Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sea Shepherd Brigitte Bardot slammed by a Divine Wind

The cult group Sea Shepherd with their trust-fund baby cultists in the rust bucket garbage scows, led by the cult leader Captain Kangaroo, Admiral Beauregard Watson, the Paulrus named their anti-Japanese campaign “Divine Wind,” which in Japanese is “Kamikaze.”

Sea Shepherd hit by rogue wave
Basiclly She Shepherd bastardized a Japanese term. While in the Southern Ocean looking to harass the Japanese mariners one of their rust buckets (vessel) a trimaran named Brigitte Bardot was in search of the Japanese fleet. The Brigitte Bardot issues a distress call after being slammed by huge waves (a Divine Wind) in a storm.

Sea Shepherd "Passing Wind" 
The propagandist at She Shepherd called it a “rogue wave.” No such thing as a “rogue wave” on the high seas in a storm. It was karma, pay-back for bastardizing the term Kamikaze – Divine Wind. As of this writing Sea Shepherd’s Steve Irwin was towing the Brigitte Bardot to Australia for repairs. Will it make it?

Remember in 2010 when the Ady Gil committed suicide (sayonara) it too was being towed when all of a sudden the cable snapped, allowing the towing vessel to resume the harassment of the Japanese fleet. Can we hear the cable snapping now on the Brigit Bardot? Thus allowing the Steve Irwin to resume their harassment activities while permitting Sea Shepherd from having to pay a $200,000 Australian tax?

The year 2011 has been wrought with failures for Sea Shepherd:

- Failed to get dramatic video from the Japanese in January / February
       - Got rough up by Tunisian Bluefin tuna fishermen in the Mediterranean Sea
       - Slapped with a lawsuit from a Tunisian fish company
       - Failed to stop the harvesting of whales in the Faroe Islands
       - Slapped with a lawsuit from Japanese whalers in the USA state of Washington
       - Got arrested in Taiji, Japan.
       - Named their harassment campaign against the Japanese only to be slammed by a Divine Wind.

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go fuck yourself. some people have to stand up for what they believe in this day and age.