Friday, December 9, 2011

Afghanistan victimizes a rape victim, bring the troops home

The United States of America has been in Afghanistan for ten years trying to bring security, peace, and civilization to the nation. Really?

A young lady named Gulnaz is serving a 12 year sentence for having sex out of wedlock, charged with committing adultery with a cousin from marriage. One problem: she was raped by this cousin and he too was imprisoned. She is the rape victim and further victimized by the culture, legal system in Afghanistan.

However recently the president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai announced a pardon for the rape victim. Not so fast! President Karzai only agreed to the pardon after Gulnaz agreed to marry her rapists, then both her and her rapist will be freed to live happily ever after. Oh, while in jail Gulnaz gave birth to a child resulting from the rape, so the three will be free to live, the rapist free from jail, Gulnaz living with her rapist and the child admits this family unit.

To call these people barbaric or uncivilized is an insult to barbarians and the uncivilized. It is repulsive to think American men and women are forfeiting their lives and health to protect a society that jails rape victims. Bring the boys and girls home back to America.

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