Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hu Zhicheng an American citizen refused by the commies to leave China

Hu Zhicheng is a naturalized citizen of these here United States of America – USA. He was born in The Middle Kingdom, commie-led China, and migrated to the USA. Educated at M.I.T., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has a doctorate in engineering. He also has 48 patents and science awards.

In 2004 he returned to China when he noticed the intense air pollution resulting from automobile exhaust. He went into business creating catalytic converters for Chinas expanding auto industry. The catalytic converters are in about 50% of all automobiles manufactured in commie-led land.

A business decision was made to drop one of the supplies for failing to meet quality standards. The company is Hysci Specialty Materials Company based in Tianjin. The chief executive of the company Dou Shihua sent Tianjin public security agents to Wuxi Weifu to force Mr. Hu to change his mind. The police falsely accused him of having stolen trade secrets and suggested charges will be dropped if he did business with the dropped company. He refused, got arrested and served 17 months in a commie prison.

The commie prosecutors realizing their case was too weak even for a commie court dropped the charges and released Mr. Hu. However Mr. Hu was refused at the airport to board a plane for the USA stating he was wanted by the commies in Tianjin. When the authorities were contacted in Tianjin they said he was not wanted. However the commies refuse to let him fly out of commie-land.

Other commie victims in The Middle Kingdom:

Stern Hua, Chinese-Australian mining executive detained because of Rio Tinto. Sentenced to 10 years in a closed trail – welcome to commie justice.

Wo Weihan, Chines biomedical researcher tried in secret accused of espionage, his crimes never disclosed.

Xue Feng, Chinese-American geologist serving 8 years tortured during interrogation.

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