Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wukan, China the Asian Spring in The Middle Kingdom?

In the Southeast part of China a region called Guangdong, the village of Wukan of about 20,000 residents, the villagers are infuriated with the commie authorities.

The local commie thug gangsters have been confiscating and selling land belonging to people to developers. The people had enough and conducted a massive demonstration. The commie police brutalized the citizens, but the protest continued.

After time the gangster commie authorities agreed to meet with representatives of the villages. When the four leaders returned home, they were arrested. One of them died while in the commie jail. His body was bruised. The commies said that is a natural condition of a body after death. Sure if the death was caused by beatings.

The villages protested, the commie authorities and commie police ran out of town. The police blocked roads to the village not allowing anyone to leave or enter and blocking all food deliveries to the village. Basically the commies were engaged in an old fashion medieval siege. The village is located on the coast and is a fishing community. The commies are prohibiting the fishing vessels to leave port to fish. Remember Chairman Mao (gangster in charge) was responsible for starving around 30 million of his own people, so what is the big deal of doing the same to a village of 20,000?

The is the commie way of suppressing the demonstrations humanely. Instead of sending the police in with bullets they selected to starve the populace. The commies in the past justified their oppressive governance claiming it is needed to control the massive population of China, The Middle Kingdom in commie-led land.

This village is without authorities and without police and very peaceful. People are sitting the cafes, and there is not run on the grocery stores or hoarding of food. There is a cauldron of freedom boiling in China, there is light at the end of the commie tunnel.

An article printed in The Dallas Morning News – DMN, reprinted from The McClatchy Newspapers, by their Beijing bureau reporter Tom Lasseter was interesting. The article read that the villages did not blame the Communist Party in Beijing but he local corrupt officials. Hello, the local corrupt officials are all members of the Communist Party, and that party is headquartered in Beijing.

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