans and Democrats agree the debate ends once "boots are on the ground," unless a Republican is president. The troops went into Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Kosov and Democrats and Republicans ended the debate. However when troops went into Iraq, the Democrats and Stalinist news media continued the debate engaging in treason and sedition, backed by the perverts in Hollywood.

Mattell recalls toys made in China

The Dallas Morning news on this day took a vacation from their regular reporting and told a negative truth about a communist country. China being that communist country, in break with their overlords in the Stalinist news media spreading propaganda across America.

Journalism Lession

Here is a lesson in journalism for the Stalinist journalist in America.

Gary Hart who ?

In 1988 Senator Gary Hart ran for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination, but got sidetracked by a sex scandal. Ten years later another Democratic Party politician has an affair, and is given cover by the news media.

Stupid Republicans

Why don't the Republicans support the perverts in their party as the Democrats support the perverts in their party?

Church and State

The truth about "seperation of church and state."


Column in The Dallas Morning News concerning sexism favors women and avoid sexism towards men.

Violence in the United Kingdom

Per The Dallas Morning News the rise of violence can be blamed on the United States of America

Fox Attacked ?

The Stalinist are at it again trying to suppress free speech. (more)

God in Communist China?

The Dallas Morning news had an editioral concerning the suppression of religion in Communist China. However the editorial was not all that pious in its intent. (more)

Roman Engineering vs modern engineering

How is it many bridges and roads built by the Romans thousands of years ago are still in use. While modern engineering build roads and bridges with a life span of no more that about 40 years.

Civic Lesson left out of the public schools in America

The propagandist in the news media try to tell us in America per the Constitution we are entitled to legal counsel at taxpayers expense. However no such "right" can be found in the U.S. Constitution..

Children of 9/11 Disappear in the news media

In the aftermath of 9/11 the news media had countless stories on the children who lost a parent(s) due to 9/11. As soon as the war in Iraq started, the news media made these children disappear to avoid casuing emotions in support of the war. We can thank the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, CNN MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, Stalin, Hitler, Goebbles, communist, fascist, nazi, the left, terrorist, terrorism, political correctness, and the Democratic Party leadership for this.

Dallas Morning News corrupts debate on illegal immigration

The Dallas Morning News continues to refuse to use the word "illegal" in an headline when reporting on an issue concerning illegal immigration in the United States