Friday, December 9, 2011

Water for Whooping Cranes, no water for humans

The state of Texas has been stricken with a devastating drought. The Guadalupe River feeds into the Gulf of Mexico through tidal pools and marshes where whooping cranes spend the winter. The fresh water from the Guadalupe River in these marshes creates an environment for a type of crab the wintering whooping cranes eat for protein.

Before the Guadalupe River empties into the marshes a few cities upriver pump water out of the river to supply drinking water for the populations. Between the drought and the pumping of the water, resulted in reduce fresh water into the marshes causing a decrease in the crabs depriving the whooping crane of food.

An environmental group “The Aransas Project” filed a federal lawsuit claiming the birds are an endangered species demanding the cities reduce their water intake. Basically it is okay to deprive humans living in a drought stricken state water so the whooping cranes can eat crabs.

Another case of out of control animal rights wackos / extreme environmentalist out to protect creatures while endangering humans. No problem.

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