Sunday, May 29, 2011

A call to arms in Japan in response to the filth from Sea Shepherd

This is a call to arms to the good people of Japan. No actual weapons or arms, and of course no violence. The call to arms is to proudly use the Japanese flag to defend Japan from the exploitation, harassment, and vermin infestation of Sea Shepherd and their types.

These foreign invaders plan to harass and defile the picturesque village of Taiji come the end of August, 2011, plus planning a new offensive in Kushiro, Hokkaido Prefecture. People of Japan unite as one to meet these drones with Japanese flags. Stand between the filth of these foreigners, and the good people of Taiji. Wherever She Shepherd wrecks go or travel, surround them with the flag of the rising sun, Nippon.

There are many civic, political, and various groups in Japan with agendas that keep most divided. However the one uniting factor should be love of country to protect your country from these oversea bums. Organize, travel to Taiji, and show the people your support.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Taiji, Japan, correcting the lies of the move "The Cove"

The Academy Award winning movie titled “The Cove” is a supposed documentary about the dolphin and whaling industry in a picturesque small village in Taiji, Japan. The film leads one to believe the inhabitants of this hamlet are blood-thirsty and hostile to foreigners. The reality is the premise of this propaganda piece is pure fiction based in hatred and hallucinations.

I can write this because I just recently returned from Taiji, Japan. I met with the mayor, members of the fishermen’s association, and shop keepers. These are genuine people just like any middle class folks around the world with the desire to provide for their families and their future. Whaling and dolphin harvesting has been part of the town’s culture / industry for at least the last 400 years.

In the movie “The Cove” is shows the producers being followed by and bothered by the police. Really? I traveled through the town in a customized, oversized Chevrolet van that screamed “foreigner,” yet I did not see one policeman. The fictitious documentary purports to show difficulty in videoing in the town. Huh? I traveled and walked with my video camera without any hindrance or interference.

Prior to visiting Taiji my desire was to meet with the mayor. When he was contacted by my counterpart in Japan, the mayor refused. Due to the movie “The Cove” and the subsequent despicable behavior of Sea Shepherd, the so-called “Cove Guardians,” that thing Scott West and his vermin infested minions. Mr. Shun of Japan requested I make a short video addressing the mayor explaining who I was and why I was requesting a meeting with him.

Shun transferred the video to a DVD and sent it to the mayor with a cover letter. Resulting in a few days later receiving the desired appointment. We met with the mayor, the assistant mayor, some of their staff, and members of the fishermen’s association for about an hour. After formal introductions, I bowed towards the mayor, apologized to him for the shameful behavior of Sea Shepherd in their village. I informed the assembled group that these She Shepherd drones are not representative of people in the USA or Texas. That they are rejected derelict misfits, an abomination to the West.

The mayor gave us a delicious lunch made up of whale meat, afterwards a private tour of their whale museum and dolphin training center. The town of Taiji enjoys a population of around 3,225 people, most of who are connected to the whaling / dolphin industry. Many of their last names are related to whaling and dolphins. The permission for dolphin harvesting does not come from the mayor’s office, but come from the prefecture’s governor’s office.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Japan, an overview of Texas Daddy's trip, part two

My trip to Japan from 10 May to 20 May 2011. This video is an overview of the trip. This is the second of two of an overview.

In this video I discuss the considerate way to ride an escalator in Osaka and Tokyo. Noticed standing in line to enter a subway car as oppose to a mob scene I am use to when I rode the New York City subway system. There are special subway cars for women only to avoid being groped as happens in subway systems throughout the world.

In continuing with their considerate civic engineering raised straight line bumps help guide the visually impaired through the streets and subways. Large curve mirrors are placed at intersections where the motorist view is hindered by buildings both in the cities and countryside.

Passing of business cards an important part of a proper greeting. Taxi drivers in immaculate clean vehicles wearing a suite, white shirt, tie, and white gloves. Hey cabbie in New York City and Dallas, can you take a hint here?

Never go for want of a drink or snack as vending machines are everywhere even on the bullet train from Osaka to Hiroshima. Restaurants advertise their food in their windows by displaying was food resembling the meals. These are not just advertisements, but works of art succeeding in enticing one to eat either before or after the meal.

Shun’s van an American Chevrolet we rode around in while other vans on the streets were more my size. Peep holes in doors in the USA are placed too high for me to view through, however in Japan for the first time in my life I was able to view through a peep hole.

Toilets in Japan are exactly as in the USA, except they also accustomed those from countries not use to a USA style toilet. Do not believe the silly stories told on the Internet.

Of course a great thanks and indebtedness to Shun who made this trip of a life time possible. He is an honorable and noble man and I am proud to call him, friend.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Japan, an overview of Texas Daddy's trip

My trip to Japan from 10 May to 20 May 2011. This video is an overview of the trip. More videos will be posted detailing my visit with the mayor of Taiji, Osaka, bullet train to Hiroshima, Osaka Texas Daddy Conference, Osaka Tiger’s baseball (Hansin Tigers), Dotonbori Canal, Dotonbori restaurants, Tokyo conference, and many more places, people, incidents, and observations.

The last day while at a hotel in Narita airport sitting in the hotel’s restaurant, there was a tremor. To me it was the beginning of an earthquake and I was about to start running out the door when Shun advised just a tremor nothing to worry about. Then he said, “Now you have the full Japanese experience.”

The following among many help make this a notable trip and greatly appreciated:

Shiho Shun’s daughter, Mr. Nishimura, Ms. Fuji, Mr. Fujita, Manabu, Mayor Sangen of Taiji, Mr. Gotou , A Rei Raise & Mushikera, ViviaEcoCultBusiness, Benny and wife, Saya, Ake – restaurant owner, Ali at Hiroshima, and Mr. Nakahira in Taiji.

Of course a great thanks and indebtedness to Shun who made this trip of a life time possible. He is an honorable and noble man and I am proud to call him, friend.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Japan help - Texas Daddy Tony fumbling chop sticks

In preparation for my trip to Japan I attempted to eat with chop sticks at a Texas steak house. Viewing this video one can clearly see I need a lot of help in conquering these eating implements. I am looking forward to mastering them while in Japan.

I will be eating in the Dotonbori area of Osaka, the culinary center of Japan. The plan is to eat at a few eateries in Dotonbori and I definitely need to know how to use chop sticks so I can stuff my fat face with all that delicious food – sorry no blow fish for me. Ha ha ha ha

Friday, May 6, 2011

The word "looting" missing in Japan surfaces in the USA

On 11 March 2011 when the earthquake tsunami devastated Japan, in the aftermath the world questioned in amazement and respect, “how come no looting.” The word “looting” was missing from news reports in the devastated areas because of the culture where that anti-social behavior did not happen.

Recently in the USA numerous tornados devastated large areas of Southern states and guess what? That missing word “looting” surfaced. Police in Alabama had to work 12 hour shifts without any days off, the National Guard activated, and Mayor Walt Maddox of Tuscaloosa (Alabama) imposed a curfew, all because of that one word “looting.”

Apparently parts of the USA are infected with animals masquerading as humans who exploit a tragedy as an opportunity to loot and degrade further the areas suffering from the tornados.

The people in Japan in the wake of their natural disaster showed the world how to behave by maintaining the civility. When the tornadoes hit the Southern USA (Alabama) before the looting, the questions should have been asked, “are we behaving like the Japanese,” or reminded to behave like the Japanese.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Texas Daddy's Fleet Donation for Japan continues

Tsunami video:

The staff of set up a donation fund to help the victims of the recent earthquake tsunami.

Money donated to this fund will go to purchase the much needed items for the victims such as solar charges and/or food.

Donations can be made using PayPal or credit cards in both Japanese and English using this website:

Donations are made in Japanese yen. You can use the following link to check on the current conversion rate:

another conversion site:

Texas Daddy website:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

President Obama release Osama Bin Laden photographs

How come President Obama is refusing to release the photos showing Osama Bin Laden dead, with a bullet in his savage head? The photos are not needed as proof because Americans believe the Navy Seals when they said Bin Laden is dead. Also if Osama was alive, he would have already released a tape to embarrass Obama.

Americans want the photos to take joy in seeing a dean Osama as we had to see dead Americans on September 11, 2001, ground zero in New York City.

The Obama regime is claiming the photos to be gruesome. Really? Has not the regime seen an episode of the television show CSI? The pervert thespians in Hollywood for the last ten or so years have been desensitizing viewers to gruesome scenes.

With the withholding of the photos the conspiracy theorist will surface, the Osama Truthers.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden no longer among the living

On Sunday, May 2, 2011, President Obama in a televised announcement to the nation and the world that public enemy number one, the terrorist infidel Osama Bin Laden met American justice, cowboy justice by accepting an American bullet to the soiled head.

For ten years the dedicated men and women of the American armed forces and intelligence agencies have been working for this day. Whether they pushed a pencil or pulled a trigger, this is their victory and a gift to the American people and the civilized the world over.

Many disagreements here with President Obama’s politics and polices. No matter the motive, the decision process, President Obama deserves a loud “yeeeha!” Let us keep the Monday morning quarterbacking or arm chair generals for another day.