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Louisiana schools 10 Commandments Civics Lesson

Louisiana schools 10 Commandments 

Civics Lesson

On June 19, 2024, Louisiana Republican Governor Jeff Landry signed a bill mandating the Ten Commandments be displayed in every public-school classroom throughout the state.  This caused the lunatic left, heathens, heretics, parts of the news media, and Democrats, to scream loudly: “Separation of Church and State!”  Claiming according to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, such a display in public school classrooms is a violation.  Euphemistically referred to as the “Establishment Clause.”   

 The First Amendment in reference to so-called “separation of church and state:”

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; ………..”

The First Amendment restricts the Federal government (“Congress shall not….”), not the states.  The term “separation of church and state” comes from an 1802 letter from Thomas Jefferson.  Thomas Jefferson was a Founding Father, having written the Declaration of Independence.  However, when the Constitution was written, he was not even in the United States.  He was America’s minister to France.  

After the Constitution was ratified in 1791, ten states still had state sponsored religions up to around 1877.  It was permitted because it was understood the Establishment Clause restricted the Federal government, not the State government.    

Religion in the Original 13 Colonies and 13 states.  Chart referenced in this video:

Thomas Jefferson’s letter concerning Separation of Church and State:

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