Friday, December 30, 2011

Sea Shepherd Brigitte Bardot met a Divine Wind

The cult group Sea Shepherd with their trust-fund baby cultists in the rust bucket garbage scows, led by the cult leader Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, the Paulrus named their anti-Japanese campaign “Divine Wind,” which in Japanese is “Kamikaze.” Their “Divine Wind” campaign was hit with a divine wind causing them to pass wind.

She Shepherd’s three vessels were in three different parts of the Southern Ocean in pursuit of the Japanese whalers. Their Brigitte Bardot was caught in a storm a Divine Wind” causing a wave to slam into the vessel, resulting in a cracked hull and pontoon. They issued a distress call and the Bob Barker came to the rescue, or did they?
Sea Shepherd "Passing Wind" campaign

When their vessel the Bob Barker arrived they transferred supplies and fuel from the Brigitte Bardot to the Bob Barker. The Bob Barker then left and resumed their hunt for the Japanese whalers. They left the crew of the Brigitte Bardot on the stranded vessel to wait in the rough frigged waters for the Steve Irwin to arrive. Did they leave them Kool Aid?

This is was cultist do, no concern for their well being risking lives to please the cult leader. How sick is that? The Steve Irwin arrives and now both headed to Australia with the Brigitte Bardot in tow. How long before we read the cable snapped?

The propagandist at She Shepherd called it a “rogue wave.” No such thing as a “rogue wave” on the high seas in a storm. It was karma, pay-back for bastardizing the term Kamikaze – Divine Wind

Remember in 2010 when the Ady Gil committed suicide (sayonara) it too was being towed when all of a sudden the cable snapped, allowing the towing vessel to resume the harassment of the Japanese fleet. Can we hear the cable snapping now on the Brigit Bardot? Thus allowing the Steve Irwin to resume their harassment activities while permitting Sea Shepherd from having to pay a $200,000 Australian tax?


Anonymous said...


youre one stupid twat ! you obviously dont know youre arse from youre face! rouge wave definatly do exist ! from someone who knows way more than you do! particualy more about the trimaranS! in qestion and those seas

oh and no im not sea shepherd!
just someone who knows alot more than you!


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