Saturday, October 26, 2013

Senator Ted Crduz threatened

Senator Ted Cruz threatened

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz recently been the victim of death threats posted on Twitter.  Why?  Perhaps one can find the reason in the news media.  A few years ago when there was that horrible shooting of a Democrat female member of  the House of Representatives, President Obama, the Democrats, and the news media blamed it on the sharp divide in politics and the words used by the opposition.

Well using that reasoning the threats on Senator Ted Cruz can be traced to the news media.  Ever since Mr. Cruz attempted filibuster on Obamacare have been vilified continually in the news media.  Recently within a two or three day period the following appeared in The Dallas Morning News:

“Cruz is left carrying the shutdown baggage” appeared October 17, 2013
“Cruz’s criticisms premature” appeared October 19, 2013
Editorial cartoon showing Senator Cruz with the devil on his shoulder appeared October 19, 2013.
“Head of U.S. Chamber says Cruz has lots to learn” appeared October 22, 2013

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