Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dear Leader of North Korea dead and now worm food

“The Hermit Kingdom” of North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) has a new leader a commie, their third gangster leader since the founding of the disgusting commie gangster regime in 1948. Leadership Dear Leader roster:

Kim Il-Sung – First bum and dead, now titled “Eternal President”

Kim Jong-Il – recently died and now worm food

Kim Jong Un – current Dear Leader and so far still among the living.

The commie gangsters rule over a starving nation. That is what commies do, they starve their populace. Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union (USSR – commie land) known as “Uncle Joe” by the adoring American news media was responsible for the death by starvation of around 30 million Russians.

Mao Zedong commie thug of The Middle Kingdom, commie-led China not to be outdone by “Uncle Joe,” was also responsible for the death by starvation of around 30 million of his fellow countrymen.

When nations and charitable groups ship food to North Korea, the peasants do not get the food, the commies, their families, and the military get the food. The donating nations and charitable groups make no attempt to verify if the food is being distributed to the hungry.

Hungry North Korean women escaping cross the North Korean Chinese border into China. Once in China they are intercepted by brokers. These brokers then sell these hungry women into concubines, as house servants, or wives for men in China. Most of these women after being sold do not object as long as they are fed each day and escape the starvation and cruel life in North Korea.

Women escaping North Korea:

The first Dear Leader Kim Il-Sung believed if a person committed a crime be it civil or political, the “bad seed” extended to three generations. Resulting in the alleged criminal, the spouse, children, and grandchildren all being imprisoned in a series of concentration camps located throughout North Korea, north of the 38th parallel, the DMZ.

They have one camp, “Camp 22” housing 50,000 prisons being worked and starved.

Related prison camps article:

Camp 22 – 50,000 prisoners:

Between 1977 and 1983 the commies kidnapped 70 to 80 Japanese citizens. The nuts in North Korea even admit to kidnapping only 13 – meaning they ADMIT to the kidnappings. Incidentally, they also kidnap South Korean citizens.

Japanese citizens kidnapped by the commies in North Korea:

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