Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Iran Nukes?

The news media gleefully reporting on their front pages a United States intelligence report stating the Iranians stopped working on developing nuclear bomb in 2003. The Stalinist propagandist in the media using this as an opportunity to say once again President Bush lied. Sorry, but let's look behind the story:

1- All of a sudden the media believes U.S. intelligence agencies?
2- The media says U.S. intelligence agencies lied about weapons of mass destruction held by the Iraqis. Yet the same U.S. intelligence agencies are telling the truth about Iran no longer seeking a nuke.
3- So which is it, can the U.S. intelligence agencies be trusted or not?
4- According to the media the Iranians stopped the development in 2003. Which happens to be the same year the Libyans gave up their nuke program. Also the same year the U.S. liberated Iraq.
5- If the Iranians did stop with their nuke program in 2003, then President Bush's involvement in the Middle East worked.

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