Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Traveling Tony and the AAA Tour book

Planning to take two short trips in Texas sent off for the AAA Tour book (American Automobile Association) and AAA map of Texas. In the planning will use computer generated information and on the road will use Garmin Nuvi 1300T GPS.

However to determine hotels to stay out, felt comfortable with the AAA Tour book. In the Tour book there are many icons to alert the reader to various services offered by different hotels. One such icon is an “ECO” in a small green box. This icon represents “…indicates lodgings that have been certified by well-established government and/or private eco-certification organizations. “ My interpretation: those are the hotels I will not be using as I have a very low tolerance for political correctness, which this icon smells of. Thank you AAA for alerting as to what hotel joints to avoid.

The paper AAA Texas map is needed as I am 61 years old. Meaning I need to identify rest areas with facilities as they would be needed every three hours on the road. Unable to locate similar information on the Garmin GPS or Internet maps.

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