Sunday, October 20, 2013

Found Cove Cowards on a seawall in Taiji, Japan

Found Cove Cowards on a seawall in 
Taiji, Japan

Cult members of Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians located on a seawall in Taiji, Japan.  The bullies were unable to respond to the taunting they deserved.  They behaved like bullies who demonstrate the cowardice of their actions. 

The bullies were live-streaming for their suckers around the world to get more money.  During this encounter I was singing which was picked up on the live-streaming.  At the request of the police I maintained a distance.  This protected me from being infested with possible vermin. 

My action towards them is reminiscent to their behavior hurled at the residence of Taiji by the Cove Guardians.  Here is a video showing their disgusting behavior in the pass, mimicked by me in this video:

Watch a foreign coward attempting to intimidate a resident of Taiji:

The cowards would boast they did not respond to my taunting to avoid admitting they were in fear.  In fear of what?  In fear of encountering a person who would respond to their idiocy with reason and not emotion. 

This video is an illustration how to deal with bullies, confront them, and laugh at them.  They cannot handle laughter by the opposition.  Also why where the two males wearing wool type hats in that hot weather?  Style?  Or “where there is no sense there are no feelings?”  

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