Monday, April 29, 2013

Sea Shepherd Dam Guardian update

Sea Shepherd Dam Guardian update

On the Columbia River between the states of Washington, and Oregon there are a series of dams.  The first dam before reaching the ocean is the Bonneville Dam.  There are water steps at this dam for the salmon to swim up to mate / spawn further upriver. 
At the bottom of the dam by the steps sea lions have arrived to eat the salmon.  These sea lions are causing a problem in the salmon reproduction cycle and harming the livelihood of the Native Americans further upriver.
The United States government, the states of Oregon, Washington, and a Federal Court of authorized, and approved the eliminating a certain amount of sea lions at the dam’s location.  Meaning it is legal to hunt these sea lions.
Sea Shepherd in an attempt to stop the eliminating of sea lions has initiated a campaign titled “Dam Guardians.”  They are asking volunteers to protest, and document this sea lion hunt.  Basically they are trying to harm the livelihood and food supply to the Native Americans along the river. 
Sea Shepherd drones claim the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River has caused more harm to the salmon than the sea lions.  They claim the dam should not be there.  The Dam Guardians are divided into two groups:  One group is housed in that odor emitting RV, while the second group is housed in the comfort of two palatial suites.  They only emerge from the warmth of these two suites with photo / video opportunities arise. 
The hypocrisy here is those two palatial suites are heat by the electricity generated from the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River they claim should not be there and is causing harm.  Power supplied from the Bonneville Power Administration – BPA.   
The Dam Guardians have also photographed themselves standing at the water’s edge with their arms crossed is self-righteous indignation just as their counterparts did in Taiji, Japan. 
Why is it Sea Shepherd is always targeting indigenous people?      
Below are the two Facebook pages with the hallucinations of Sea Shepherd’s Dam Guardians:
Sea Shepherd PDF: 
Sea Shepherd’s Sea Lion communique:
Sea Shepherd “Dam Campaign” site:
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sea Shepherd animations

Sea Shepherd animations

This is a video collection of animations used in previous Sea Shepherd videos critical of their behavior, illustrating the fugitive Watson, the trust-fund babies, and their rust-bucket garbage scows. 

Some notables in the animations:

-         Melissa the Magnificent
-          Peter Helmethead
-          Cabin Boy
-          Fugitive Watson
-          Bumper Boats
-          Floating Circus
-          The Flying Watson
-          Sea Suckers
-          Clown Car
-          Sayonara Watson
-          Operation Zero Tolerance equals Zero Success

Music used in the video / animations from 
Music title used: “Gold Rush,” “Malt Shop Bop,” “Amazing Plan,” and “Barroom Ballet.”

Melissa the animal communicator Facebook page, click on “about” to read about her skills:

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Texas Governor Rick Perry "come and take it"

Texas Governor Rick Perry "come and take it"

Republican Governor Rick Perry of Texas recently attended a news conference in the wake of the tragedy in town of West, Texas. 

The shirt Governor Perry was wearing during the news conference was notable.  Embroidered above the left pocket was a lone star, a canon barrel, and the words “come and take it.”

“Come and take it” is part of Texas history.  The canon was in Gonzales, Texas when Mexican troops tried to retrieve it.  The Texas of the town pointed to the canon and told the Mexican troops “come and take it.” 

The Mexican troops never got the canon and this was considered the first battle of Texas’s war of independence from Mexico.  “Come and take it” in Texas represents rugged individualism, independence, and no nonsense strength.    

Brief history:

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Yasukuni Shrine defended

Yasukuni Shrine defended
The Yasukuni Shinto shrine is dedicated to the soldiers and others who died on behalf of Japan, registering near two and a half million names enshrined.  A visit to this shrine by foreigners and notable Japanese brings with it scathing criticism from some neighboring nations.  Their complaint is out of the two and a half million spirits honored at the Yasukuni Shrine; around one thousand were convicted as war criminals by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE or known as Tokyo Trails or Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal).  Should be noted the legitimacy of tribunal is in question by many.

Discounting the one-thousand, what about the other over two million spirits?  What about those who died during World War One when Japan was part of the Allied front (a U.S.A. ally)?

Recently members of the Japanese Diet, Parliament, and the Japanese Cabinet made a visit to the Yasukuni Shrine causing South Korea and China to issue moans of condemnation.  Here is what is interesting:  During World War Two Japan occupied around twenty-four nations and battled around twelve Allied nations.  Out of the twenty-four occupied and twelve Allied nations, only two nations object to any official visitation to the Yasukuni Shrine.

The commies in China object because they are commies and that is what commies do, very simplistic.  South Korean constant moaning over this issue is interesting.  South Korean and Japan share similar security issues in reference to red-China and North Korea, yet the South Koreans allow this issue to widen the distance between Tokyo and Seoul. 

From 1930 through 1943 around eight hundred thousand Koreans applied to join the Japanese Imperial Army.  Out of that number only around seventeen thousand were accepted.  Could this mass rejection be the cause of current day objections towards Japan?  Does this analysis read to be a bit of a stretch if not outright unreasonable?  Well that is because the flames of hate being fueled by the commies in red-China and South Koreans are somewhat on the wrong side of reasonable.      

What happened sixty-eight years ago belongs in the past to be studied, and determined not to be repeated, however no reason to be critical and hateful in this 21st century. 

All very abbreviated and innocent, yet so much controversy of such a simple and dignified event.

Article in reference to China and South Korea upset over Japanese citizen’s freedom of movement within Japan (Japanese politicians visiting the Yasukuni Shrine):

Korean Service in the Japanese Military, read section 7.1.2 “Korean Service in the Japanese military:”

Yasukuni Shrine English website:

Japan-guide information on t he Yasukuni Shrine:

Wikipedia entry on the Yasukuni Shrine:

Yasukuni Shrine controversies:

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dash Cam DR32 review

Dash Cam DR32
The Dash Cam DR32 is an excellent camera if one is looking for a dashboard video camera.

The video camera is HD and menu relatively easy to maneuver.  See the video below for the specifications and “how-to” with the camera’s menu.   

YouTuber “Techmoan” Excellent video review:

The camera uses a power cord to plug into the automobile’s cigarette lighter.  It comes with a suction cup type windshield mount.  Instructions easy to understand, however not as thorough as one would like, thus the reference to the video in the above link. 

The camera uses a microSD card, not included.  The microSD card stores the videos in a loop.  Meaning no need to clear out videos on the card as when it is filled, the camera starts taping over the oldest one.  The microSD card used in this video is 12GB which holds around two hours of videos before it starts to loop over older videos.        

The camera used in this video was purchase of eBay for $99.99, see link below:



Excellent performance during low light, rain, cloudy, and night.

Note:  Videoed in Dallas County, Texas, United States of America – USA.
Music: Barroom Ballet from  

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston terror political circus

Boston terror political circus

Now that the younger of the two terrorist has been arrest the political correct circus will begin.  The Federal authorities have him in custody and will not “Mirandize” him siting the “public security” option.  This allows the authorities to question him without the hindrance from ambulance chasers (lawyers).  Basically he will not be able to “lawyer up” immediately.     

Once he is Mirandized his lawyers (“ambulance chasers”) will then make a move to exploit their client not being Mirandized within a defined amount of time.  No court has defined that time, however the lawyers will advance this issue in the circus known as political correctness making a mockery of the American legal system and security.

In the next circus ring will be the lawyers moving to take the case out of the Federal jurisdiction and moved to state jurisdiction.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not enjoy the death penalty where it is within the Federal system.

Lawyers, liberals, the news media, and Hollywood will then portray terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to be the victim here.  They will argue he was an all American boy exploited by his older brother who found it difficult to assimilate.  Never mind the fact his older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev wanted to represent the United States in the Olympics. 

Liberals and lawyers will illustrate how unfortunate Dzhokhar is young, confused, torn between what was right and family loyalty, and throw in the cultural aspect.  The cultural aspect will be illustrated and demanded Americans accept and excuse.

This young man will be granted television interviews to soften his image.  The media and Hollywood will shed tears over his earlier childhood travels to escape the horrors of his war-torn homeland Chechnya.

Oklahoma City bombing terrorist Timothy McVeigh was executed six years after his crime was committed.  We can expect between now and 2019 (six years from now) Dzhokhar will still be among the living enjoying a celebrity lifestyle either in the USA or Chechnya.         

Screwy you think?  At the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany terrorist from the Middle East captured and murder Israeli athletes.  It took years before the Israeli secrete operatives located the terrorist and eliminated them one-by-one.  Some thirty-five years later Steven Spielberg (American Hollywood liberal) produced a movie sympathetic to the Munich terrorist while being critical of the Israeli agents who brought justice upon the murderers.  We can expect no less from liberals, Hollywood and political correctness in these here United States of America.      

The blame game already started to cleanse him from responsibility:


Boston bomb suspect’s father warns hell will break loose if son dies:

“Chechnya: A History of Horrors:”

Chechen President, blame USA not Chechnya:

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Boston terror, who to blame?

Boston terror, who to blame?

Since the Boston terrorists are from Chechnya, and believed to be Muslim, it is easy to blame their murderous actions on Islam.  However caution should be maintain as of this writing / video all the information has not be gathered and / or released.

The two terrorist arrived in the USA at an early age and should have been thoroughly Americanized.  Their emersion into the American melting pot was prevented by diversity.  No longer in American schools is the American melting pot taught.  Instead “diversity” is forced upon them where they learn their allegiance is not towards the nations (the USA), but to their ethnic group.  Basically Balkanizing the USA. 

Because these two murderers are from a Muslim majority nation, the American news media will cleanse the story to divert attention from this.  The politically correct news media will attempt to lay blame on everything but the truth.  Fact is these two murderers are solely responsible for their terrorism, along with blaming political correctness / diversity.   

The American news media and some Federal law enforcement agencies can be expected to report information that has been cleansed to meet politically correct approval.  The get the accurate news on this story one may try the foreign press such as:

Media in the United Kingdom
Pravda in Russia
The Sun News in Canada
In the USA:
The Washington Times
The New York Post
Fox News
Law Enforcement:
The Boston Police Department


Boston bomb suspect’s father warns hell will break loose if son dies:

“Chechnya: A History of Horrors:”

Chechen President, blame USA not Chechnya:

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Terrorist caught, now what?

1 - Now he will lawyer-up. 
2 - He will then portray himself as a victim persuaded by his older brother to commit the act of terrorism.
3 - High dollar lawyers will line up to handle his case pro bono (free).
4 - There will be book deals and sympatric television interviews.
5 - The Hollywood movie illustrating how due to American policies they were driven to do what they did.

The political correct circus now begins.

Timothy McVeigh was executed six years after his act of terrorism.
Want to bet in 2019 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev  (Boston terrorist) will still be alive?

Already the media started lamenting he was not read his so-called “Miranda rights.”

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

U.S. Secretary of State caves in to China
Since the lunatics in North Korea are bellowing out lunatic threatening statements the United States has increased military and missile defense in Asia.  The commies in The Hermit Kingdom of North Korea threatened to target Tokyo first if war breaks out on the Korean peninsula.  The war drums continue to be pounded by Kim Jong un.

In an attempt to demonstrate to the commies in North Korea America’s determination United States Secretary of State John Kerry (Democrat and absolute moron) visited the region.  Secretary Kerry went to Tokyo, Seoul, and Beijing. 

While talking with the commies in Beijing (red-China) Mr. Kerry asked the commies for their help in getting North Korea to abandon their nuclear arms development.  In returned he offered the red-Chinese America will reduce the recently enhanced missile defense in Asia.  This pleased the commies and they agreed to help because they feared an American military build-up in Asia.

Why?  Why would a non-belligerent nation with no evil designs fear the American military?  Easy answer:  The communist in China do not want the American military to block their evil intentions as oppose to having America to be able to react.  The commies want a weakened America in Asia so they can continue to steal islands from the Philippines, territorial waters and islands from Vietnam, the Senkaku Islands from Japan, and the big prize of Taiwan.        

Article referenced:,0,2999775.story

Article North Korean lunatics target Tokyo, Japan:

Excellent article of possible retaliation towards North Korea is the lunatics behave like lunatics:

Article on the situation with the commies in North Korea:

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Murdered babies in Philadelphia ignored by the news media

Murdered babies in Philadelphia
ignored by the news media
The trial of Philadelphia doctor, Kermit Gosnell who operated an abortion clinic is virtually being ignored by the news media in the USA.  Kermit Gosnell is accused of murdering several babies after birth.  It was reported he specialized in late-term abortions and if an aborted baby was born live, he or his staff would then murder the baby outside the womb. 

Authorities discovered his shop of horrors only by accident.  The authorities visited his clinic to investigate an allegation he wrote excessive prescriptions for oxycontin.  That is when they discovered the gruesome evidence of the murdered babies.  Such as baby feet and other parts in jars. 

The American news media is ignoring this trail because it would shed a negative story on abortions and infanticide.  The news media is invested in political correctness and protecting abortions.  If all these babies were murdered by an automatic rifle it would be front page news for days.

When a football player Michael Vick murdered / tortured dogs that made nationwide news.  However infanticide and the media are silent.  The American news media once again guilty of Constitutional malfeasance.     

Excellent article concerning the news media ignoring this story:

Additional article:

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Liberals hacked into Wikipedia

Liberals hacked into Wikipedia

Here is an example of the lack of tolerance by liberals / leftist in the USA.  One of the liberal drones hacked into the Wikipedia entry about conservative author “Richard Miniter.”  The hacker (liberal / leftist) inserted about the writer “investigative clown.”

Mr. Miniter has caught the ire of the left / liberals because he wrote a book critical of President Barack Obama (a liberal Democrat - oops the term “liberal Democrat” in the USA is an oxymoron).

Here is the link and it has been corrected:

Japan: Do not trust John Kerry

Hey Japan, John Kerry is a Democrat and you cannot trust USA Democrats when it comes to using the U.S. military in defense of our allies.    

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello Sea Shepherd, Japanese Coast Guard calling…….
(click above photograph to see related video)

In February of this year the federal U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals labeled Sea Shepherd as “pirates,” and issued an injunction preventing Sea Shepherd from sailing with five-hundred yards of the Japanese whaling fleet.

Many Sea Shepherd supporters / suckers screamed the court had no jurisdiction in the Southern Ocean nor over the vessels.  Claiming the vessels were registered in Australia and belonged to Sea Shepherd Australia, not Sea Shepherd USA.

Their boasting and bravado was shortsighted and temporary without any thought to the ramifications down the road.  It seems like the “down the road” part is upon us.  The government of Japan has correctly taken seriously the Court’s labeling of Sea Shepherd.  To Japan Sea Shepherd is now officially a pirate group.

With this official labeling the Japanese Diet (Parliament) is considering legislation that would permit the Japanese Coast Guard, armed, to interdict Sea Shepherd’s illegal activities towards the Japanese whaling fleet.  The 2013 / 2014 whaling season will be interesting, if Sea Shepherd shows up.   

Article about Japanese Sea Shepherd pending legislation written in Japanese:

Same article above translated via Google (rather awkwardly):

Below is the link to the U.S. Court decision.  You may want to focus on the following sections of the decision:
Page 6, third paragraph
Page 8, last paragraph
Page 10, first paragraph
Page 11, last paragraph into page 12
Page 13, first paragraph

U.S. court decision:

Seattle Newspaper article summing up the court's decision:

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Japanese / Koreans demonstrate in Tokyo

Japanese / Koreans demonstrate in Tokyo
Recently there was a large demonstration in Japan by the Japanese in reference to Koreans living in Japan, specifically in Tokyo.

The people protesting Korean behavior were walking the in the street orderly with Japanese flags, placards, and bullhorns.  The Koreans protesting the protestors were following from the sidewalks.  The numerous bullhorns used by both were numerous.  The bullhorn business in Tokyo must be a lucrative one.

A protest symbol employed by the group on the sidewalk was flipping the bird (extending the middle finger in the air).  It is a rude and vulgar gesture only illustrating the negative behavior of the one extending the middle finger.  One gentleman in the sidewalk crowd was a little creative with this rude gesture.  He had a finger on a stick.  He fashioned what looked like a rubber glove on the end of a stick with the middle finger erect.         

The crowds were huge, noisy, excited, and peaceful.  The Tokyo Police exhibited extreme professionalism with their restrain and handling of this crowd.   

The grievances towards the Koreans are legion, too numerous to cover in this video.  One complaint is one that would infuriate most people living in a free society hosting those from an oppressive nation.  There is a private school in Tokyo for Koran students.  Innocent enough until you look at the front wall of the classrooms.  The front wall placed high are two photographs, one of Kim Il Sung, and Kim Jong Il.  The first two monstrous gangster leaders of Communist North Korea, The Hermit Kingdom.

If they are going to send their children to a school that pays homage and reverence to the gangster leaders of Communist North Korea, perhaps they should expand that reverence by moving to North Korea.          

The video mentioned and where the screenshots originated:

Articles about the Korean school in Tokyo:

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Friday, April 12, 2013

North Korea targets Tokyo

North Korea targets Tokyo

War drums on the Korean peninsula coming from north of the 38th parallel, The Hermit Kingdom, the commie regime of North Korea, DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea).  Their Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un or Kim Jong-unnecessary seems to be threatening anyone who would listen to him.     

The commie lunatics in North Korea stated if war breaks out on the Korean peninsula their first target to bomb will be Tokyo.  Are these commies geography challenged or victims of an American public school education within the last thirty years?  Tokyo is not located on the Korean peninsula; it is the capital city of Japan across the Sea of Japan from the Korean peninsula. 

Japan is minding its own business in the war of words coming from the commies, and yet Japan is target number one.  To the commies when any goes wrong for them, blame Japan, then the USA and South Korea.  They seem to blame Japan for their ills as Sea Shepherd’s “pope Paul the Watson” (fugitive Paul Watson) blames Japan for all his ills.  North Korea and Sea Shepherd share a common scapegoat to blame and that is Japan.

With all the off the wall rhetoric coming out of The Hermit Kingdom (North Korea) are a lot of
photographs with Dear Leader Kim Jon-un and his military puppet masters.  The hats worn by these puppet masters are rather odd.  Some look like teapots turn upside down.  What is the origin of these peculiar bonnets worn by these nuts?  

Remember: North Korea targets Tokyo.

Article North Korean lunatics target Tokyo, Japan:

Excellent article of possible retaliation towards North Korea is the lunatics behave like lunatics:

Article on the situation with the commies in North Korea:

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NOTE:  The video at the end of the Japanese flag (Nisshoki) from a Hanshin Tigers baseball game in Osaka, Japan, Hanshin Koshien Stadium, videoed April, 2012.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sea Shepherd needs money

Donate money to Sea Shepherd

According to articles Sea Shepherd is begging for money outside the USA to fund their next harassment campaign in the Southern Ocean against the whalers from Japan.  They claim since a U.S. court as declared Sea Shepherd to be pirates, funds from the USA dried up.  Huh? 

Once again another scheme to get suckers to part with their money.  While a federal court in the USA did label the cult group as pirates, it did not revoke their tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service – IRS.  Meaning it is still legal to donate to Sea Shepherd in the USA.  Their suckers in the USA will still continue to donate to this group as long as the IRS tax exempt status is valid. 

Once again Sea Shepherd is demonstrating their primary mission is to get suckers to part with their money.  Guess is suckers from Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Australia will part with enough money to fill the donation void from the USA. 

These modern snake-oil salesmen do not allow any event to pass without exploiting it for money.   

Related articles Sea Shepherd begging for money:


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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Serbia Kosovo Independence, a brief overview

Serbia Kosovo Independence, a brief overview

The region of Eastern Europe is known as The Balkans consisting of about 13 ethnic groups.  The people in this region identify themselves primarily by their ethnic identity rather than the nation of their habitation.  Over the centuries the national borders in this region have been fluid while their ethnic heritage the only constant. 

Whereas in the United States (USA) once were taught of America as a melting pot.  Where may   Have during the past 30 years the liberals in America have been attempting to Balkanize the United States of America by pushing something called Diversity.  That is where one is taught their ethnic heritage is paramount to their American citizenship.  Once again proving liberalism is a mental disorder.   
ethnic groups migrated and melting into one American culture.

The nation of Yugoslavia under Communist leader Tito was part of the Evil Empire, behind the Iron Curtain dominated by the Soviet Union, USSR (Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics).  When the Evil Empire collapsed in the early 1990’s, Yugoslavia broke up into Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia.

Serbia consists of Serbian Christians, while the southern region of Serbia known as Kosovo is predominately inhabited by Albanian Muslims.  Recently Kosovo declared their independence from Serbia.  This caused the extreme anger on the part of the Serbians.

One would think since the two are ethnically diverse and have nothing but ill feelings towards one another, this declaration of independence would have been welcomed by both parties.  Wrong! 

Back in 1389 when Kosovo was part of Serbia a battle was fought against the Ottoman Empire, the Turks.  The battle field was in Kosovo (Kosovo Field) where the Serbs were defeated by the Ottomans thus making Serbia a vassal state in the Empire.  This battle ground is the site where Serbs lost their independence as such the ground is scared hallow ground to Serbs.  Much like the World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan (9/11 attack), Gettysburg (American Civil War), Yorktown (last major battle of the American Revolution), and Pearl Harbor (the attack on the American fleet on December 7th, 1941) are scared sights to Americans. 

Because of the emotion attached to this battlefield in Kosovo, the Serbs do not want their battlefield to be part of another nation, thus the reason for the conflict and emotion associated with Kosovo independence.

Note:  This video first appeared on this channel December, 2008.  Reposting now to reach new subscribers and viewers since then.  This is an important issue “Balkanization” needed to be explained.

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