Saturday, December 10, 2011

China's Uyghur killing fields in East Turkistan (Xinjiang)

The commies in China have been harvesting organs from political prisoners from Uyghur (Uighurs) and Tibetans in Tibet and East Turkistan (Xinjiang). The commies shot a bullet in the victim’s chest not killing the person, but the spot the bullet hit acts like an anesthesia knocking the victim unconscious. The commies have discovered an organ extracted from a live body has a lower incident of rejection than an organ harvested from a dead body (a cadaver). Because of this the organ brings in a premium price.

A 17 year old Uyghur male named Noor-UL-Islam Sherbaz was arrested by the commies and charged with murder. His murder trial lasted thirty minutes and he was convicted to live in a commie prison. At this 30 minute trial a video was shown of a crowd beating the victim to death; however Mr. Sherbaz was not in the video. The commies showed a second video with Mr. Sherbaz in the area however not in the crowd and nothing in his hands. The last video taken two months after the incident and after two months of being in jail, minimal food, and daily beatings, Mr. Sherbaz confessed.

On a day his mother visited him in prison he mysteriously died. Some say by lethal injection. Was he murdered for his healthy organs? The commies refused to turn his body over to this family. Hiding something?

A crowd of Uighurs protesting in front of a commie police station, all unarmed resulting in the commie police firing point blank into the crowd murdering four hundred innocent Uighurs.

When you have a choice and your purchase an item that is “made in China,” you are then support this barbaric behavior of stealing organs from live bodies. Just picture the “made in China” you hold in your hand as being a blood soaked stolen organ from a live body, also “made in China.”

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