Sunday, September 23, 2007

Monks Protest

The Dallas Morning News DMN reported Buddhist Monks in Yangon, Myanmar protest in the streets making demands of the military junta. The protest started after praying at the Shwedagon Pagoda, the nation's holiest shrine. The Monks concerns were fuel prices (gasoline), political prisoners, and to begin negations regarding Ms. Suu Kyi. The article elevated the pervert "stars in Hollywood" on the same level of influence as the United States and the United Nations. The Stalinist fascist neo Nazi, Communist loving, fifth columnist propaganda news media in the United States needs to know the perverts in Hollywood are in the societal gutter and do not deserve the same prominence or respect as the United States. The thespians in Hollywood are not representative of the values most Americans enjoy. The news media would make Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Goebbels, Vlad the Impala, and other assorted historical tyrants, proud. Goose stepping is their style, a free press their enemy. (more)

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Unknown said...

Do you ever wonder why you get no comments on your blog? Let me tell you why. It's because your rantings are those of a very sad, paranoid man who rails against progressive ideas and is unwilling to accept the world as it truly is, so he creates this world within the blogosphere where all he says is right. I'm sorry, pal, but no one in their right mind would buy into your madness.