Friday, December 30, 2011

Sea Shepherd Brigitte Bardot met a Divine Wind

The cult group Sea Shepherd with their trust-fund baby cultists in the rust bucket garbage scows, led by the cult leader Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, the Paulrus named their anti-Japanese campaign “Divine Wind,” which in Japanese is “Kamikaze.” Their “Divine Wind” campaign was hit with a divine wind causing them to pass wind.

She Shepherd’s three vessels were in three different parts of the Southern Ocean in pursuit of the Japanese whalers. Their Brigitte Bardot was caught in a storm a Divine Wind” causing a wave to slam into the vessel, resulting in a cracked hull and pontoon. They issued a distress call and the Bob Barker came to the rescue, or did they?
Sea Shepherd "Passing Wind" campaign

When their vessel the Bob Barker arrived they transferred supplies and fuel from the Brigitte Bardot to the Bob Barker. The Bob Barker then left and resumed their hunt for the Japanese whalers. They left the crew of the Brigitte Bardot on the stranded vessel to wait in the rough frigged waters for the Steve Irwin to arrive. Did they leave them Kool Aid?

This is was cultist do, no concern for their well being risking lives to please the cult leader. How sick is that? The Steve Irwin arrives and now both headed to Australia with the Brigitte Bardot in tow. How long before we read the cable snapped?

The propagandist at She Shepherd called it a “rogue wave.” No such thing as a “rogue wave” on the high seas in a storm. It was karma, pay-back for bastardizing the term Kamikaze – Divine Wind

Remember in 2010 when the Ady Gil committed suicide (sayonara) it too was being towed when all of a sudden the cable snapped, allowing the towing vessel to resume the harassment of the Japanese fleet. Can we hear the cable snapping now on the Brigit Bardot? Thus allowing the Steve Irwin to resume their harassment activities while permitting Sea Shepherd from having to pay a $200,000 Australian tax?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sea Shepherd Brigitte Bardot slammed by a Divine Wind

The cult group Sea Shepherd with their trust-fund baby cultists in the rust bucket garbage scows, led by the cult leader Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, the Paulrus named their anti-Japanese campaign “Divine Wind,” which in Japanese is “Kamikaze.”

Sea Shepherd hit by rogue wave
Basiclly She Shepherd bastardized a Japanese term. While in the Southern Ocean looking to harass the Japanese mariners one of their rust buckets (vessel) a trimaran named Brigitte Bardot was in search of the Japanese fleet. The Brigitte Bardot issues a distress call after being slammed by huge waves (a Divine Wind) in a storm.

Sea Shepherd "Passing Wind" 
The propagandist at She Shepherd called it a “rogue wave.” No such thing as a “rogue wave” on the high seas in a storm. It was karma, pay-back for bastardizing the term Kamikaze – Divine Wind. As of this writing Sea Shepherd’s Steve Irwin was towing the Brigitte Bardot to Australia for repairs. Will it make it?

Remember in 2010 when the Ady Gil committed suicide (sayonara) it too was being towed when all of a sudden the cable snapped, allowing the towing vessel to resume the harassment of the Japanese fleet. Can we hear the cable snapping now on the Brigit Bardot? Thus allowing the Steve Irwin to resume their harassment activities while permitting Sea Shepherd from having to pay a $200,000 Australian tax?

The year 2011 has been wrought with failures for Sea Shepherd:

- Failed to get dramatic video from the Japanese in January / February
       - Got rough up by Tunisian Bluefin tuna fishermen in the Mediterranean Sea
       - Slapped with a lawsuit from a Tunisian fish company
       - Failed to stop the harvesting of whales in the Faroe Islands
       - Slapped with a lawsuit from Japanese whalers in the USA state of Washington
       - Got arrested in Taiji, Japan.
       - Named their harassment campaign against the Japanese only to be slammed by a Divine Wind.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sea Shepherd’s “Divine Wind” campaign was hit by a Divine Wind

Sea Shepherd Brigitte Bardot vessel 
Sea Shepherd’s “Divine Wind” campaign was hit by a Divine Wind

Sea Shepherd named their current campaign to harass the Japanese mariners in the Southern Ocean “Divine Wind,” which in Japanese is “Kamikaze.”

“Kamikaze” the name for the winds that devastated the Mongolian invasion fleets in the 1200’s from reaching Japan.

During World War Two “Kamikaze” was used to name the pilots who flew their planes into American war ships to help prevent an invasion of Japan.

Sea Shepherd Brigitte Bardot hit by a wave
Seems like another “divine wind” has helped Japan again. The rust bucket garbage scow named “Brigitte Bardot” belonging to Sea Shepherd has been hit by a divine wave. Cracking the hull and a pontoon causing a distress call. Sea Shepherd’s “Divine Wind” campaign was hit by a divine wind causing the divine wave. Ha ha ha ha……
Sea Shepherd Brigitte Bardot cracked from the wave
Seems like Sea Shepherd’s “Divine Wind” campaign was more like a “passing wind.”

This of course will provide dramatic video needed by Captain Kangaroo for Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet “Whale Wars.”

Remember it ain’t over until the fat lady sings…..

Did the "fat lady" sing for Sea Shepherd?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

God? Hedging your bets......

Those of us who know God exists for the purpose of this video, I would write (say), we believe God exist as Atheist believe God does not exist. We who believe conduct our lives with this belief in the hopes of joining God in the afterlife.

Hypothetical: We believers die and guess what? The Atheist were correct, no God, no afterlife. So what did we lose by believing in something that does not exist? Nothing, because we attempted to live a good life and nothing is lost by such an existence.

No take the Atheist: Sure many live a good and morale life; however they firmly believe there is no God, no afterlife. Now for this discussion the Atheist and sure enough there is God and the afterlife. So now what did the Atheist lose? Answer: eternity!

So for those of you who are not sure, why not believe and secure your eternity. Of course that belief would have to be sincere. To be noted: my religious beliefs go deeper than hedging my bet.

Traveling Tony and the AAA Tour book

Planning to take two short trips in Texas sent off for the AAA Tour book (American Automobile Association) and AAA map of Texas. In the planning will use computer generated information and on the road will use Garmin Nuvi 1300T GPS.

However to determine hotels to stay out, felt comfortable with the AAA Tour book. In the Tour book there are many icons to alert the reader to various services offered by different hotels. One such icon is an “ECO” in a small green box. This icon represents “…indicates lodgings that have been certified by well-established government and/or private eco-certification organizations. “ My interpretation: those are the hotels I will not be using as I have a very low tolerance for political correctness, which this icon smells of. Thank you AAA for alerting as to what hotel joints to avoid.

The paper AAA Texas map is needed as I am 61 years old. Meaning I need to identify rest areas with facilities as they would be needed every three hours on the road. Unable to locate similar information on the Garmin GPS or Internet maps.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Nikon D3100 DSLR a simplistic glowing report / review

Purchased a DSLR Nikon D3100 camera with 18-55 VR KIT (18-55mm lens included), additional purchase AF-S Nikkor 55-200mm lens.

Also bought a companion books, “Nikon D3100 for Dummies.” A manual comes with the camera, however for a DSLR novice, the “Dummies” book is recommended.

Backyard, 4th of July parade, Washington, DC trip, and assorted photographs used to illustrate the magnificent work produced by this camera set in the “automatic” mode. The camera is 14 megapixels.

If you are going to use the video mode of this camera, suggest using a tripod. If going to pan videoing strongly suggest using a fluid-head tripod.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sea Shepherd the drone, the web, and the fat lady

Fat lady of Sea Shepherd
The cult group led by the cult leader Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, The Paulrus with their rust bucket garbage scows are in the Southern Ocean on their new campaign “Passing Wind.”

News from the cult is their drone has located the Japanese whaling fleet and their minions around the globe are jubilant. Could it be the prey was led to the spider’s web? Remember it is not over until the fat lady sings.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sea Shepherd 2011 the year of failure

Sea Shepherd 2011 the year of failure

Happy New Year to all and thanks to Sea Shepherd for a year of complete failures. This video is a review of their failures:
Sea Shepherd failure
The Japanese whaling mariners ended their whaling season a month early. This resulted in depriving She Shepherd from getting valuable dramatic video they need for Discovery Channel, Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars.” The cult leader, Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, The Paulrus was quoted as saying because the Japanese mariners ended a month early, he was 75% sure this ended the Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean. Really? As this video was being made the Japanese whaling fleet set sail for the Southern Ocean to start the 2011 – 2012 whaling season. Sea Shepherd FAILURE!

In search of the needed dramatic video the cult group sails into the Mediterranean Sea to antagonize the Bluefin tuna fishermen from Tunisia. She Shepherd with their phony badge and smug self-righteous bellowing claim to be enforcing laws either real or imagined. To their shock, horror and surprise of these trust-fund babies the Tunisian fishermen gave them their what-fors. They harassed Sea Shepherd using the same tactics on Sea Shepherd as Sea Shepherd used on others. Not being able to handle payback they left the Mediterranean while the Tunisians continued to gather the Bluefin tunas. Sea Shepherd FAILURE!

See related video:

The cultists on their way to the Faroe Islands in an continued effort to search for that elusive dramatic video stop in Scotland. There the Scottish authorities impound Sea Shepherd’s rust bucket garbage scow responding to a law suit against Sea Shepherd from the Tunisian fishermen (a Maltese fishing company “Fish and Fish” or “F & F”). Sea Shepherd then begged for donations from suckers around the world to pay the bond needed to release the vessel. The suckers paid and the vessel was released. Sea Shepherd FAILURE!

Sea Shepherd is in the Faroe Islands to stop the decedents of the Vikings from harvesting the whales that swim into their fjords. The thinking was these good people being a no-nonsense and hardy folks would provide the dramatic video needed upon provocation. The cult employed numerous provocative tactics however the people of the Faroe Islands were firm and did not respond as the cult wished they would. After a few weeks of no video the cowards sailed out of the Faroe Islands. Soon the whales joyfully entered the fjords to be harvested and provide free food for the good people. Sea Shepherd FAILURE!

The ICR (Institute of Cetacean Research) in Japan filed a lawsuit in the United States of America – USA, the state of Washington in a federal court seeking an injunction to halt Sea Shepherd’s dangerous and childish activities in the Southern Ocean. Sea Shepherd FAILURE.

While the cultists were taking in the sun in summer time Australia, the good people in the Faroe Islands were harvesting numerous whales without any of the cultists from She Shepherd in sight. Sea Shepherd FAILURE!

Sea Shepherd’s group the Cove Guardians in Taiji, Japan harassing the inhabitants of this community investing the area with fleas, tics, lice, and yeast infection. One member of the cult was arrested for allegedly shoving a Taiji citizen. Causing Sea Shepherd to complain that in Japan one can be held in custody for twenty-eight days without being charged. Really? If that upsets them, then do not go to Japan. Sea Shepherd FAILURE.

Sea Shepherd cult
The rust bucket garbage scows belonging to Sea Shepherd left Australia sailing towards the Southern Ocean when the cult leader Captain Kangaroo complains about the Australian government. Captain Kangaroo has been quoted as saying, “This government has been extremely hostile from the beginning." He is upset because the Australian government advised before they return to Australia they must first stop in another nation to avoid being charged with a tax bill of around $200,000. This cult group has been Waltzing and now turned on them. Sea Shepherd FAILURE!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dear Leader of North Korea dead and now worm food

“The Hermit Kingdom” of North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) has a new leader a commie, their third gangster leader since the founding of the disgusting commie gangster regime in 1948. Leadership Dear Leader roster:

Kim Il-Sung – First bum and dead, now titled “Eternal President”

Kim Jong-Il – recently died and now worm food

Kim Jong Un – current Dear Leader and so far still among the living.

The commie gangsters rule over a starving nation. That is what commies do, they starve their populace. Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union (USSR – commie land) known as “Uncle Joe” by the adoring American news media was responsible for the death by starvation of around 30 million Russians.

Mao Zedong commie thug of The Middle Kingdom, commie-led China not to be outdone by “Uncle Joe,” was also responsible for the death by starvation of around 30 million of his fellow countrymen.

When nations and charitable groups ship food to North Korea, the peasants do not get the food, the commies, their families, and the military get the food. The donating nations and charitable groups make no attempt to verify if the food is being distributed to the hungry.

Hungry North Korean women escaping cross the North Korean Chinese border into China. Once in China they are intercepted by brokers. These brokers then sell these hungry women into concubines, as house servants, or wives for men in China. Most of these women after being sold do not object as long as they are fed each day and escape the starvation and cruel life in North Korea.

Women escaping North Korea:

The first Dear Leader Kim Il-Sung believed if a person committed a crime be it civil or political, the “bad seed” extended to three generations. Resulting in the alleged criminal, the spouse, children, and grandchildren all being imprisoned in a series of concentration camps located throughout North Korea, north of the 38th parallel, the DMZ.

They have one camp, “Camp 22” housing 50,000 prisons being worked and starved.

Related prison camps article:

Camp 22 – 50,000 prisoners:

Between 1977 and 1983 the commies kidnapped 70 to 80 Japanese citizens. The nuts in North Korea even admit to kidnapping only 13 – meaning they ADMIT to the kidnappings. Incidentally, they also kidnap South Korean citizens.

Japanese citizens kidnapped by the commies in North Korea:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wukan, China the Asian Spring in The Middle Kingdom?

In the Southeast part of China a region called Guangdong, the village of Wukan of about 20,000 residents, the villagers are infuriated with the commie authorities.

The local commie thug gangsters have been confiscating and selling land belonging to people to developers. The people had enough and conducted a massive demonstration. The commie police brutalized the citizens, but the protest continued.

After time the gangster commie authorities agreed to meet with representatives of the villages. When the four leaders returned home, they were arrested. One of them died while in the commie jail. His body was bruised. The commies said that is a natural condition of a body after death. Sure if the death was caused by beatings.

The villages protested, the commie authorities and commie police ran out of town. The police blocked roads to the village not allowing anyone to leave or enter and blocking all food deliveries to the village. Basically the commies were engaged in an old fashion medieval siege. The village is located on the coast and is a fishing community. The commies are prohibiting the fishing vessels to leave port to fish. Remember Chairman Mao (gangster in charge) was responsible for starving around 30 million of his own people, so what is the big deal of doing the same to a village of 20,000?

The is the commie way of suppressing the demonstrations humanely. Instead of sending the police in with bullets they selected to starve the populace. The commies in the past justified their oppressive governance claiming it is needed to control the massive population of China, The Middle Kingdom in commie-led land.

This village is without authorities and without police and very peaceful. People are sitting the cafes, and there is not run on the grocery stores or hoarding of food. There is a cauldron of freedom boiling in China, there is light at the end of the commie tunnel.

An article printed in The Dallas Morning News – DMN, reprinted from The McClatchy Newspapers, by their Beijing bureau reporter Tom Lasseter was interesting. The article read that the villages did not blame the Communist Party in Beijing but he local corrupt officials. Hello, the local corrupt officials are all members of the Communist Party, and that party is headquartered in Beijing.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Garlic Powder from Commie-land, beware of Supermarket subterfuge

Finding garlic powder in the USA not made in China (commie-led land) can be a challenge especially with those who sell such products practice of art of avoidance.

Spice Islands Garlic Powder states “product of the United States.” Now understand that term also can have multiple meanings, however overtly it does not read “made in China.”

Gourmet Collection from McCormick Garlic Powder, the company McCormick when telephoned stated the contents of this products comes from farms in California.

Kroger has a store brand their Private Selection – PS selling garlic powder labeled on the front “California Garlic Powdered.” When the 800 number appearing on the labeled was telephoned, the person answering could not state where the product comes from. After read this, did you antennas go up?

Why the avoidance of garlic from China? In the past few years headlines have been screaming about tainted and / or poison foods coming out of China both for export and domestic consumption. The thinking is if some food producers in China do not mind inserting poisons in foods for domestic consumption (for their own people), what do you think they do to food intended for the American market, with the USA being the nation the commies train them to hate?

Law passes allowing the detention of American citizens without due process

Both houses of the United States Congress, the Senate, and House of Representatives passed legislation titled, “National Defense Authorization Act” – NDAA. This legislation will allow the military to detain indefinitely citizens of these here United States of America suspected of terroristic activities on American soil. Thus abridging the Constitutional right of due process.

In the Senate: SB 1867 passed 97 to 7.

In the House of Representatives: HR 1540 passed 283 – 136

Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of this infraction signed by President Barack Obama (Democrat).

An article appeared in The Dallas Morning News DMN headlined “Defense bill passes despite debate over detainee handling.” Reprinted from the McClatchy Newspapers, hidden on page seven. That is because there is a Democrat in The White House, President Obama. Had it been President Bush (Republican) it would have been front page news.

When the Congress passed the Patriot Act in October, 2001, the liberals, news media, Democrats, pervert thespians in Hollywood, and the hate-America crowd in academia all screamed and belly-ached it was unconstitutional and deprived Americans of basic and protected Constitutional rights.

How come these groups are virtually silent today with the signing of the NDAA, abridging due process in the USA?

The 5th and 6th Amendments to the United States Constitution were trampled upon:

Sixth Amendment:

"In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence,"

Fifth Amendment:

"No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."

A clear case of incrementalism, today it is those suspected of terrorism, tomorrow who knows who will be next. Can anyone say “martial law?”

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Friday, December 16, 2011

China, commie-led land, had or has free speech?

The Constitution of the People’s Republic of China (commie led China dominated by the Communist Party) in Chapter II, Article 35, reads:

“Citizens of the People’s Republic of China enjoy freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of association, of procession and or demonstration.”

Huh? Have the commie gangsters in Beijing in charge of the thugocracy read Article 35 of their Constitution?

Beijing announced new and additional curbs on television (TV), and blogging (the Internet). The commies are calling for tighter control over the Internet and punish those who spread harmful information. “Punish” seems to be their favorite word.

The commies are trying to root out excessive vulgar tendencies in the entertainment industry. Rather than violate their own constitution, how about honoring international law and obeying copyright and stop pirating the filth coming out of Hollywood? Hollywood is a cesspool of filth, stop that illegal invasion first.

One microbloger in China was quoted as saying this would be harmful to free speech? “Harmful to free speech? Where has he been living? What free speech in commie-led China?

This new and additional crackdown seems to be a result of the uprisings in the Middle East. The Middle Kingdom has no desire to repeat what happened in the Middle East.

This kind of censorship, oppression are only the actions of an illegitimate and insecure government, a communist government run by gangsters.

The article referenced in this video from The Dallas Morning News (DMN), reprinted from The New York Times (NYT), titled “Beijing slaps new curbs on TV, blogging.”

Link to news article related to this video”

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

lapse photography vs video

Nikon D3100 – for time laps photographs

Canon VIXIA HF M31 – to video the close up instruction on how to program the device. Also used to create the comparison video of the Interstate interchange ramp.

Note: Music “Farmyard Blues” from NeoSounds

Monday, December 12, 2011

Whaling: Tsunami funds, law suit, and Sea Shepherd's pilot - the truth

Reading many headlines appearing on Australian news sites and mimicked in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, leads one to believe something that is not true. The money given to the Japanese whaling industry is not coming from charitable donations made to assists the victims of the 11 March 2011 earthquake / tsunami.

Those funds are still be administered by the charities at their description. The money given to the Japanese mariners are from the Japanese government, from the Japanese taxpayers. Basically this is the concern of the Japanese people and Japanese tax payers, all others: mind your own business.

The money is part of funds allocated for the redevelopment of the impacted areas. Part of this redevelopment is too inspire the economic sector of the communities located on the coastal regions. The communities earn the livelihood from the sea and the feeder businesses to this industry. The whaling mariners are part of this community. They live, shop, and work in these communities. The whales they bring back are processed in these communities, all of which spur economic activity contributing to the development of the region.

The Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) has filed a lawsuit in these here United States of America, the state of Washington (located in the Pacific Northwest of the USA), in a federal court looking to get an injunction to stop Sea Shepherd’s dangerous and illegal activities in the Southern Ocean. Sea Shepherd organization has its organizational charter issued from the state of Washington.

The cult leader Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, the Paulrus, said something to the effect this is a frivolous lawsuit and will basically have no impact upon their activities in the Southern Ocean. Perhaps so, however as their hero Chairman Mao Ze dong (Mau Tse Tung) is reported to have said, “Every long journey begins with one small step.”

If the injunction is granted, it is but a small step in the right direction.

The cult leader Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, the Paulrus has been reported to have accused the Australian government of denying Sea Shepherd’s American helicopter pilot Chris Aultman a visa to enter the country. Leading people to believe perhaps there is a sinister reason, collusion between the governments of Australia and Japan. Really?

Please click on the link below and advice the video to the 3:15 point. There is an Australian newsman talking to Australia’s Environmental Minister Tony Burke and asked if the Australian government was withholding the visa for the American pilot. Mr. Burke replied “no.”

Please start at 3:15:

Related news article:

Did the cult leader Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, the Paulrus, tell a lie? See folks, that is what cult leaders do, they lie to their minions. Perhaps it is time for the parents of these minions to engage their wayward offspring in an intervention.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

China's Uyghur killing fields in East Turkistan (Xinjiang)

The commies in China have been harvesting organs from political prisoners from Uyghur (Uighurs) and Tibetans in Tibet and East Turkistan (Xinjiang). The commies shot a bullet in the victim’s chest not killing the person, but the spot the bullet hit acts like an anesthesia knocking the victim unconscious. The commies have discovered an organ extracted from a live body has a lower incident of rejection than an organ harvested from a dead body (a cadaver). Because of this the organ brings in a premium price.

A 17 year old Uyghur male named Noor-UL-Islam Sherbaz was arrested by the commies and charged with murder. His murder trial lasted thirty minutes and he was convicted to live in a commie prison. At this 30 minute trial a video was shown of a crowd beating the victim to death; however Mr. Sherbaz was not in the video. The commies showed a second video with Mr. Sherbaz in the area however not in the crowd and nothing in his hands. The last video taken two months after the incident and after two months of being in jail, minimal food, and daily beatings, Mr. Sherbaz confessed.

On a day his mother visited him in prison he mysteriously died. Some say by lethal injection. Was he murdered for his healthy organs? The commies refused to turn his body over to this family. Hiding something?

A crowd of Uighurs protesting in front of a commie police station, all unarmed resulting in the commie police firing point blank into the crowd murdering four hundred innocent Uighurs.

When you have a choice and your purchase an item that is “made in China,” you are then support this barbaric behavior of stealing organs from live bodies. Just picture the “made in China” you hold in your hand as being a blood soaked stolen organ from a live body, also “made in China.”

News article referenced in this video:

Movie: “The 10 Conditions of Love” about Rebiya Kadeer:

Uyghur’s in America:

The commie trial of Noor-UL-Islam Sherbaz:

Previous videos posted about the Uyghur's in Xinjiang region of China:

Hu Zhicheng an American citizen refused by the commies to leave China

Hu Zhicheng is a naturalized citizen of these here United States of America – USA. He was born in The Middle Kingdom, commie-led China, and migrated to the USA. Educated at M.I.T., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has a doctorate in engineering. He also has 48 patents and science awards.

In 2004 he returned to China when he noticed the intense air pollution resulting from automobile exhaust. He went into business creating catalytic converters for Chinas expanding auto industry. The catalytic converters are in about 50% of all automobiles manufactured in commie-led land.

A business decision was made to drop one of the supplies for failing to meet quality standards. The company is Hysci Specialty Materials Company based in Tianjin. The chief executive of the company Dou Shihua sent Tianjin public security agents to Wuxi Weifu to force Mr. Hu to change his mind. The police falsely accused him of having stolen trade secrets and suggested charges will be dropped if he did business with the dropped company. He refused, got arrested and served 17 months in a commie prison.

The commie prosecutors realizing their case was too weak even for a commie court dropped the charges and released Mr. Hu. However Mr. Hu was refused at the airport to board a plane for the USA stating he was wanted by the commies in Tianjin. When the authorities were contacted in Tianjin they said he was not wanted. However the commies refuse to let him fly out of commie-land.

Other commie victims in The Middle Kingdom:

Stern Hua, Chinese-Australian mining executive detained because of Rio Tinto. Sentenced to 10 years in a closed trail – welcome to commie justice.

Wo Weihan, Chines biomedical researcher tried in secret accused of espionage, his crimes never disclosed.

Xue Feng, Chinese-American geologist serving 8 years tortured during interrogation.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Afghanistan victimizes a rape victim, bring the troops home

The United States of America has been in Afghanistan for ten years trying to bring security, peace, and civilization to the nation. Really?

A young lady named Gulnaz is serving a 12 year sentence for having sex out of wedlock, charged with committing adultery with a cousin from marriage. One problem: she was raped by this cousin and he too was imprisoned. She is the rape victim and further victimized by the culture, legal system in Afghanistan.

However recently the president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai announced a pardon for the rape victim. Not so fast! President Karzai only agreed to the pardon after Gulnaz agreed to marry her rapists, then both her and her rapist will be freed to live happily ever after. Oh, while in jail Gulnaz gave birth to a child resulting from the rape, so the three will be free to live, the rapist free from jail, Gulnaz living with her rapist and the child admits this family unit.

To call these people barbaric or uncivilized is an insult to barbarians and the uncivilized. It is repulsive to think American men and women are forfeiting their lives and health to protect a society that jails rape victims. Bring the boys and girls home back to America.

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Video news report:

Water for Whooping Cranes, no water for humans

The state of Texas has been stricken with a devastating drought. The Guadalupe River feeds into the Gulf of Mexico through tidal pools and marshes where whooping cranes spend the winter. The fresh water from the Guadalupe River in these marshes creates an environment for a type of crab the wintering whooping cranes eat for protein.

Before the Guadalupe River empties into the marshes a few cities upriver pump water out of the river to supply drinking water for the populations. Between the drought and the pumping of the water, resulted in reduce fresh water into the marshes causing a decrease in the crabs depriving the whooping crane of food.

An environmental group “The Aransas Project” filed a federal lawsuit claiming the birds are an endangered species demanding the cities reduce their water intake. Basically it is okay to deprive humans living in a drought stricken state water so the whooping cranes can eat crabs.

Another case of out of control animal rights wackos / extreme environmentalist out to protect creatures while endangering humans. No problem.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sea Shepherd not in the Faroe Islands to stop whaling

Link to the full Faroe Island video:

Corresponding video on the PropagandaBuster channel:

Summer of 2011 the cult group Sea Shepherd went to the Faroe Islands to prevent whales from being harvested. While in the Faroe Islands whale were not harvested by the people of the Faroe Islands. No, not because of She Shepherd, but because no whales entered the fjords of the Faroe Islands surrendering to become food for the good people, descendants of the Vikings.

As soon as the cult left the Faroe Islands in their rust buckets with Cabin Boy (Peter Helmethead), Captain Kangaroo (Admiral Beauregard Watson, “The Paulrus), and assorted minions / cultists, the whales started swimming into the fjords of the Faroe Islands.

Since the summer to date whales have been slaughtered in the Faroe Islands by the hundreds providing a feast of free food for the good people of the islands. Where is She Shepherd while this massive slaughter is taking place? Why of course they are enjoying the Australian summer relaxing, taking in the sun, and enjoying celebrity status among the Australians and Waltzing with Matilda in Hobart.

They claim they are waiting for the Japanese whaling fleet to leave Japan to start the whaling season in the Southern Ocean. These coward cultist eco terrorist seem to always be where the whales are not. Are these self-proclaimed defenders of the whales actually scared of the whales?

This video highlights a Faroe Island video about a recent “grind,” and nowhere in the video footage can Sea Shepherd be located.
Sea Shepherd NOT in the Faroe Islands

No whales in the Faroe Islands, Sea Shepherd is there. Whales being harvested in the Faroe Islands, Sea Shepherd is taking in the sun in summer time Australia the land “down under” Waltzing with Matilda.

“Waltzing Matilda,” from