Wednesday, January 4, 2012

AKB48 column in ZakZak

Here is a column I wrote in 2011 that appeared on the website – ZakZak:


The people in Tokyo sure have a might pretty attraction in the Akihabara district in a Japanese girl idol group called AKB48.  Looking at these classy young ladies I have to write for the first time I wish I was 15 or 20 years old. 

I admire them from afar as works of beauty as one would look at the Mona Lisa.  When I see these young ladies I see a class act made up of classy ladies.  In popular culture of the 21st century boy idol or girl idol groups have at times taken on the provocative to stimulate our primeval erotic desires, basically looking for the slut or stud in the opposite sex in these groups.

When I first saw how these young ladies were dressed and preformed I was happier than a gopher in soft dirt.  They do not look like some of the female idols Western culture has imposed on the world recently.  Such as Madonna, Britney Speers, and Lady Gaga, all famous for their erotic slut-type clothing, and sexual gyrations.  They are basically an embarrassment to the societies and cultures they were flushed from.

AKB48 provides a refreshing, wholesome, and innocent ambience long gone from the pop-scene.  To look at them it is difficult to select one as the prettiest.  Best to mention three who stand out from the rest.  Mind you, they are all of premier quality representing the best of class and style.

Before I write about the three, I must confess a weakness of mine: women with black hair.  I think that comes from my Italian, Sicilian heritage, where the women all do honor to black hair.  The three from AKB48 would be:

Aki Takajo:  Her eyes and smile scream innocence, with a believability factor of 100. 
Atsuko Maeda:  Another with eyes and a smile reminiscent of the Sirens of Greek mythology.
Sayaka Akimoto:  Her beauty brings forth an aura of peacefulness and calmness to one’s soul. 

The people of Japan can be proud of this group they have submitted to the world’s pop stage. It was refreshing to see the huge reception AKB48 received during their recent tour in California, USA. Seeing their reception in California brought hope that not all American youth are enamored with the slutty eroticism of their contemporaries.  Their popularity provides proof wholesomeness enjoy a future.

My female idols of around my age or older would be:

Cher (Cher Bono), in the movie “Moonstruck.”  Her beauty while in the scene attending the opera animated a classical work of art.      
Sophia Loren:  I do not care at what age, this tomato defines class.
Lauren Bacall:  a bit before my time, however her beauty transcends the ages.  Her eyes and demeanor illustrate mystery, the type of a magnetic nature drawing in the likes of me and other men.

AKB48 – my only complaint about them is that I am not 15 years old!  Shame on me.

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