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Sea Shepherd 2011 the year of failure

Sea Shepherd 2011 the year of failure

Happy New Year to all and thanks to Sea Shepherd for a year of complete failures. This video is a review of their failures:
Sea Shepherd failure
The Japanese whaling mariners ended their whaling season a month early. This resulted in depriving She Shepherd from getting valuable dramatic video they need for Discovery Channel, Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars.” The cult leader, Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, The Paulrus was quoted as saying because the Japanese mariners ended a month early, he was 75% sure this ended the Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean. Really? As this video was being made the Japanese whaling fleet set sail for the Southern Ocean to start the 2011 – 2012 whaling season. Sea Shepherd FAILURE!

In search of the needed dramatic video the cult group sails into the Mediterranean Sea to antagonize the Bluefin tuna fishermen from Tunisia. She Shepherd with their phony badge and smug self-righteous bellowing claim to be enforcing laws either real or imagined. To their shock, horror and surprise of these trust-fund babies the Tunisian fishermen gave them their what-fors. They harassed Sea Shepherd using the same tactics on Sea Shepherd as Sea Shepherd used on others. Not being able to handle payback they left the Mediterranean while the Tunisians continued to gather the Bluefin tunas. Sea Shepherd FAILURE!

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The cultists on their way to the Faroe Islands in an continued effort to search for that elusive dramatic video stop in Scotland. There the Scottish authorities impound Sea Shepherd’s rust bucket garbage scow responding to a law suit against Sea Shepherd from the Tunisian fishermen (a Maltese fishing company “Fish and Fish” or “F & F”). Sea Shepherd then begged for donations from suckers around the world to pay the bond needed to release the vessel. The suckers paid and the vessel was released. Sea Shepherd FAILURE!

Sea Shepherd is in the Faroe Islands to stop the decedents of the Vikings from harvesting the whales that swim into their fjords. The thinking was these good people being a no-nonsense and hardy folks would provide the dramatic video needed upon provocation. The cult employed numerous provocative tactics however the people of the Faroe Islands were firm and did not respond as the cult wished they would. After a few weeks of no video the cowards sailed out of the Faroe Islands. Soon the whales joyfully entered the fjords to be harvested and provide free food for the good people. Sea Shepherd FAILURE!

The ICR (Institute of Cetacean Research) in Japan filed a lawsuit in the United States of America – USA, the state of Washington in a federal court seeking an injunction to halt Sea Shepherd’s dangerous and childish activities in the Southern Ocean. Sea Shepherd FAILURE.

While the cultists were taking in the sun in summer time Australia, the good people in the Faroe Islands were harvesting numerous whales without any of the cultists from She Shepherd in sight. Sea Shepherd FAILURE!

Sea Shepherd’s group the Cove Guardians in Taiji, Japan harassing the inhabitants of this community investing the area with fleas, tics, lice, and yeast infection. One member of the cult was arrested for allegedly shoving a Taiji citizen. Causing Sea Shepherd to complain that in Japan one can be held in custody for twenty-eight days without being charged. Really? If that upsets them, then do not go to Japan. Sea Shepherd FAILURE.

Sea Shepherd cult
The rust bucket garbage scows belonging to Sea Shepherd left Australia sailing towards the Southern Ocean when the cult leader Captain Kangaroo complains about the Australian government. Captain Kangaroo has been quoted as saying, “This government has been extremely hostile from the beginning." He is upset because the Australian government advised before they return to Australia they must first stop in another nation to avoid being charged with a tax bill of around $200,000. This cult group has been Waltzing and now turned on them. Sea Shepherd FAILURE!

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get a life you freak,sea shephard does a great job in exposing the real threat to our oceans all you achieve is to glorify your own pathetic life.