Monday, January 9, 2012

Sea Shepherd’s plan to delay the Shonan Maru #2 foiled - ha ha ha

Sea Shepherd’s plan to delay the
Shonan Maru #2 foiled - ha ha ha

Ocean Protector
The three Australian men from “Forest Rescue” who illegally boarded the Japanese vessel Shonan Maru #2 will be picked up by Australia’s Customs and Border Protection vessel the Ocean Protector. This will be done at sea while the Shonan Maru #2 still has Sea Shepherd’s garbage scow rust bucket Steve Erwin in it’s radar.

Three from "Forest Rescue"
Will Sea Shepherd and Forest Rescue be responsible for the cost to the Australian government for this transfer of the three men at sea? What a stupid question as the word “responsible” has been omitted from the cult’s vocabulary.

Details are emerging the three planned with Sea Shepherd their illegal boarding well in advance of the incident. Also revealed was Sea Shepherd issued another lie in an attempt at subterfuge they were having engine trouble on the Steve Irwin while they were assisting the three to illegally board the Shonan Maru #2. Lies, lies, and more lies from the cult leader.

The transfer of these three to the Australian vessel will cost “hundreds of thousands” to be paid by the tax payers of Australia who support Sea Shepherd – suckers!

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