Sunday, December 18, 2011

Garlic Powder from Commie-land, beware of Supermarket subterfuge

Finding garlic powder in the USA not made in China (commie-led land) can be a challenge especially with those who sell such products practice of art of avoidance.

Spice Islands Garlic Powder states “product of the United States.” Now understand that term also can have multiple meanings, however overtly it does not read “made in China.”

Gourmet Collection from McCormick Garlic Powder, the company McCormick when telephoned stated the contents of this products comes from farms in California.

Kroger has a store brand their Private Selection – PS selling garlic powder labeled on the front “California Garlic Powdered.” When the 800 number appearing on the labeled was telephoned, the person answering could not state where the product comes from. After read this, did you antennas go up?

Why the avoidance of garlic from China? In the past few years headlines have been screaming about tainted and / or poison foods coming out of China both for export and domestic consumption. The thinking is if some food producers in China do not mind inserting poisons in foods for domestic consumption (for their own people), what do you think they do to food intended for the American market, with the USA being the nation the commies train them to hate?

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