Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Violent Crimes in the United Kingdom makes news

In this mornings edition of The Daily Telegraph in the United Kingdom (UK) it was reported in one year there were near one million violent crimes committed in the UK across the pond. The UK being a nation with strong gun control laws where many gleefully point across the pond to the USA. Berating the USA for too many guns and the resulting violence from such arms. It seems the people in the United Kingdom are rather accomplish at committing violent crimes with a blade rather than a bullet.

The UKs population of around 60 million would put their violent crime rate at around 1.47%. In the USA with a population of around 300 million and 1, 400,337 violent crimes in 2007 would put violent crimes in the USA at .47%, less than that of the UK. So now which society is more violent? The society armed with guns or the one armed with knives?

Do people like Russell Brand, John Cleese or Sea Shepherd types won guns or knives?

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