Tuesday, December 27, 2011

God? Hedging your bets......

Those of us who know God exists for the purpose of this video, I would write (say), we believe God exist as Atheist believe God does not exist. We who believe conduct our lives with this belief in the hopes of joining God in the afterlife.

Hypothetical: We believers die and guess what? The Atheist were correct, no God, no afterlife. So what did we lose by believing in something that does not exist? Nothing, because we attempted to live a good life and nothing is lost by such an existence.

No take the Atheist: Sure many live a good and morale life; however they firmly believe there is no God, no afterlife. Now for this discussion the Atheist and sure enough there is God and the afterlife. So now what did the Atheist lose? Answer: eternity!

So for those of you who are not sure, why not believe and secure your eternity. Of course that belief would have to be sincere. To be noted: my religious beliefs go deeper than hedging my bet.

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